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Title: Reference Services

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Essay Instructions: Library and information science being a service-oriented profession, especially in the efforts to link patrons with the information these patrons are seeking. Specific ways librarians provide this service, such as through the reference interview or other reference services. Many varied ways to connect people with information

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Title: Wright State University Library http www libraries wright edu

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Wright State University Library

For this assignment, each student will compose a 5-7 page review of a specific library website of your choice. Please include a complete citation to the library website at the beginning of your paper, followed by an assessment of the library’s patron base in as much detail as you can provide (size, demographics, funding situation). Any information you can consider regarding specific technology support for the library’s website, and/ or specific initiatives on the part of the library to update their public interface are welcome, but should be very concise.

The bulk of your paper should be a critical identification of at least 3 points of good interface design and at least 3 points identifying specific improvements or enhancements that could be made. Consideration should be given to all issues of website usability, convenience of access to library resources and other information, proper and efficient service to specific patron groups (identified above), and use of available library information technologies. Write as if you were an outside consultant evaluating the website from the standpoint of the current, intended, and potential user base; be constructive in your criticisms and feel free to think outside the box in potential solutions, but keep in mind the state of the library’s funding and support (identified above) for feasible solutions.

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Title: Technology plan

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The plan may be designed for either a real system such as the student’s employer, or a well-defined but hypothetical library system. If the library system exists, please include a complete citation to the library’s website.

The proposal should include as minimum elements:
1) A detailed explanation of the different users of the library system, including different departments, different collections, different user groups and demographics;
2) A concise overview and critical analysis of the current technologies in use by the library system, including ILS, other hardware and software, and all ancillary technologies such as VRS, e-books, wireless, social media, etc.; and
3) A detailed rationale for the technological advancements that will best serve the library’s users in the next 3-5 years; this section should be the bulk of your document. The technology plan should include both specific areas of technological development, skills for future staff hires, and where possible, specific types of desired software, hardware, or even system vendors. Both the analysis of user needs and the recommendations for technological developments should be well-supported by citations from the literature of library automation.

You should write from the position of a library administrator, clearly explaining to the decision-makers: the Board, the Trustees, the Partners, the University, etc., why this particular technology is important to the specific needs of this library system and its users. Do NOT merely give a vendor’s perspective but rather critically address both the benefits and costs.

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Title: please choose a topics from any civilizations

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Essay Instructions: Library Research Assignment: Students will write one 6 page argumentative essay using the data from researching three different civilizations. The analysis should trace a theme. For example, topics might include themes such as “Methods of Warfare in Ancient China, the Aztec Empire, and Ancient Babylonia”; “The Impact of Geography on the Development of Civilization in China, Africa, and South America”; Techniques of Mothering in Africa, Japan, and the Early Americas”; or “Slavery in Rome, Africa, and Eastern Europe.”
A preliminary approval process (a “proposal”) must be completed by all students for this assignment. This is comprised of a one page iteration of the student’s topic, research question, thesis, and rationale. These preliminary approvals MAY BE SUBMITTED AT ANY TIME PRIOR TO FRIDAY OF WEEK VII.
All topics must be limited to the pre-1500CE era. All essays must be thoroughly researched and cited. I expect at least 6 outside (beyond the required texts) sources. All sources must be either peer reviewed academic sources (journals) or publications of academic scholars. No “open” internet websites, encyclopedias (especially Wikipedia), or dictionaries can be used as citations whatsoever. MLA style is required.

please when you get the topic email me the topic as soon as possible. And by next week a proposal of one page iteration of the topic, research question, thesis, and rationale.

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