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Title: gym program and meeting agenda

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Essay Instructions: there are two part of this paper:
first part: meeting agenda(just edit it, do not change the meaning i give to you, and you can add something on it)
1. we need the outline of each person assigned
2. And the everything connected well
3. Brock’s friend will make blueprint of the Lyon center.

second part:write outline of the picture i uploaded (the first floor of gym center except the weight room#1)
1. what the problem does the previous gym center have. like no waiting area in the lobby, no juice and protein bar
2. describe the picture i uploaded, (girls and boys locker rooms; lobby: waiting area has L shape sofa, TV, juice and protein bar;) , write explain why add it and why design right there.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Project management

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1032 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Scenario:

Company Background

PROVISION Healthcare Technologies manufactures patient image wands (hardware with underlying software) used by healthcare providers (primarily hospitals and physician offices) as part of larger systems to test and monitor patients' body functions. The wand has been on the market for ten months and a new release of the wand’s software isn’t expected for another eight months. The company is approximately 150 people total, and has been in existence for just over five years. They have several products on the market, but the newest is by far the most complex product they have created. They are privately-owned and are financially stable.

Project Background

New government regulations have just been issued regarding patient safety. PROVISION must modify the wand software to incorporate this new functionality within six months or face steep fines. PROVISION has decided to move up its next wand release to meet the government deadlines. It has also decided to incorporate some new functionality and make some software fixes as part of this release.

1. You have completed the project planning activities and are now ready to share the results with the project team. You have scheduled a project kick-off meeting in two weeks and are now preparing your materials.

Identify the participants of the meeting, the objectives of the meeting, the meeting agenda, and the project’s objectives. Share key results from your project planning activities, such as the scope control system and the communication mechanisms that will be used.

In the communication plan, identify the audiences that must be reached. For each audience, describe the communication mechanism, the frequency of communication, the format, other involved parties, and associated responsibilities. (2pages)

2. You and your manager reviewed the change management system you defined for the project. Your manager doesn’t think it is really necessary because “a good project manager won’t have any changes. The scope is set, the dates are set, and the budgets are set. A good project manager will just make sure everything goes according to plan."

Describe how you would respond to your manager’s comments. State whether or not you agree with the statement and why. If you agree, describe how you will make sure that everything goes according to plan. If you don’t agree, describe how you will get your manager to agree with changes when they occur. (1 page)

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Personal Thoughts

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Essay Instructions: Subject: Personal Thoughts during the evaluation preparation for the recognition and accreditation of my previous learning based on working experience by the Middlesex University.

Pages: 4 (approx. 2000 words)

Deadline: 8-10 days

Essential Requirements:

(This essay is an analysis of personal thoughts related to my decision to participate to the MBA program offered by the MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY. The scheme is to obtain a Master's Degree based on my working experience. The analysis of the topic should include strong elements upon my working experience as to convince the University Board that strong experience learning has strengthen my skills in areas such as (Business Administration, Customer Service, Project Management, Time Planning, Leadership Skills, Human Resources skills etc)
The Criteria Evaluation of this essay will be based upon:
- how, why and in what consequences (logical argumentation sequence)
- Sufficient Analysis (proof) that will persuade for my hard work upon the process of learning detailed in my record file. (see relevant attachement).
- Effectiveness of my municabiliy

Questions to be asked:
- Why I choose this program?
- What were my original expectations? Did they change during the program?
- What was included in the process of collecting evidence for the promotion of your pretension? (Emphasis should be given to the problems you have encountered as well as to the way you have handled them,and also the way this process was sophisticated (developed)
- Did you discover something about yourself or about your essay during the position of your pretension?
- Did you -by any chance- discover news areas of learning that yourself or your employer have never spotted before or you had never fully used, or this process has just verified all that you had learned so far?
- How hard it was for me to recognise learning and provide all necessary documents?
- Did occur to me that recognition of learning areas has helped you reconsider other business areas to be focus on in future?
- Did the elaboration/development of your record file and essay has affected you in some way or changed the way you distinguish yourself, your business role or your professional ambitions?

TEL 0030-6

Here is the source:

Application for the Recognition and Accreditation
of Work Based Learning

Mrs. Eleni Batsakoutsa

Student ID:

December 18th, 2004

White Hart Lane
London N18 8HR

From: Mrs. Eleni Batsakoutsa/Student ID:
111, Agias Annis street
Rentis 18233
Mob: 0030-6

Date: December 18th, 2004

Subject: Application for the Recognition and Accreditation
of Work Based Learning

Dear Sirs,

Please find attached herewith all necessary documents and evidence pertaining to my request for recognition and accreditation of my previous learning based on working experience and related with:

A. Credit Rated Learning

1985 -1988 Glyphada High School, Athens, Greece (National High School Diploma)
1984 -1989 English Studies (Cambridge First Certificate)
1986 -1989 French Studies (1st Certificate of French Language)
1989 -1992 European College,
Athens Greece (Hotel Management Diploma)
1990 -1993 Saint George
Commercial College, Athens, Greece (English/Greek Professional Secretarial & Business Studies Diploma)

B. Non-Accredited Areas of Learning

 Communication Skills
 Project Management
 Business Administration
 Human Resources Manager
 Customer Relations & Problem Solving

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


Eleni Batsakoutsa


Eleni Batsakoutsa/GREECE
Date of Birth: 13 December 1970 Address: 9, Kolchidos Street, Voula
Athens/GREECE 16673

Tel: +30-6

Career Objective:

Manager, Personal Assistant, High Level Executive Secretary


? Extensive working experience in multinational environment of major shipping panies based in United States.
? Ten years' experience in professional customer relations, office procedures, desktop publishing and project coordination. Proven customer service skills to interact appropriately with clients in a considerate, professional and positive manner by showing concern and listening actively. Highly trustworthy, ethical and discreet, mitted to superior customer service.
? Extensive international experience, with a deep understanding of diverse cultural and business practices. Skilled in building strong, value-adding relationships with subordinate managers and supervisors, engaging quickly team members.
? Ability to work positively and cooperatively in a diverse team environment to meet overall established timeframes. Ability to municate tactfully with department heads, coworkers and other employees to resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.
? Well-developed telephone munication skills, patient, personable and receptive. Effective verbal and written munications skills. Dedicated individual, achieving a reputation for consistently going beyond what is required.
? Highly energetic, flexible, work well under pressure, dynamic and assertive with excellent organizational skills, enthusiastic to work hard, ability to work within deadlines. Able to coordinate multiple projects, enthusiastic, creative and willing to assume increased responsibility. Traveled extensively for business purposes throughout the United States and Europe. Open to travel.
Areas of strength:

? Analytical problem solver
? Skilled in financial matters and US immigration procedures
? Proven leadership capabilities
? Superior customer service, teambuilding and conflict resolution skills
? Ability to work with professional business partners in achieving various performance targets, strong planning, coaching, organizing, staffing, controlling, and evaluating skills


1985 -1988 Glyphada High School, Athens, Greece (National High School Diploma)
1984 -1989 English Studies (Cambridge First Certificate)
1986 -1989 French Studies (1st Certificate of French Language)
1989 -1992 European College,
Athens Greece (Hotel Management Diploma)
1990 -1993 Saint George
Commercial College, Athens, Greece (English/Greek Professional Secretarial & Business Studies Diploma)


? Certificate of Completion for Crowd Management, Crisis Management and Human Behavior Training (according to the training objectives of STCW 95 REGULATION V/2 & V/3-USA 1999)
? Certificate for courses attended according to the Part A of the Code of the STCW/78 (National School of Life Saving and Fire Fighting Appliances of, Greece, 2002)


Greek (native) English (fluent)
French (fair) German (fair)

Professional Skills

? Expertise in IBM Compatible PC and Macintosh Operation systems,
MS-Office 98 Windows XP/2000, Internet, Lotus Notes, (E-mail retrieval and navigation), Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Photoshop 7.0
? Designed and updated pany?s newsletter for its premium cruise liners on the Macintosh using Adobe 6.5 PageMaker software.

Professional Acplishments

 Member of worldwide association of professional and first class hotel concierges ?Les Clefs d? Or?, received the prestigious ?Les Clefs D?Or? ? the crossed golden keys signifying a provider of extraordinary service, as recognized by the Union Internationale Des Concierges D?Hotels.

 Designed and updated pany?s newsletter for its premium cruise liners on the Macintosh using Adobe 6.5 PageMaker software.


Commendation as ?Employee Of The Month? 1995 and receive the ?Circle of Excellence Award? in recognition of outstanding performance and dedication to the job for RCCL.

Employment History

 September 1993 to March 1996:
CELEBRITY CRUISES INC, Blue Lagoon Dr., Miami, FL 33126 USA
Position: Assistant to the Public Relations Manager for
pany?s 5-star cruise liners.

 June 1996 to March 1998:
Position: Executive Secretary to the Fleet Director & Technical

 January 1998 to January 2000:
33132, USA
Position: Program Coordinator, Personal Assistant to Director of
Hotel Operations.

 March 2001 to July 2001:
BOLD OGILVY & MOTHER (Promotion/Sales/Direct Marketing),
Athens, GREECE
Position: Executive Secretary to the Marketing Director

 September 2002 to August 2003:
33132, USA
Position: Assistant Manager /Front Office Manager reporting to Hotel

 October 2003 -present:
ROLCO VIANIL SA- subsidiary member of PROCTER & GABLE,
111 Ag. Annis street, Rentis, Athens, GREECE
Position: Personal Assistant to V.P. and Plant Director

References : Upon request.


1993-1996 Personal Assistant to Public Relations Manager

Overall Purpose:
This position was integral to the daily operation of the P.R. office and to support the planning and execution of successful meetings, workshops and events onboard pany?s 5-star cruiseliners while maintaining a high level of customer service to the clients travelling with CELEBRITY CRUISES.

Job Description:
? Assisted the Guest Relations Manager in in all aspects pertaining to the Guest Relations Department and provided a high profile of quality guest service.
? Worked with P.R. Manager on benefits administration.
? Communication with, and scheduling of, internal and client meetings for project leads and facilitation teams.
? Completed Claim Forms, assisted Head of the Department in secretarial and administrative functions and typed material, maintained office files.
? Performed all duties and responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with established pany policies to achieve the overall objectives of this position

 Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to establish and maintain
collaborative working relationships with a diverse group of other employees and external contacts
 Demonstrated ability to act with minimal supervision
 Able to organize and prioritize workload to meet deadlines

1996-1998 Ex. Secretary to the Fleet Director & Technical Manager

Overall Purpose:
To provide senior level administrative support services to Technical and Marine Operations Department. To act as a senior administrative support to the Fleet Director by coordinating meetings and munications, preparing documentation, providing research assistance, preparing meeting materials and presentations and managing files and documents.

Job Description:
? Provided administrative and secretarial support to Fleet Advisory Panel. Developed agendas for all meetings; recorded, prepared and issued detailed minutes of each meeting, conference calls and other departmental mittees. Collected all relevant material for review. Maintaine an ongoing file of business, confidential or otherwise, which are under further investigation or deferred for follow-up, and maintained a regular status check on all items. Responsible for arrangements and coordination of activities for marine operations mittees and staff.
? Scheduled internal and external appointments, conferences, local, national and international meetings and maintain pending files of related material for all events.
? Communicated on a daily basis with Partners and Third-Parties around the globe.

? Thrive under pressure. Ability to effectively handle escalations and time critical issues.
? Remain productive, provides solutions, and meets goals in stressful situations.
? Managing multiple tasks and executing finite details within a strict time frame
? Making quick and accurate decisions on an ongoing basis

2002-2003 Assistant Manager/Front Office Manager

Overall Purpose:
Under the general guidance of the Hotel Operations Department, evaluate and ensure that long-term and short term goals of all customer satisfaction operations are met. To direct and manage all activities to maximise revenue, profitability and quality goals by developing and executing marketing strategies, and by providing quality service and products to guests.

Job Description:
? Managed front office desk performing customer service and supervision of concierge services. Acmodated customers with all special needs and advised the appropriate departments, followed up with the guests to acmodate that their special needs and requests have been met to their satisfaction.
? Conducted and met with guests on board ship in emergency situations, as required. Assisted shore side personnel in managing potential damaging situations during cruise. Take appropriate steps to ensure other departments receive information / requests in a timely manner. Acted as customer liaison for executive officers.
? Reviewed, researched and responded to all correspondence and external munication relating to plaints and made settlements within 7 business days from receipt.
? Issued weekly report to should mentary on trends and / or repetitive problems.
? Maintained and updated puter logs issued as settlement to passengers. Located any inconsistencies in passenger billing, coordinate with Miami Air/Sea Dpt. in matters relating to guests' air arrangements. Resolved problems while considering the cost to the Company and the ability to increase the Company's goodwill in the eyes of current and potential guests. Participated in special projects as necessary.
? Issued cruise credit certificates, shipboard credits, check requests and vouchers. Referred letters to appropriate areas (concessionaires) for response directly to guests.
? Maintained a favorable working relationship with other pany employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate which will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity and efficiency/effectiveness.
? Developed and implemented training in line with business, operational and department needs and ensures that all Corporate training is carried out in a timely manner
? Promoted to Front Officed Manager position due to team leadership, organizational abilities and strong work ethic.

? Ability to multi-task in extremely fast-paced setting, desire long-term position, team player, and quick thinker with mon sense approach to problem solving.
? Ability to increase productivity in order to meet rising customer demand.
? Proficient in problem solving and setting priorities.
? Superior munication skills.
? Ability to delegate effectively and direct others.
? Ability to motivate people and encourage achievement
? Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with a diverse group of other employees and external contacts
? Demonstrated experience in dealing with and maintaining a high degree of confidentiality, tact, diplomacy and sensitivity

1998-2000 Program Coordinator/Editor

Overall Purpose:
To ensure that the final output of Company?s Daily and onboard printed material has been reviewed accurately and meets all quality standards.

Job Description
? Reported to Hotel Director and responsible for: formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text and graphics, reading, researching and routing correspondence, drafting letters, collecting and analyzing information, planning and scheduling meetings, municating with all departments,, answering inquiries, developing and utilizing filing and retrieval systems.
? Accurated data entry, materials development, printing and publications coordination. This involves preparing, formatting and proofing client correspondence, presentation materials, preparatory materials, meeting agendas, PowerPoint presentations, participant manuals and handouts, name badges, pilation of participant feedback reports, technography reports and various munications reports.
? Reviewed of all print-based projects for
accuracy and quality within closely managed timeframes.
? Liaised with other departments on necessary changes, approvals,
? Initiating and implementing quality measures/processes
? Commentd on deficiencies/inconsistencies discovered anywhere in the art-to-client process.

? Multi-tasker and the ability to meet tight deadlines.
? Detail oriented.
? Editing and proof-reading skills
? Advanced puter skills. Eased and experienced with Microsoft Office (specifically Microsoft Word and PowerPoint) and e-mail-driven work environment
? Excellent time management skills
? Experience supporting a translation department
? Excellent organizational, written and verbal munication

3/2001-7/2001 Executive Secretary to the Marketing Director

Overall Purpose:
To report to the Marketing Director and support the Accout Directors in recruiting, client service, marketing, weekly reporting and special project activities.

Job Description:
? Provided senior level administrative support to various Partners and professionals within the pany, opened and managed client files, organized and coordinated internal & external meetings, etc., coordinated cross-functional proposal preparations, PowerPoint presentations etc. Performed mail-merge, worked with Word and PowerPoint templates, supported requests from Group to format/finalize detailed technical reports utilizing supplied information in various forms, maintained up-to-date contact information for Partners, provided back-up support to other Administrative Assistants.
? Assisted with project tracking, trade show planning and coordination, public relations, advertising, sponsorships and marketing plans.
? Handled Monthly Letters, Marketing Material, Prospectus, Compliance forms.
? Generatied purchase requisitions for marketing department personnel.

? Project Coordination Skills
? Strong Interpersonal Skills
? Exceptional organizational skills and detail oriented

2003-present Personal Assistant to Technical Manager

Overall Purpose:
Acting as the Personal Assistant to the co-Managing Director/CEO and Plant Manager who coordinates and optimizes the busy schedule of the CEO and coordinates all of the information flow to and from the CEO in a confidential manner.

Job Description:
? Provide administrative support to the co-Managing Director & Plant Manager, as well as to other senior executives when required.
? Translate several technical manuals, handbooks and ISO procedures during the merge-aquisition of ROLCO VIANIL/PROCTER & GAMBLE HELLAS.
? Manage with discretion politically sensitive information and highly confidential documents including personnel records, emergency procedures etc.
? Handle inquiries, answered phone, prepared letters and other correspondence;
? Assist in the creation of data required for conferences, presentations and scientific papers.
? Follow up on actions items, coordinate multiple travel schedules and make all travel arrangements for the managers in order to omptimize time.
? Judge relative importance of correspondence, messages, and calls and handled appropriately weekly and monthly projects.
? Arrange appointments and meetings, typing letters, minutes of meetings, initiate and pose correspondence of a routine nature, reviewing material for format, grammatical and typographical accuracy before final approval, received, screened and routed ining mail.
? Coordinate information flow to and from the CEO and maintain appropriate records and files through management of an efficient filing system.
? Plan and schedule meetings and conference calls, develop and provide the CEO with background materials.
? Where necessarily attend meetings, take minutes and set up or coordinate meals, events or other meeting requirements.
? Schedule appointment with staff, members, and others.
? Organize office to maximize efficiency.
? Reply directly to general inquiries, technical & non-technical topics and brief correspondence. Also drafts replies for CEO signature.
? Monitor the CEO schedule for uping deadlines and provides necessary background and details, and handles certain administrative tasks when CEO is unavailable.
? Collect and pile weekly departmental reports into a progressive report and distribute to the Board Executives.
? Assist in coordinating projects assisted by the CEO and works with the staff to assist in a timely project pletion.


? Ability or aptitude to learn technical applications quickly.
? Be fortable dealing directly with corporate executives.
? Experience of providing secretarial/administrative support to meetings.
? Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information in a discreet and professional manner.
? Ability to act on my own initiative, to present a very good manner both throughout the pany and externally and to be pro-active.
? Good time management, a sense of urgency and the ability to prioritise between many varied tasks
? Excellent munication and organisational skills.



Excerpt From Essay:

Title: The DRNC National Political Convention

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1261 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Complete a paper about the DRNC National Political Convention. This must be in APA format and include a cover page, abstract, discussion, conclusion, and references. Your paper should go beyond the obvious, be written at a graduate level, and must be at least 1,200 words in length. You must use at least three resources to support your position. Remember, all resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazine, and/or books must be properly cited using APA style. Below are the detailed instructions:
DRNC- National Political Convention Assignment

1. Read the DRNC Scenario, assignment instructions, resources, and grading criteria.
2. Work on your answers to the Written Exercises in the assignment instructions.

DRNC Scenario
This scenario corresponds with Course Objective E (see below).
Objective E: Identify related scientific disciplines used in forensic science cases and summarize how these disciplines can be utilized in a variety of crime scenes.
The following story is a fictional account of planning and preparation leading up to the mythical Democratic-Republican National Convention (DRNC) event in Miami, Florida. The story is loosely based on an amalgamation of real life occurrences in the lead up to the Free Trade Area of the Americas conference in Miami, Florida in 2003. The names of all the characters in the story are fictional.


For the DRNC event, Miami-Dade County has formed a Host Committee, similar to the model used for the Super Bowl Host Committees of the past. The Host Committee is a small group of 15 appointed personnel from various county and municipal agencies, as well as the private sector. Miami-Dade Police Department Director Melanie Duncan is one of the committee members. The Host Committee is chaired by Mr. Horace Copeland, a long-time assistant to the County Manager, Miguel Herrera. The purpose of the Host Committee is to plan for the overall event. As such, they are responsible for recommending policy, but not for enacting policy. The enactment of policy remains the ultimate responsibility of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The Democratic-Republican National Party (DRNP) has designated Ms. Cassandra Armand as its chair of the DRNC?s Committee on Arrangements (COA). The COA is the main organizer from the DRNP for this event. Ms. Armand and Mr. Copeland from the Host Committee work hand-in-hand to plan this event and their recommendations to the BOCC carry considerable weight for policy formulation. Miami-Dade Police has been designated as the lead local agency and lead operational planner for the event security.This policy differs significantly from the 2003 FTAA in which the City of Miami was designated as the lead local agency. Since this event meets the criteria of a National Special Security Event (NSSE), the U.S. Secret Service has been designated as the lead coordinating agency with overarching statutory authority for the planning and execution of the event. Supervisory Special Agent Samantha Salerno has been appointed as the lead agent in-charge for the event.Neither the Miami Police Department (MPD), nor Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) have the forensic assets adequate to handle such a large-scale event by themselves. It would take some degree of shared responsibility between MPD and MDPD, as well as some of the 30+ other incorporated areas such as Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Coral Gables. Due to the influx of tens of thousands of delegates, visitors, and protestors, it is expected that the forensic processing and evidence retention for a mass number of assaults, larcenies and other crimes will increase considerably during the week of the event. It is clear that a multi-agency approach such as the ones used for the 2003 FTAA Conference, the 2004 Presidential Debates, and the Super Bowls of 2007 and 2010 must be employed for this large-scale special event as well. Organization charts of the Security and Public Safety Subcommittee, as well as from the 2007 Super Bowl are provided for your reference.

Assignment Instructions
For the purpose of this assignment, you are playing the role of Major Susan Barker, the commander of the Crime Scene Investigations Bureau of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD). MDPD Director Melanie Duncan has appointed you as the chairperson of the Crime Scene Investigations Workgroup under the Security & Public Safety Subcommittee in preparation for the DRNC special event. The organizational structure for the Security & Public Safety Subcommittee will mirror the one used for the 2007 Super Bowl. Your Crime Scene Investigations Workgroup can be seen highlighted in bright yellow on the attached org chart.Your job is to assemble your Crime Scene Investigations Workgroup from the various stakeholder agencies that will be involved in the DRNC special event. After determining who should be in your workgroup, you are to prepare a meeting agenda that identifies the likely key issues associated with crime scene investigations during the DRNC. Some of the key issues are:
1. Who defrays the cost of CSI to each agency?
2. Who will handle what specific portions/categories of crimes and resulting evidence?
3. Who directs the overall forensic task force?
4. Where should evidence be retained and eventually consolidated for pending trials?
5. Will any Part 1 crimes that occur be processed by the larger agencies only?
6. Will agency CSI be pooled or remain autonomous? Who commands if pooled?
7. Who pays for advanced ordering of needed supplies and equipment?
8. How will the chain of custody be established and who is included?
The purpose of this assignment is not to answer these questions. Instead, you are to identify the key participants and assemble a workgroup that will collectively address these concerns, and that will later make recommendations to the chair of the Security & Public Safety Subcommittee. In this assignment, you will prepare a written meeting agenda (not to exceed 1200 words) that identifies the key participants who you are inviting to the first meeting of the Crime Scene Investigations Workgroup, and that addresses the key issues associated with the DRNC event.
? DRNC Host Committee Task Force Org Chart
? 2007 Super Bowl Org Charts

Excerpt From Essay:

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