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Title: Monsters and violence and gender roles and concept of family in Spanish Film

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1529 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 1. Monsters and violence. Analyze in depth the representation of monsters and violence in two of the following Spanish movies: The Spirit of the Beehive and Pan’s Labyrinth. In the two movies, who are the monsters? What’s the definition of monster according to the movies? What’s the purpose of the directors in presenting violence in the movies? How does this violence connect to Spanish history and/or Spanish historical context in the moment of the release of the film? You can provide examples from the mise-en-scene, camera angles, sound, and other technical elements.
2. Gender roles and concept of family. Analyze in depth the representation of gender roles and concept of family in these two films: Belle Epoque and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. In the two movies, do the directors present alternatives to the traditional concept of family in their movies? How do these directors subvert conventions in the representation of families? What is their purpose in doing this? What about gender and gender roles? How do they portray men, and how do they portray women? Why? Is the representation connected to Spain’s historical context? Think about the time frame represented in the movie and when the movie was released. Don’t forget to provide specific examples to support your claims.

Write an individual essay for each of your two questions. Devise answers that show your deep knowledge of7 the subject. Avoid over generalizations. Stay within the topic. Provide examples from the readings. Do not go to any outside sources (other than the ones seen in class). Make sure both questions have a similar length. Do not include a bibliography. Do not include direct quotes from the articles read in class. It’s ok to paraphrase ideas taken from the articles (do include name of article’s author between parenthesis when you do this) but do not abuse them, I want to hear you own ideas.
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Essay Instructions: Acting as a marketting consultants you have been commissioned to investigate and analyse the marketing activities of monster energy specifically the company has asked you to perform the following tasks.

An audit of the external organisation and also a swot analyses

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Title: Beowulf

Total Pages: 3 Words: 940 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write an Essay on one of the following:

1. Compare and contrast Beowulf's experiences as a young man and those he has as an older king. Then consider what the similarities suggest about Beowulf's heroism and what the differences suggest about the contrast between youth and age.

2. Literary critic Herbert G. Wright saw a relationship between good and evil, joy and sorrow and the images of light and darkness i Beowulf. Write an essay on the use of light and dark imagery in the epic. Explore the contrasting ideas or vaulues that you think the contrasting images help to portray.

3. The playwirght William Shakespeare once called jealousy a "green-eyed monster." What emotions or other abstract ideas do you think the monsters in Beowulf represtnt? Write an essay exploring the symbolism behind one or more of the three Beowulf monsters.

Essay to be three pages typed and doubled-spaced. Arial or times new roman font. Use the proper heading and cite your information as follows:
"Beowulf came to the aid of the Danes because he felt obligated to help them. One of the main reasons that Beowulf went to rescue the Danes was because of the warm "reception [his} father found at [their] court" when he needed help (line 192). This show of loyalty is common to the epic hero. He also felt he was the only man who could do the job because the Danes had "seen his strength for themselves" and knew they needed an epic hero like Beowulf(line150-1)."

RUBRIC to use:

.Clear/focused relevant thesis addresses entire prompt
.Accurate, telling quality details
.Author is writing from knowledge and /or experience
.Fresh, original ideas about topic
.Writing strategies effectively enhance theisis
.Insightful, thoughtful

.Order and structure of presentation is clear and compelling
.Transitions are thoughtful
.Quotations are woven in appropriate format and enhance text
.Quotations add to explanation of ideas and support for thesis
.Explanation, either direct or implied, as to why writer is using quotes

.Adds interest to message and is appropriate for purpose and audience
.Audience feels strong interation with writer, sensing the person behind the words
.Reflects a strong commitment to topic

.Words convey intended message in precise, interesting and natural way
.Words are specific and accurate
.Language is natural, not overdone
.Striking words and phrases
.Lively verbs, precise nouns
.Precision is obvious

.Constructed to enhance meaning
.Vary in length as well as structure
.Purposeful, varied beginnings add variety and energy
.Creative and appropriatge connections
.Effective pace

.Spelling is corrct
.Punctuation is accurate
.Consistent applicaton of capitalization
.Grammar and usage are correct
.Sentence structure is accurate
.Paragraphing is sound and reinforces organizational structure
.May be "manipulated" for stylistic effec - and it works
.Piece is ready to publish

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Title: Stephen Crane's Monster

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1998 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: How do racial stereotypes function in Stephen Crane's "The Monster"? What does the story suggest about the history of African Americans in the U.S.?

Excerpt From Essay:

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