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Title: Gender Gap Wages

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Essay Instructions: Have Gender gap wages made any improvement? What areas in the workforce that men and women receive equal pay? What fields do women excel in opportunities for advancement in the workforce? What careers are the best for women and which careers are the worse? Which careers are considered male dominated and how does the military view women in job possibilites? Does a college education make a difference and if so what areas should women be looking at? For every dollar that a man earns, what does the woman earn? Does being a minority play a role in the pay scale?

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Essay Instructions: Task: This is a report written assessment as follows:
Write a recommendation report in which you compare two ways in which an organization could help to reduce the gender gap in pay.
You must consider two of the following requirements when comparing methods:
a) Cost
b) Social acceptance
c) Ease of implementation
Use of sources
? You must refer to secondary sources to support your ideas. You must refer to at least three academically suitable sources from your own research.
? You should refer to data where appropriate.
? You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report.
? You must use English language sources
The Report should be structured in this way:
? Abstract
? Introduction
? Background
? Finding: Presentation of option, Requirements and Comparison.
? Conclusion
? Recommendations
? Reference list

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Title: gender bias in british education are boys really failing

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Essay Instructions: The Underachievement of boys, are boys failing?, is the school gender gap closing? (Relevant to british society/education only)
First define "gender," and discusses how it relates to British history, before discussing recent literature / media news that suggests that gender bias is still prevalent. Critically examine the nature of gender bias? Are gender differences the result of biological factors, the effect of cultural socialization factors or an amalgamation of the two? This is a question that has been debated for years. Despite two or more decades of people saying they do not want their children to behave and think in stereotypical ways, research consistently concludes that parents treat their children differently based on the child''s gender. Suggestions for coping with change within the male culture? Popular television shows of the times illustrate changes in roles. Women often portrayed as the stronger sex, house husbands etc. Gender roles in society have been changing rapidly in recent years, with the changes created both by evolutionary changes in society, including economic shifts which have altered the way people work as more and more women enter the workforce, and perhaps by pressure brought to make changes of the perception that the traditional social structure was inequitable. These roles have been in a state of confusion in recent years as men an women today can be seen as having expanded their roles in society, with women entering formally male dominions and men finding new ways to relate to and function in the family unit. The gender gap doesn?t seem to close ? what?s wrong with boys? Adolescent, idea of maleness, boys prefer practical work? Access to language essential for future (nature vs nurture). Boy?s exuberance down to biology? Historically biological argument used to justify policies. Look at different angles ? domestic violence is now viewed as bad, women had cookery lessons because of hormones. Society changes. Media likes to shock. Single mothers to blame for boys aggression?, female teachers leave no role model for boys?No. Pre 1970?s women domestic, men earning. Violence has not increased. Previously boys often has street fights, don?t see many today ? not socially acceptable. Think critically. Historically gender was down to nature now viewed nurture. The desperation women felt has been fed throughout history by the practice of keeping women in their place by limiting their options. Preventing women from gaining the education offered to men accomplished this on one level. This has changed to a great extent in Britain but there are still inequalities in the opportunities offered to men as opposed to women. BUT it would be a mistake to see changing gender roles in society as threatening only to men. Such changes also threaten many women who have accepted more traditional roles and see change as a threat.
Gender equality and equity are fundamental human rights. A lofty statement indeed. But is this really happening in today''s educational system?(British). Show an understanding why Issues Of Gender And Equity Are Important In the school Environment. Are boys and girls receiving equal time and treatment? Is there a
gender bias in schools? A combination of literature, national surveys results and discussion among teachers and students, indicate that that cases of gender discrimination are, unfortunately, occurring in many British schools throughout the
country. Critically explore how gender bias is demonstrated in the classroom, and then how it can be corrected. It may be found in interactions within the classroom as well as in the teaching practices that are used. The National Curriculum was introduced to make the curriculum more accessible to girls ? at the expense of the boys? Literature is one area where both teachers and parents can make selections that will display gender equity. Questions can be asked in terms of any activity to determine the level of gender equity/inequity which asserts that while girls and boys sit in the same classrooms, read the same texts, and listen to the same teacher, they receive very different educations.

The brunt of this fell most disastrously on boys, who it turned out, temperamentally depended much more than girls on the principles of traditional education: discipline, structure and competition. According to the National Curriculum tests (SATs) boys were behind girls. Even middle class boys within the school system are achieving significantly less well in examinations than their female counterparts. Progressive ed?s war on boys by Janet Daley.

Peer pressure amongst boys acts as an impediment to academic achievement, dwindling base of parents prepared to be involved in secondary school activities, lack of appropriate social and conflict resolution skills amongst an increasing number of boys, negative attitude that boys have to education.

?Critically discuss the controversial and problematic nature of concepts associated with equal opportunities such as rights, needs and entitlement.Critically review the implications of the above for learning and teaching in the current educational context (ie the National Curriculum). Different interpretations of educational equality (ie has the Nat Curriculum favoured girls). Reflect upon traditional and current models of educational policy & provision.
Show an understanding of and reflection upon the implications for education as a right to an equal opportunity for all.In the light of all of the above, look critically at the potential for models of genuinely inclusive learning and teaching and equal opportunity for all.
Use only material relevant and available to UK. Please reference using Harvard system including page number please.

Indicative material

An Introduction to the study of education, Matheson, D and Grosvenor, I (ed) (1999), David Fulton publisher. ISBN 1-85346-612-3 (CORE BOOK USED)

Time to move beyond ?moral panic? about boys? underachievement.

Epstein, D, Elwood, J, Hey, V, and Maw, J. (1998) ?Schoolboy fictions: feminism and failing boys? in Epstein at al (eds) Failing boys; issues in gender and achievement, Open University Press: Buckingham. ISBN 1

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Francis, B. (2000) Boys, girls and achievement: addressing the classroom issues, Routledge: London and New York

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Stanworth, M (1981) Gender and schooling, Hutchinson, London.

Weiner, G, Arnot, M, and David, M. (1997) ?Is the future female? Female success, Male Disadvantage and changing gender patterns in education? in Halsey at al (1997)

Blunkett tackles gender divide

Male teachers for role models

Answer back:Children?s views on underachieving boys

Don?t bash the boys, David Spendlove 16.11.01

Education school ?gender gap? remains a mystery

making school cool for boys

Government tackles boys? underachievement

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Essay Instructions: Hi Class,

Welcome to the sixth week of our class. This week, we have two discussions. The first discussion asks you to read the articles ?Who Am I?? and ?Gender Gap in Cyberspace.? After reading the articles, you are asked to compare and contrast the articles. Then, you are asked to consider what insights you gained from the evaluation that you could use to improve your own draft. The second discussion asks you to try various methods for proofreading and apply them to your own essay. Then, you are asked to describe your process and finding. You are then asked to share the topic for your final essay for the class (a cause and effect essay).

You will also have a quiz due for this week. The quiz for this week focuses on revising and proofreading.

In addition to the discussions and quiz, you will be turning in the final draft of Essay 3 for me to grade. Prior to doing so, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the tutoring service available to you. The more people who you have read your essay, the more feedback you receive in order to improve it. In addition, please be sure to submit your essay to TurnItIn in order to ensure that you are properly citing and referencing all of your source material.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know. I?m here to help.

~ Lisa

Professor Lisa Prince

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