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Title: I a 6 page arguementative essay direct effect relationship media violence violent aggressive behavior In addition presenting argument direct causal relationship I address opposing arguments attempts counter

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  • Works Cited:6
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: I need a 6 page arguementative essay that there is no direct cause and effect relationship between media violence and violent or aggressive behavior.

In addition to presenting my argument that there is no direct causal relationship, I need to address the opposing arguments and attempts to counter them. I must address the counter argument that there is a causal relationship between media violence and violent/aggressive behavior.

The essay must be 6 pages and have 6 sources, 4 must be scholarly/peer reviewed journals and the other 2 must come from respected news sources.

I also need a work cited page.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

Boxer, Paul, et al. "The Role of Violent Media Preference in Cumulative Developmental Risk for Violence and General Aggression." Journal of Youth and Adolescence 38.3 (2009): 417-


Freedman, Jonathan L. Media Violence and Its Effect on Aggression: Assessing the Scientific

Evidence. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002. Print.

Muscari, Mary. "Media Violence: Advice for Parents." Pediatric nursing 28.6 (2002): 585-91.

"Rutgers University; Rutgers Researcher's Study Cites Media Violence as 'Critical Risk Factor'

for Aggression." NewsRx Health & Science (2008): 149.

"Special Commission on Media Violence Confirms Aggression Link, Includes ISU Professor."

Targeted News Service Aug 23, 2012.

Cantor, Joanne. "Media Violence and its Effect on Aggression: Assessing the Scientific

Evidence." Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 80.2 (2003): 468-.

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Title: Media Violence and Youth Violence

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  • Words: 883
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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Research Study Critique

Identify and critically evaluate a quantitative research article based on a social science topic. Your selected article must include a research question(s) and/or hypothesis(es) and utilize statistical analyses. The article must be peer-reviewed and published within the last 10 years.

The article chosen is Media Violence and Youth Violence.

In the body of your critique, describe the statistical approaches used, the variables included, the hypothesis(es) proposed, and the interpretation of the results.
In your conclusion, suggest other statistical approaches that could have been used and, if appropriate, suggest alternative interpretations of the results.

Critique must include the following sections:

1. Introduction: This section will include a general introduction of the quantitative study from a peer-reviewed source published within the last 10 years. The research questions and/or hypothesis(es) as well as the purpose of the study should be clearly defined.
2. Methods: Describe and evaluate the procedures and methods of data collection, measures/instruments used, the participants and how they were selected, and the statistical techniques used.
3. Results: In this section describe and critique the results presented in the study.
4. Discussion: Discuss and evaluate the efficacy of the results presented in the study. Address, the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the study, and suggest future research directions. Include additional forms of statistical analyses as part of the suggestions for future research.

The Research Study Critique:

1. Must be three to four double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) Use 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.
2. Must use the sections and headings described above.
3. Must address the article with critical thought by examining, reflecting, and evaluating the article from an objective viewpoint and by using facts to support your argument.
4. Must end with a conclusion that summarizes your critical evaluation.
5. Must use one quantitative research study from a peer-reviewed source that was published within the last 10 years.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Hopf, W.H., Huber, G.L., Weib, R.H. (2008). Media violence and youth violence: a 2-year longitudinal study. Journal of Media Psychology. 20(3), 79-96.

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Title: Media violence and children's aggressive behavior

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  • Words: 712
  • Sources:5
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Annotated Bibliography

Topic: Media Violence and children's aggressive behavior as a result

Once your research proposal has been approved by your instructor, you will write an annotated bibliography describing the 5 best sources relating to your paper’s subject. (Keep in mind that at least 5 of your paper's sources must be journal citations.) The bibliography will answer the following questions for each of the 5 sources:

1. What is the source of the material? Who wrote it or published it? Who maintains the website upon which you found the material?

2. Why is this material worthwhile and important to the issue in your paper?

3. What is the thesis of the material? (article, paper, website). Do you agree with the thesis? why or why not?

4. What quote might you use from this material and why will you use it? Be sure to note the page number where you find this quote. Who states the quote and who is this person or organization in relation to the issue you are addressing?

5. What other aspect of this material might you use in your paper?

Be sure to start off each annotation with the cite given in APA style. And carefully edit and proofread your work.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Violence is mostly present in the media because of its marketing potential, as it appeals to most of the audience, regardless of one's age, ethnic background, or the respective person's ability to understand a certain figure of speech. This article looks into the results of an experiment in which two groups of young people watched the same movie and while one watched the un-edited part (the one including violence), the others watched the edited part (the one where violence was no longer present). It turned out the movie was equally enjoyable in its edited form. When the author's of this article looked into another study, it was found that "children between the ages of 2-11 years preferred to watch situation comedies rather than violent cartoons" (Sparks & Sherry & Lubsen, 2005) thus meaning that children are habitually reluctant to watch violence.

Stomfay-Stitz, A. (2002). Teachers and Media Violence. Childhood Education 79.1.

Stomfay-Stitz's article is important for this paper because it relates to how an adult can get involved in influencing a child's behavior and prevent him or her from "imitating the violent actions and anti-social behavior that has a prominent role in television sitcoms and kiddie cartoon shows" (Stomfay-Stitz, 2002). The article starts off by explaining the vulnerability of children and the traumas they are predisposed to when watching violence cleverly disguised as entertainment. In addition to emphasizing the effects violence in the media can have on children, this article also presents the fact that tutors play an essential role in providing the young ones with education in regard to how they should filter the information they have access to.

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Title: Please DO NOT copy paste The introductory paragraph give a description topic children adolescent violence media article reviewing Please 3rd person writing section paper article summary Here article summary Media Violence Exposure Executive Functioning Aggressive Control Adolescents William G

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  • Words: 579
  • References:1
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Please DO NOT copy paste at all.
The introductory paragraph will give a brief description of the topic of children/adolescent violence and the media and the article that you will be reviewing. Please use only 3rd person when writing this section of your paper as well as the article summary.

Here is the article for summary
Media Violence Exposure and Executive Functioning in Aggressive and Control Adolescents

William G. Kronenberger, Vincent P. Mathews, David W. Dunn, Yang Wang, Elisabeth A. Wood,
Ann L. Giauque, Joelle J. Larsen, Mary E. Rembusch, Mark J. Lowe, and Tie-Qiang Li Indiana University School of Medicine

Kronenberger, W. G., Mathews, V. P., Dunn, D. W., Yang, W., Wood, E. A., Giauque, A. L., & ... Tie-Qiang, L. (2005). Media violence exposure and executive functioning in aggressive and control adolescents. Journal Of Clinical Psychology, 61(6), 725-737. doi:10.1002/jclp.20022

The article summary will include the following:
? Discussion of the focus of the research
? Description of the hypothesis of the study
? Description of how the study was conducted including the population that was studied, the methodology used (i.e. naturalistic observation, experiment, case study, survey, etc). How the data was collected and analyzed
? Description of the results of the study
You should include few, if any, quotes as this is an article summary.

Your review/discussion of the article will include (this part should be first person)
? A discussion of the way the research was conducted and potential impact on results (e.g. problems with the study methodology that might have affected its validity and/or generalizability).
? A description of three ideas inspired in you by the article.
? A description of the use, impact, or potential the research might have.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited:

Kronenberger, W.G. et al. (2005). Media Violence Exposure and Executive Functioning in Aggressive and Control Adolescents. Journal OF Clinical Psychology, 61(6), 723-737.

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