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Title: the Black Elk's journal

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Essay Instructions: Journal
Students are required to read The Sacred Pipe and keep a journal while reading it. The journal is to be
at least 1500 words in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins and a 10-12 point font. The
journal is to be an example of the student’s ability to write and analyze the material he or she is reading.
An attempt should be made to integrate material from the other textbooks in this course with the reading
of The Sacred Pipe. The journal must be submitted to the Dropbox by the conclusion of Module 7.

Journal entries should be made for each of the eight chapters. Your journal should be typed, contain
complete sentences and be grammatically correct. While you are reading, write down what goes on in
your head in "stream of consciousness" style in the margins of your book, in a notebook, or in a computer
file. You will be making a record of images, associations, feelings, thoughts, judgments, etc. You will
probably find that the record contains:

Questions that you ask yourself about the narrative and events as you read (answer these
yourself when you can).
Memories from your own experiences provoked by the reading.
Guesses about how the text might proceed and why.
Reflections on striking moments and ideas in the book.

Comparisons between how you behave and how the author describes actions and behavior.
Thoughts and feelings about content.
Comments on how the story is being told. For example, write any words and phrases that make
an impression on you, or motifs/themes which you notice the author using.
Connections to other texts, ideas, and courses.

A journal entry consists of two parts:

1. The first part is a direct quotation of the part you noted from the text, copied word for word,
and enclosed in quotation marks. Be sure to include the author's last name and the page number
of the quotation in parentheses after the quotation. MLA format requires that you use the last
name, a space, and then the number, e.g. (Ludwig 89).

2. The second part of the journal entry is a paragraph that explains why you found the passage
to be important or interesting. Sometimes students ask questions about the reading, or they
explain it, or relate to it in some way. Whatever you do, do not simply summarize the contents
of the passage. Instead, go beyond it somehow, analyze it, offer thoughts about why it seems
important to you or to others. In essence, by writing about the importance of the passage, you will
give it meaning.

It is also helpful to explain what is going on in the text at the time of the passage (the context). Some
students like to write (1) what is happening in the story, (2) what the passage says, and (3) why the
passage is important or interesting. This structure is not necessary, but sometimes it helps you organize
your responses.

The quality of your thinking and the energy with which you attempt to analyze your reading are the most
important aspects of this assignment!

An “A” paper is well-written and thoughtful with personal insights. It also attempts to present a synopsis of
what is written in the text. The student illustrates that they grasp the significance of the material and can
draw from class material to illustrate their understanding of the text. The “A” paper is an appropriate
length and is turned in on time. It is presented in a logical manner and is well-organized. All quotes are
properly cited in the MLA method.

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Works Cited:

Work Cited

Niehardt, John, G. Black Elk Speaks, The Life History of the Holy Man of Ogalala Sioux. 1932. Print.

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Title: Health Journal

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Essay Instructions: Journal Article Critique
Select a professional journal article that relates to International Health. Prepare a 2-page analysis of the background, methods, results and discussion. Include a paragraph describing how this contributes to your understanding of the issue presented.

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Works Cited

Willars, Lisa. "Global Nursing Management: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest." Nursing Administration Quarterly 1/1/2004 (2004).

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Title: Nonverbal Communication

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Essay Instructions: Journal Week 4
Nonverbal Communication
Let’s take a look at what you are communicating nonverbally. For each of the following, give a specific, personal example of how you have used these forms of nonverbal communication::
· Face and eyes
· Kinesics
· Touch
· Paralanguage
· Proxemics
· Territory
· Chronemics
· Physical attractiveness
· Clothing
· Environment.
Based on these examples, your personal reflection, and comments that have been made to you by others, how do you rate yourself as a nonverbal communicator in terms of frequency, awareness, and accuracy of encoding messages (sending a clear message appropriate for the situation)? Be specific.
Lastly, there are pretty specific rules for nonverbal communication (e.g. everyone in an elevator faces the doors). This week break one (safely ??" don’t risk getting hurt). How did you feel? What reaction did you get from others? How do we learn what the rules are?

Hey, Can you do it on the time I chose, please. or I won't get a grade.

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Title: disarthria

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Essay Instructions: Journal Article Abstract

**A research abstract(see below for format) must accompany each special interest paper from one of the following ASHA Journals; American Journal of Speech/Language Pathology, Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research, and Language Speech and Hearing, Services in Schools. Use the format provided to complete this project. The abstract is to be no more than 2.5 pages double spaced. Be sure to include a Xerox or printout of the first page of the article with your abstract that includes the authors and the article abstract.

Article Abstract Format
The heading should be the same as a reference listing at the back of an ASHA article, (APA style)
Peppard, R., Bless, D.M., and Milenkovic, P. (1988) Comparison of Young Adult Singers and Non-Singers with Vocal Nodules, Journal of Voice, Vol.2, No. 3, pp. 250-260.

Follow this outline, your abstract must include use of the labels after each of the Roman numerals (don=t include each sentence)
I. Purpose
A. What was the problem or question the authors were asking?
B. What research or background information was described?
C. Therefore what was the purpose of the present article?
II. Methods
This includes
A. Subjects, number, ages, sex, and any other identifying
B. Instrumentation or Materials used (very brief)
C. Procedures (very brief)
III. Results
What did the authors find? Did they use statistical analysis: was this significant?(don=t detail)
IV. Conclusions & Discussion (These are the authors)
A. How did these findings compare with what had already been
C. How did the authors explain their findings?
B. What are the clinical implications of the findings
if any?
C. What are further research needs?

V. What are YOUR impressions regarding this article?
(This should be a substantial part of your abstract, don=t simply answer the questions but indicate evidence from the article as to why you are giving your answer.)

A. How well did the authors answer the questions they posed at the beginning of the article?
B. Were the methods/materials/procedures appropriate to answering the question?
C. Were the results expected or a surprise?
D. Are the authors conclusions justifiable based on their

reported findings?
E. What is the value of this article to you as a possible future Speech-Language Pathologist and to the field of Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology?

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Currently affiliated with Courage Center, Minneapolis, MN

Submitted on February 18, 2000

Accepted on November 20, 2000

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