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Title: Thesis Use of new technology digital signage and way finding for the public transportation

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Essay Instructions: Graphic Design Thesis: Use of new technology- digital signage & way finding for the public transportation.

Please consider three aspects of “Use of new technology-digital signage & way finding for the public transportation”, the social, the aesthetic, and the theoretical.
The social aspect will deal with the need, the environmental or social effects, both possible positive and negative, that might be relevant to the thesis topic. The aesthetic will deal with visual research, how your area of interest (thesis topic) is portrayed, and excellent examples of design. The theoretical aspect will include both design theory and design methodology, and the ways that they might apply to area.

When considering this, keep in mind Christopher Frayling’s divisions of research:
- Research into design (design studies, history, phenomenology)
- Research for design (developing theory, new approaches, methods)
- Research using design (applying design, using design methods to solve other problems)

*** Bibliography- minimum of 5 references with at least 1 book and 3 articles (one from a peer-reviewed journal).

* These are part of my brief ideas. Please go further.
- Use of new technology.
- Apply GPS signage (tells you when is the next bus- so people know how long they need to wait).

- Benefit
- People who take bus or subway have little money.

- Importance of public transportation.
Transportation plays a big role in our society. From having the useful transportation system we can move freely around the city. As one of the everyday transportation user, often I feel that the signs in the subway stations are not appealing and confusing. It would be nicer to have digital signage system that can notify us the next bus/subway arrival time.

- Relationship.

- What it looks like.
- Widely available.

*Please use ‘I’ word and don’t write it too abstract…

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Title: Thesis Project Proposal GPS digital signage system for public transportation

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Essay Instructions: Graphic Design

Project Proposal: Broadening and narrowing.
With both design and research, you need a clear understanding of what you are trying to do, though not what the final outcome will look like or even be. The scale of the thesis project makes it likely that you will at some point get confused and lose sight of your direction. The best way to avoid this becoming a serious problem is to anchor yourself and your thinking/making around a statement that defines your objectives. Once you’ve produced a successful statement, you will be better equipped to a) recognize when you’ve gone astray, and b) figure out how to get back on track.

To Do - Produce 5 different thesis topics that focus on a different aspect or facet of “ Thesis: digital signage designs for the public transportation system”. or come up with 5 different project ideas. But whichever you choose, consider the following:
* What is the focus of the project proposed? What would you be exploring?
* Be concise and specific as possible. Avoid generalities and unsubstantiated assertions.
* Be articulate, defining your terms when appropriate, and choose your words carefully.
* Number each project description, 1 to 5. Do not name your potential projects.

This exercise will help to eventually produce a more specific, concise statement. Now, focusing on turning raw interests into rough frameworks for design/research problems.

- If you are going to borrow information from the internet sources or others, please use the annotated bibliography.

- I will send you my thesis paper about this topic so you can get some ideas from it when you do this.

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Title: What knowleage graphic designer History graphic design applaies today's modern world

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Essay Instructions: What knowleage does one need to become an graphic designer? History of the graphic design and how it applaies in today's modern world.

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Title: How to live as a successful graphic designer after graduating a college especially for international student

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Essay Instructions: This is a research paper for Professional Writing in Art and Design
My major is Graphic Design. My topic, which has to be related to my academic and professional/career interests, is "how to live as a successful graphic designer after graduating a college, especially for international student. It should explain how to find a job, and specifically explain how to get a support for a visa status and how to keep it in order for non-resident people to work in US. It should provide lots of choices for international student after graduating college. Besides, it should explain about employing a lawyer, documenting, and each costs. it must include more than 2 interviews with someone presently working in the career field as one of the sources. 11 page research paper & 1 page memo of the research is required. 1 page memo must state the topic specifically, and explain why one have chosen the topic. Also the memo should explain what sources used in the research paper and provide a timetable for completing the research for the paper.

Research paper guidelines

1. Intro

2. General discussion of the career path
- what does working in this career entail?
- what do you do?
- what are the job prospects?
- where are the jobs(geographically)?
- what kind of salary can one expect?

3. What are the kinds of preparations are necessary for employment in this field?
- education?
- experience?

4. What does someone engaged in this career do?
- what is their lifestyle like?
- what is a typical day for them like?
- how did they get started?

5. Conclusion


Format for papers

-11 page research paper & 1 page memo of the research
-use #12 font size.
-double spaced
-number all pages consecutively throughout the paper in the upper right-hand corner< one-half inch from the top.
-use quotations only when necessary. In general< try to paraphrase quotations. If you do use a quotation, and if it runs more than four typed lines, set it off from your text by indenting ten spaces from the left margin and typing it double-space, without adding quotation marks. A colon generally introduces a quotation displayed this way.
- follow the MLA formatting guidelines.
-minimum number of quotations is 3.
-minimum number of Bibliography is 5.
-website sources must be limited and carefully examined and chosen.

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