Monsters and Violence and Gender Essay

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Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown presents a more modern landscape with women being in charge of their own lives and being less vulnerable to being exploited by men. Pepa, the film's protagonist, expresses her lack of interest with what happens around her and is solely concerned about telling Ivan, her boyfriend, that she is pregnant. The woman enters a state of despair as she discovers that Ivan left her and comes to go through a chain of unordinary events that contribute to damaging her mental state.

Considering her age and the fact that she is not married with Ivan, it is obvious that she is a modern woman who had paid more interest in her career than in starting a family.
Everything around Pepa is practically extreme, starting from her friend Candela and until the Mambo-loving taxi driver that she constantly comes across during her trips around town. In spite of the fact that the men in this motion picture appear to be more powerful than women, it gradually becomes obvious that women and Pepa in particular are eventually the ones who are actually in control of their own situation, with characters like Ivan and Carlos having limited power over their lives and over the lives of the persons that they are fond of......

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