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Title: recommend management information system a NGO a world community Justify answer

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Essay Instructions: recommend an appropriate management information system for a NGO in a third world community. Justify your answer.

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Title: Management information systems MIS

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Essay Instructions: The answers are to be short answers consisting of no more than 2-3 paragraphs typed single spaced


1) Explain organizational culture in developing and implementing a new Management information system in an organization.

2) Explain the role and importance of management information system security when an organization considers
new technology applications.

3) Explain the role of ethics when building customer/client databases.

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Title: Management Information Systems

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Essay Instructions: Assume the role of a Management Information Systems (MIS) consultant hired to review the internal data sources of a rapidly growing business. The business owner wants you to provide specific information explaining how an efficient internal communication system for employees should be established.

What types of tools would you review to fulfill this request?

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Works Cited:


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Title: managment it

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Essay Instructions: • Post your response to these questions: How might an automobile company use a management information system to reduce its costs and better serve its customers? Explain the various types of input data the system might use, and describe what types of output reports managers would find useful.

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