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Essay Instructions: Critically discuss the effect of the globalisation of trade and investment on
national industrial relations. Using your own country as an example, to what
extent are unions equipped to respond to these developments?

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Title: industrial relations

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This is a reseacch report in 2 parts

Part 1 (40%)

1. Document in chronological order the major events in Australian Industrial relations (Federal and State) from 1980 to the present. Describe each event and its broad objectives (20 points)

2. Choose the 2 events you feel are most important to the construction idustry. Describe each event in detail and describe its impact on the construction industry. (20 points)

Part 2 (60%)

1. Discuss where you think collective/enterprise agreements may be adventageous to both workers and management in a large construction company (eg. Multiplex)? Discuss any disvantages. (25 points)

2. Research the Security of Payments Act NSW 1999.

a. Discuss the object of the Act and summarise the options and limitations you would have under the Act if you are not satisified with a payment schedule received in response to a payment claim. (20 points)

b. Detail how the Act can benefit every sub-contractor. (15 points)

Format: A4 properly bound. Use Harvard referencing and appendices.
Length: 1200+ words

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Title: Industrial relations

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Essay Instructions: This is a "Industrial Relation" term paper
There are 2 Questions that need to be answered, please use 2 pages for each questions:

Question 1:
Discuss the applicability of the Systems Theory of Industrial Relations to the present day industrial relations environment.

Question 2:
Examine the processes of negotiation. Is negotiation an ethical practice or is it all about winning? How does this fit in with negotiation theory. Evaluate.

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Title: Industrial relations government business relations and market characteristics of China

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Essay Instructions: This is for an International Management class and my project is in regards to China's practice and history of industrial relations(such as labor unions and managerial practices), the relationship between the government and business(both local and multinational companies), and what the market characteristics of the country are.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of quotations etc., that are needed in this. Three sources is a minimum and even one or two citations from each should suffice. They should be in the form of an in-text citation instead of footnotes. If at all possible, use internet sources as opposed to books, journals, or any hard copy source.

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