Welcome sixth week class. This week, discussions. The discussion asks read articles "Who Am I?" "Gender Gap Cyberspace." After reading articles, asked compare contrast articles. Then, asked insights gained evaluation improve draft.

Comparison: "Who Am I?" And "Gender Gap in Cyberspace"

According to socio-linguist Deborah Tannen's essay "Gender Gap in Cyberspace," using the computer is a fundamentally gendered experience. Although both women and men use computers in today's society, they do so in different ways that reflect the fundamental orientations of the genders. Men are interested in getting the most powerful computer, winning at computer games and exhibiting their technical mastery by fixing 'bugs.' Women use mediums such as emails to build relationships. The Internet does offer the ability for the genders to bridge communication chasms. But the anonymity of the Internet is also more supportive of the male desire to engage in aggressive, verbally-directed combat, since common social niceties...
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