Media Violence and Childrens Aggressive Annotated Bibliography

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This source is particularly important for the topic of media violence because it proves how children are vulnerable to every example of violence they witness, even those which are apparently harmless.

Sparks G.G. & Sherry, J. & Lubsen, G. (2005). The Appeal of Media Violence in a Full-Length Motion Picture: An Experimental Investigation. Communication Reports 18.1-2 .

Violence is mostly present in the media because of its marketing potential, as it appeals to most of the audience, regardless of one's age, ethnic background, or the respective person's ability to understand a certain figure of speech. This article looks into the results of an experiment in which two groups of young people watched the same movie and while one watched the un-edited part (the one including violence), the others watched the edited part (the one where violence was no longer present). It turned out the movie was equally enjoyable in its edited form. When the author's of this article looked into another study, it was found that "children between the ages of 2-11 years preferred to watch situation comedies rather than violent cartoons" (Sparks & Sherry & Lubsen, 2005) thus meaning that children are habitually reluctant to watch violence.
Stomfay-Stitz, A. (2002). Teachers and Media Violence. Childhood Education 79.1.

Stomfay-Stitz's article is important for this paper because it relates to how an adult can get involved in influencing a child's behavior and prevent him or her from "imitating the violent actions and anti-social behavior that has a prominent role in television sitcoms and kiddie cartoon shows" (Stomfay-Stitz, 2002). The article starts off by explaining the vulnerability of children and the traumas they are predisposed to when watching violence cleverly disguised as entertainment. In addition to emphasizing the effects violence in the media can have on children, this article also presents the fact that tutors play an essential role in providing the young ones with education….....

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