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Essay Instructions: I need an essay answering all the questions under two (2) topics.

There are several mandated performance studies, which tells your formal leaders what do relative to process improvement and implementation of best practice initiatives such as those by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and or the Centers for Medicaid ? Medicare Services (CMS) quality initiatives studies (among others). These studies and organizational outcomes (data-based) that must be reported on a quarterly basis (every three months) to them via an approved electronic vendor.
Being on time and performing well will mean increased or decreased reimbursement for your organization in years to come! All health care organizations that participate in the CMS program have timely reporting requirements.
1)Discuss at least one study that is mandated by the CMS (in most cases enforced by the JCAHO and or your state licensing agency) that your organization(hospital setting) must comply with. Briefly describe the study; how the data is collected and how the study impacts practice at the point of care!?
2)What happens to your organizations - reimbursement if you do not comply?
3)Is all staff aware of this study (and other) and what is your compliance rates relative to the best practice initiative?
Explain your answers!

In order to understand regulatory agencies' influence to the delivery of health care and nursing practice you must understand how standards are translated into nursing practice!
1)Explain how regulatory or accreditation standards are modified on to policy or procedure to guide practice in your unit and thus compliance with the standards?
2)Describe how nursing staff is educated regarding regulatory compliance and how leadership ensures compliance in your unit?
3) Who is responsible for implementation?
4)What is the goal? What are the outcomes (For the patient?s sake or for the regulator?s sake?) Who benefits if you were 100% compliant?

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Title: Healthcare Organization

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Essay Instructions: Individual Assignment # 2: Mission, Vision and Culture Paper
After researching the evolution of the type of health care organization you selected in Week Three, you must further define the organization’s mission, vision, and culture. "HOSPITAL"


Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper formulating the mission, vision, and culture that a typical organization of your chosen type might use to guide the development of new strategies, such as marketing or finance. Include the following elements in your paper:

o A brief summary of the function of the organization, answering the following questions:

• What is the purpose of this organization?
• What population does this organization serve?
• What governing body structure would best suit this organization?

o A mission and vision statement for this organization

o A description of the culture??"norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors??"you want to develop to fulfill the mission and lead the organization to higher levels of performance. How, as a leader, might you nurture the culture? How might you encourage middle managers to advocate the culture? How might you promote employee support of the culture?

o A plan for monitoring the development of the organizational culture. If, as the culture developed, it deviated from the mission and vision you created, what steps might you take to encourage the organization to get back on track? How can you determine that the culture the organization naturally developed is not better for the organization than the culture the leadership foresaw?

o An organizational chart that illustrates the typical structure of this type of health care organization. Describe the roles and functions of the essential positions. Include the organizational chart as an appendix to your paper.

Make sure you use appropriate subheadings to identify the discussion that follows.

All assignments are to have a Conclusion and References section.

Here is one specific reference if you can find it when you do reference page: Longest, B. B., Jr., & Darr, K. (2008). Managing health services organizations and systems (5th ed.). Baltimore, MD: Health Professions Press.

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Essay Instructions: Use the Internet to research a health care organization of your choice. Read the organization?s mission statement and other information that is relevant to the company?s vision, guiding principles values, and goals.

"Mission, Vision, and Values" Please respond to the following:

?Analyze the mission statement of the selected organization. Determine two characteristics or components of the mission statement that you believe are most aligned with the organization's directional strategy. Justify your response.

?Review the organization's values statement (Note: This statement might also be labeled as guiding principles, philosophy, or ethics). Suggest two ways in which the organization can demonstrate its values or philosophy through delivery of its services.

"Statements and Strategy" Please respond to the following:

?Recommend one strategic goal for the selected organization that aligns with its mission statement, and one critical success factor necessary for the organization to achieve the goal you recommended.

?Propose three ways in which a healthcare organization's Board of Directors can influence policy. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

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Essay Instructions: Create your own imaginary health care organization (hospital). Evaluate your organization on the basis of the Baldrige National Quality Program Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence listed below.

(1) Leadership:

(a) Describe how senior leaders' actions guide and sustain your organization.

(b) Describe how senior leaders communicate with your work force and encourage high performance.

(2) Strategic Planning

(a) How does your organization conduct its strategic planning?

(b) Who are the key participants?

(c) How does your organization convert its strategic objectives into action plans?

(3) Customer Focus

(a) How does your organization determine health care service offerings to support patients' use of services?

(b) How does your organization build a patient-focused culture?

(c) How does your organization listen to your patients and acquire satisfaction and dissatisfaction information?

(d) How is patient information used to improve your marketplace success?

(4) Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

(a) How does your organization measure, analyze, review, and improve its performance as a health care provider through the use of data and information?

(b) How does your organization ensure the quality and availability of needed data, information, software, and hardware for your work force, suppliers, partners, collaborators, and patients?

(5) Work Force Focus

(a) How does your organization engage, compensate, and reward your work force to achieve high performance?

(b) How are members of your work force developed to achieve high performance?

(c) How do you assess work force engagement and use the results to achieve higher performance?

(d) How does your organization manage work force capability and capacity to accomplish the work of the organization?

(e) How does your organization maintain a safe, secure, and supportive work climate?

(6) Process Management

(a) How does your organization design its work systems and determine its key processes to deliver patient value, prepare for potential emergencies, and achieve organizational success and sustainability?

(b) How does your organization design, implement, manage, and improve its key work processes to deliver patient value and achieve organizational success and sustainability?

(7) Results

(a) Summarize your organization's key health care results. What are your current levels and trends in key measures or indicators of health care outcomes, health care process results, patient safety, and patients' functional status that are important to your patients? How do these results compare with the performance of your competitors and other organizations with similar health care service offerings?

(b) What are your current levels and trends in key measures or indicators of patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction? How do these results compare with the patient satisfaction levels of your competitors and other organizations providing similar health care services

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