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The design theory and methodology of digital signage encompass the many aspects of advertising design. They are bright, often lit with bold colors, and the screens can scroll, show animations, and quickly change from one scene to another. The displays catch the travelers' eye, keep them entertained, and have been shown to even cut down on the perceived wait times for travelers (Editors). These signs can have voice recognition systems or touch screens to engage the viewer even more, and they can contain information, such as ticket prices, routes, arrival and departure times, and much more, making public transportation travel a little more entertaining and engaging for people like me that use the system all the time (Cluett 106). They are also easy to update, and content design is graphic design at its best, it uses bright graphics and easy-to-read text that will engage just about any viewer. Contrast, daring primary colors, and "bold, geometric 'architectural' display" (Bielski) are fixtures of the medium, and fixtures in advertising graphics, as well. Signs can bring more attention to a public transportation outlet, as well. For example, the digital signs in the Metro stations in Washington, D.
C. once promoted their services with a misspelled word in the headline. The error became a joke throughout the area, and ultimately brought the Metro more attention and rider ship as a result (Hyslop 3). Thus, digital signage is an excellent use of graphic design with attention-getting results.


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