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The scope is also made flexible to adapt to any incoming changes that may impact the company in near future.

A single line for management of communication must be established,

Dual management lines make communications more difficult to manage. When team members receive conflicting instructions from project and functional managers, time and effort are wasted clarifying the communication. The team might be unable to react fast enough to meet changing project requirements. (Richman, 2002)

The main communication plan involves the audiences that should be reached and the format used such as for the management, it is advised to chair a meeting twice every week to address about the current situations and also to get feedback and act accordingly. For the finance department, daily feedback (either directly through a representative or indirectly through email) required on the current status of the company's finances and how they are coping with the changes. For the software department, regular meetings to get informed on their progress and also to inform them on the new requirements (if any) which needs to be addressed.

The comments from the manager is of his own personal view of the assessment on how the company's project manager should act according to the recent changes, I would not agree with the statements made by the manager because it does not allow any sort of adaptation or flexibility (which is much needed in this case). The company is bound to the decisions in the form of policies on healthcare made by the federal government, and it should always abide by the latest rules and regulations.
It should always be open for changes in planning and an efficient project manager's role is to adapt to the most appropriate form of plan in order to gain maximum profit.

The manager should be taken on board on all the key changes in planning being made and making him realize that the project manager's role is not only to make sure that all the things are going according to the plan but to amend the plan in making it better. Briefing regularly is also an effective way to inform the manager about the new trends and technology that are arriving and giving him the impression that whatever actions project manager decides to take are in the best interest of the company on the whole. It is also advised to inform the manager of particular risks that can be beneficial for the company.

In the end, change is a fundamental part of life which is inevitable for everything either a small or large work plan, the manager should be informed on the benefits that particular change in the plan would bring in the long-term for the organization even if it is causing some losses in the short run. The broad sense of profit in business must be put in front.

"Effectively and efficiently managing change efforts is the only way organizations can survive and grow in modern world" (Dinsmore, 2006)


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