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Essay Instructions: *****************REQUESTED WRITER: bolavens*****************
*****************REQUESTED WRITER: bolavens*****************
*****************REQUESTED WRITER: bolavens*****************
*****************REQUESTED WRITER: bolavens*****************
*****************REQUESTED WRITER: bolavens*****************

Subject: Marketing
Words: 2700
References: Havard, at least of 8 references

Assignment Details:

Industry: Mobile Phones

Choose at least 3 dominant mobile phone industry and discuss in the paper. (eg. iPhone, Nokia and Motorola)

*Need an Executive Summary *

1. Introduction
? This is a summary of the industry (essentially a situation analysis )
? Is the industry growing, getting more profitable?
? Graphs, tables should be used here and then they must be explained
? Who are the major competitors and what are their major strengths and weaknesses
1.1 Industry size and growth
1.2 Industry structure
1.3 Major competitors
1.4 Consumers

2. Macro-environment (A TOTAL of four macro-environmental factors have to be discussed)
Here you have been asked to examine the macro factors that impact on the industry and to identify the major opportunities and threats. Not all factors will impact equally but you are expected to briefly discuss each factor.
2.1 Political
2.2 Social-cultural
2.3 Economic
2.4 Competitive
2.5 Technical
2.6 Demographic
2.7 Opportunities and threats

3. Segmentation
Once you have developed an understanding of the marketing factors impacting on your industry, you will need to consider four different ways marketers could segment the market. These will be from the segmentation dimensions theory presented in lectures. Consider as many dimensions as possible to:
a) Describe the segments and
b) Describe the target markets
3.1 Segmentation method 1 (Include rationale of the theory)
3.2 Segmentation method 2 (Include rationale of the theory)
3.2 Segmentation method 3 (Include rationale of the theory)
3.4 Segmentation method 4 (Include rationale of the theory)
3.5 Description of target markets (Include rationale of the theory)
3.6 Positioning
Hint a perceptual graph is a good start here. (Remember, the dimensions are not always quality and price)

4. Marketing Strategies
Here you are asked to describe and consider the marketing mix of two products that compete within the industry. The strategies need to be explained with theory. Do you agree with the marketing mix strategies used?
4.1 Product A
4.1.1 Product
4.1.2 Price
4.1.3 Place
4.1.4 Promotion

4.2 Repeat for Product B
4.2.1 etc.
4.3 Do you agree with these strategies and why

5. Conclusion
You need to construct a brief conclusion highlighting the major findings from your research and report.

A bibliography needs to be constructed and all references cited in the report must be listed here.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Mobile phone industry in Africa

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2535 References: 3 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: You are a market analyst for a firm of management consultants.Your line manager has noticed that multinationals are expanding rapidly into the mobile phone industry in Africa .she has asked you to write a 2,500 word report as follows:
(a)Employing socio economics data,explain why Africa countries might be attractive for MNC's specialising in the mobile phone industry.

(b)conducts a structural analysis of the industry using Porter's 5 Forces.Where possible make the analysis specific to Africa.

(c)Are there any significants barriers to entery facing small companies who might wish to enter the industry in the African region?
Sorry we will not be sending any resources for this essay

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Requirement:
A rhetorical analysis is typically studies text and/or images. Texts and images could range from speeches, essays, articles, posters, advertisements, photographs, logos, etc. pertaining to your research topics.
Based on your readings, write a short rhetorical analysis of about 1-2 single-spaced pages covering the basic ideas of logos, ethos and pathos. Along with your analysis, please attach the text or the image that you are analyzing.
(must include the text or image in this paper and write the reference about it!!!)

My research topic is Mobile phone(communication in the area of "information and communication technologies" ). So you need to choose anything text or image that is related to my topic.
Thank you!

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: mobile phone trends

Total Pages: 3 Words: 875 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper will analyze the mobile phone trends by examine the iphone technology.
The basic idea is, the most popular features people using on iphone right now are GPS, picture, internet, shopping, making payment...etc. But what we need to do is forecasting the using habit of the people who using smartphone like Iphone in the future, or we can say what expectation we have on Iphone that in the coming future it can do for its consumers.
The smart phone technology changes our life dramatically. We need to analyzes this change. And give a few scenes that Ipone can do for us. For example, it can work as a remote control that can links to anything, your car door, even start the car engine, and the garage door, etc, all we need to do is a few touch. And the current resource i have also include the phone in the future can also work as a medical tool that people can connect their phone to a blood pressure machine and take the test, then send the result to their doctor instantly.
In this paper, we don't really need to touch the current iphone features and functions, even though the Siri. We focus on its future amazing technology that can great influence people's life. And we gonna concentrate this topic on Iphone only since it is the most popular smartphone going on the market.
I will send some resources, but more research needs to be done to support.
There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

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