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Title: Scenario B One full time nurses Sammie staying shift working clock She complaining coworkers free time donating hospital After months manager complains working free overtime She keeping track extra hours put 200 extra hours 6 months

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Essay Instructions: Scenario B

One of the full-time nurses, Sammie, has been staying after her shift and ?working off the clock?. She wants to help, but keeps complaining to her coworkers about all the free time she is donating to the hospital. After several months of this, she comes to her manager and complains about working ?free overtime?. She says she has been keeping track of her extra hours and that she has put in 200 extra hours over the last 6 months.

Another employee, Marissa, has been working mandatory overtime 7 days a week. She has been properly paid for her extra time, but is complaining of ?burnout? from all the shifts. The manager ignores her complaints because she needs to keep staffing levels up. A few weeks later, the employee comes in and quits, right as the department census is going up.

The manager comes to you as the executive administrator to determine what to do.

For the previous senerio give 4 bullet point for the following, then explain each bullet point in depth.

?Part I ?
1. Problem Resolution

2. Explain how you would apply the law to handle this situation.

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Title: nursing issues

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Essay Instructions: a. Define the issue or topic

b. Provide some background. Why is this an issue? Whom does it affect?

c. If relevant: Is this an issue or topic on which there is disagreement within nursing? Has it been controversial? What are the arguments on both sides?

d. How is it relevant to nursing practice? What should new nurses know about it?

Papers should be 5 pages in length, and should follow APA format. Please include an abstract and references.

Generally, papers should include at least 3 references. This will vary depending on your topic; many papers will include more. Please include citations for any significant factual statements in your paper as well as references to reports, documents, legislative proposals, etc. (For example—if you write, “An estimated 47 million Americans lack health insurance,” include a source for this statement. If you write, “A bill has been introduced in Congress that would prohibit mandatory overtime except in cases of officially declared emergencies,” include the bill number or some other identifying information. If you write, “The Institute of Medicine has estimated that up to 98,000 hospitalized patients die each year as a result of medical errors,” include a citation to the report).

You should include references to articles from recent peer-reviewed journals where possible/appropriate. Again, this will depend on your topic—for some topics, there may be very few, if any, relevant peer-reviewed journal articles. References to other sources, including web-based sources, are acceptable. (Just consider that some sources may be more reliable than others--for example, a Congressional report will generally be a more reliable source than Wikipedia or a blog).

“What should the nursing profession advocate as a solution to the problem of lack of access to health care coverage for 47 million Americans?”

something on "international Nurses Society on Addictions.

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Excerpt From Essay:
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