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Now is the time for each organization to examine and strengthen its conflict of interest policies." (Willars)

The conflicts she described were: accepting benefits, using confidential information, insider trading, and targeted marketing. Her intention of course was not to provide a complete list of possible conflicts of interest; it was more to give a general overview of new scenarios for nursing management to consider.

After listing some conflicts of interest, she then went on to provide some strategies to combat these specific examples. "The following 2 strategies have been identified as most effective in preventing conflicts of interest. Nurse Executives throughout the healthcare industry now hold positions to either implement various prevention strategies or persuade other healthcare administrators to adopt conflict of interest policies." (Willars)

Results believe the article certainly helped me by contributing a new understanding of the future of nursing management in the international healthcare industry. World economics as well as the technological ability for a person to email anyone in China in the same amount of time that it takes to call the house next door will put new demands on nursing management. The future of international healthcare will require more business savvy nurse managers.
Current Nurse Executives may not be aware of these future trends as they content with the day-to-day business issues. But this article was very succinct in describing the need of the nursing community to evolve into more of a business role. "By promoting a culture of full disclosure and by reviewing contracts for fairness, many conflicts will be either eliminated or avoided. Removing conflicts of interest in a healthcare system not only protects the system from harsh criticism and illegal actions but also protects patients and ensures that medical decisions are made based upon medical information rather than financial incentives, thereby increasing the quality of patient care." (Willars)


In conclusion, this report was a critique for a professional journal article that related to International Health. The report attempted to provide an analysis of the background, methods, results and discussion of the article as well as to provide insight into how this information contributed to my understanding of the issues. The article chosen was Lisa Willars' "Global Nursing Management: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest" in the January 2004 Nursing Administration Quarterly.

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