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Title: I assignment guidance lecture sample assignment friend 70 mark subject semester A mobile phone company I choose APPLE iPHONE chosen market U.S. I easier writer information company and American market a lot easy research

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Essay Instructions: I already sent you the assignment, guidance from my lecture and sample assignment from my friend, he got 70% mark of this subject in last semester. A mobile phone company that I will choose is APPLE iPHONE and the chosen market is the U.S ; I think this is easier for the writer and me because information about this company & American market is a lot and quite easy to research. As a return customer, my requirement are that all information that you quote must be from official source like: official website of Apple, books, ebooks, journal articles from Science Direct, etc, Database from euromonitor, keynote ... and articles from prestigious internet newspapers like: Bloomberg, Financial times, wall street journal, guardian, cnn, government's site, etc in order to quote data or update the news about the company but not every website on the internet!
Please write it in Undergraduate-last year level
And all papers must be origin from the professional writer not just paraphrase from other sources/assignments because it will be checked plagiarism by a software and I will use it as an instruction to rewrite my assignment !
Thanks for your helps!

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Title: discuss blackberry iphone segment markets based bases segmentation compare blackberry iphone part answer

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Essay Instructions: discuss how blackberry and iphone should segment their markets based on the bases of segmentation. compare blackberry and iphone as part of your answer

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Apple Inc., (2012). Business Conduct: The Way we do Business Worldwide. Retrieved June 7, 2012 from http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AAPL/1283312876x0x443008/5f38b1e6-2f9c-4518-b691-13a29ac90501/business_conduct_policy.pdf

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Title: Course Research methods Aim research proposal To investigate factors lead brand loyalty apple iPhone customers glasgow university research focused students 1 Cover page The coverpage provide reader title work affiliation year work submission purpose

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  • Sources:10
  • Citation Style: Harvard
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Course: Research methods
Aim of the research proposal: To investigate the factors that lead to brand loyalty for apple iPhone customers in glasgow university (the research is focused on the students)

1) Cover page
The coverpage should provide the reader with the title of your work, your name and affiliation, the year of the work and its submission purpose.

2) Introduction ? Defining the research problem
This section will establish what the research problem is i.e. what it is you are researching and why. The section should set the scene and fully justify the areas as worthy of research. All key assumptions should be established and the section concluded with a clear view of what is being examined and why. The result should be an articulation of the aims and objectives of the research.

3) Literature review/Background
This section will explore the relevant literature in the field. The emphasis of the section should be upon building a discussion of the available literature and comparing and contrasting the findings of previous work. From the literature review the researcher should draw out the key relevant points from each author and show the contribution and implications relative to the researchers work.

4) Aims, Objectives and Research Questions
This section should present the aims and objectives and establish the research questions to be addressed i.e. research problem areas.

5) Design and methodology of the research
This section should establish the research paradigm, approach, strategy (or methodology), methods, and sample for investigating the aims and objectives of the research. This section should also highlight what the data analysis procedures will be and how the researcher will ensure validity and reliability.

6)Research Limitations and Ethics
The section should establish what the resource and methodological limitations of the work are.

7) Illustrative work plan for the project and Resources required (Gantt chart)
This section should indicate what the plan of work will be in terms of tasks and timescales.

8) References
Harvard system and presented in alphabetical order.

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Title: see the additional imformation

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Essay Instructions: Hi: This is business strategy presentation.
the article line and topic listed below, or you can go on line to read the article.

Samsung Seeks Some iPhone Magic
Korean Electronics Giant Tries to Encourage 'Apps' for Its Phones, TVs and

my requirement are one page summary of this article which I need to turn in and one page for my speech. (total 2 pages)
thank you so much!!!

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Excerpt From Essay:


Ramstad, Evan. "Samsung Seeks Some iPhone Magic: Korean Electronics Giant Tries to Encourage 'Apps' for Its Phones, TVs and Other Devices." Wall Street Journal. 15 Oct. 2009. 17 Oct. 2009.

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