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Title: mining group gold

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Essay Instructions: Review the information on the mining group gold method for facilitating meetings. After reviewing this information answer the following quetions:

-Describe and explain the five basic steps of mining group gold for its team meeting management process.
-What are the steps for dealing with emotions during a session or meeting?
-Describe and explain how you believe the mining group process will improve teamwork, empowerment and effective communication.

Mining Group Gold

Today, more than ever, organizations are built around people working collaboratively with one another in teams. The continued impetus is for the establishment of synergies between team members that can accomplish tasks that are in keeping with an organization’s strategic initiatives and vision. How are talented people working in groups (some, for the very first time with a new group of people) formed into high-performance teams? Along with this question is the issue of the ad-hoc work groups that are placed together to accomplish very specific tasks in a short amount of time.
Additionally, there are the required departmental level meetings that are called on some regular basis, either weekly, every two-weeks, or monthly. The expectation is that such meetings are necessary and therefore required. And yet, some people consider such teams to be a waste of time, money, and resources.

The Mining Group Gold process is a team process and meeting management process whose sole purpose is to leverage the combined wisdom, experience, and ideas of everyone on the team in order to cash in on this wisdom to improve the overall meeting process and to improve the decisions of the organizational unit.

Kayser (1995) developed and perfected a method for teams or groups of individuals to maximize and capitalize on their collective effort in a decision meeting venue. Kayser’s steps to Mining Group Gold are to (a) establish a purpose for the meeting; (b) set the outcomes that the group wishes to achieve from the meeting; (c) assign the roles of facilitator, scribe, and timekeeper; (d) set an agenda for the meeting; and (e) perform periodic time checks during the session to keep the group on track and on task. The connection between the Bikhchandani et al. model of observational learning and Kayser’s Mining Group Gold process is that significant behavioral observation and reflection are taking place. The focus is more on the process dynamics that a group uses to reach a consensus rather than on the outcomes directly (Kayser, 1995).

Brandt (2001) reported that teamwork assists with understanding in an organizational unit. The author suggests that by fostering an environment of collaboration, managers will be able to positively impact the outcomes of the groups. The appreciation, or understanding, of conflict in a group setting can be made to work for the process rather than against it. Brandt further states that teamwork is imperative with regards to enhancing decision-making and improving communication (Brandt, 2001, p. 32). Brandt additionally posits that it is important to examine the behaviors of the members of the team. The author suggests breaking down the process into the elements of antecedent conditions, perceived conflicts, felt conflict, and manifest behavior (Brandt, 2001, p. 34). Kayser (1995) suggests in Mining Group Gold a methodology for dealing with feelings in a group setting. Brandt states that effective problem solving is only possible when feelings are kept under control. Brandt concludes her article by suggesting five ways to handle conflict in a group setting. They are collaboration, accommodation, avoidance, competition, and compromise (Brandt, 2001, p. 35).

The following summarizes the key points of the Mining Group Gold meeting process.

Mining Group Gold

The five basic steps for Mining Group Gold

1. Determine the purpose of the session or meeting.

2. Determine the desired outcomes of the session or meeting.

3. Assign the roles of facilitator, scribe, and timekeeper.

4. Set the agenda.

5. Establish the time allocation for each item on the agenda.

*Remember: Mining Group Gold is a process. It is effective for all types of sessions or meetings.

Other ideas and concepts to consider:

1. The roles of primary and secondary facilitator

2. The idea of switching hats when you are the facilitator

3. The agenda check

*To create an open and collaborative climate or environment, team leaders or facilitators should be objective. Everyone should practice safe-guarding and gate-opening.

*When dealing with emotions, use the sub-process of “feelings-facts-solutions.” It is also suggested that all members of the group take a moment of silence to relax. During this time, everyone writes down their feelings in order to express them later. Then, the primary facilitator asks everyone in the group to read what they wrote. From this information, additional and pertinent information is mined, and then a path forward to solve the problem can be determined and implemented.
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Title: Discussion Question

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1090 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Discussion Questions

1. What is data mining?

2. What is the value Map?

3. What are the approaches to market segmentation?

4. When do you need to do market research and when you don't need to do market research?

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse article found in the Electronic Reserve Readings.

Research additional articles and information about the Chilean mine collapse.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper using this and other articles as a resource. Because communications must be designed with the audience in mind, answer the following questions:

? What are some considerations to remember given the different roles and people in the audience?

o What would be the potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident?

o What would be the potential needs of the company's employees when receiving a message about this incident?

? What actions must you take before and after the message is delivered to ensure that it was received as intended?

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Draft two communications from the mining company announcing the accident, using what you have learned about the audience and effective messages. One communication should be directed to the families of the trapped miners and the other as an internal news release to employees in the company. For both, identify the most appropriate channel face-to-face, e-mail, video, memo, and so on.
Weik, J. (2010, August 6). Over 30 workers trapped after Chilean copper mine collapse. Metal Bulletin Daily, (224), 65.

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Title: Data Mining

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3527 Sources: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: * This class is called Information of Management Systems and my topic is about “Data Mining”.

The research paper should address the following:
1.) Provide a definition of the topic (in some cases there may be multiple definitions, if so distinguish them)
2.) Discuss why it is an important technology trend
3.) Provide at least one example of vendor who markets the hardware or software that applied to your topic
4.) Provide a least one example of a company that implemented your topic; discuss their results
5.) What do you see (and why) as the future trend of your topic
6.) Use topic headings within your paper to organize its content

* There are many current trends in information technology. Some provide lasting value to organizations and some can be considered fads. The ones that provide lasting value are important to an organization either because it supports operations that result in increased sales, service or efficiency or because they aid in organizational decision making.

* The research paper should be ten pages, double spaced, and use MLA format. Please do not use Wikipedia as a source – it is not reviewed and contains some erroneous information. The research paper must use at least eight different references for which at least three cannot be older than one year (Why? – because technology changes rapidly). You may use more references if you wish.

Paper Format:
1.) Include a title page with your name and title of the report (doesn’t count as part of your page count)
2.) Use Times New Roman 12-point font
3.) Report should be 10 pages (double space)
4.) Include page numbers
5.) Include a reference pages that identifies all references used (also doesn’t count as part of the page count)
6.) Reference should be in the follow format:

Boudreau, M., Gefen, D., & Straub, D. W. (2001) Validation in Information Systems Research: A State-of-the-Art Assessment, MIS Quartley, 25 (1), 1-16

Some possible sources of IT information:
1.) MIS Quartley
2.) Journal of Computer Information Systems
3.) Journal of Information Systems
4.) Harvard Business Review
5.) Journal of Management Information Systems
6.) Sloan Management Review
7.) Journal of Data Warehousing
8.) Journal of Database Management Systems
9.) Journal of Strategic Information Systems
10.) CIO magazine
11.) Information Week
12.) Books
13.) Internet

* Please email me if you have any questions regarding this research paper. Please let me know if you understand this agenda. Thank You!

Excerpt From Essay:

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