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Title: Food Pyramid

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Essay Instructions: Students will first examine the links provided and then write an essay to fully answer the questions at the top of this page. These essays should be two pages maximum, double spaced, 12 pt, and 1 inch margins. Essays are to be written in Microsoft Word.

We have spent the last four weeks studying the different chemicals that make up the majority of the foods we eat.

Questions: Why do some scientists say to eat a certain amount of each a day? Who designs these allotments? And why?

The following exercise will give us some insight!

Web Resources:

Go to

* Enter the search words "rebuilding the food pyramid."
* Read the feature article titled "Rebuilding the Food Pyramid" from the January 2003 issue.

Go to

* Select Search.
* Enter the search word "food pyramid." Make sure that Search HSPH Web Site is selected.
* Read the articles called "Food Pyramids: Nutrition Source" and "What's wrong with this pyramid?"
* These authors want changes and a new and healthier pyramid.

Go to

* Choose Food and Nutrition.
* Go to Food Guide Pyramid.

Go to

* Choose newsletter.
* Read the article "Is the USDA food guide pyramid changing?"
* This view supports the current pyramid and claims it still works.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I will fax you my assignment and also my school's research paper guidelines. Topic should related with our book. Therefore I write you some topics in my book about nutrition.
Nutritioanal Requirements: Components of a Healthy Diet.
Proteins - The Basis of Body Structure: Proteins, Amino Asids, Complete and Incomplete proteins, Recomended protein intake.
Fats - Essential in Smal Amounts: Types and Sources of Fats, Fats and Health, Recommended Fat Intake,.
Carbohydrates - An Ideal Source of Energy: Simple and Complex Carbohydrates, Refined Carbohydrates Versus Whole Grains, Glycemic Index, Recomended Carbohydrates Intake.
Dietary Fiber - A Closer Look: Types of Dietary Fibe, Sources of Dietary Fiber, Recomended Intake of Dietary Fiber.
Vitamins - Organic Micronutrients: Function of Vitamins, Sources of Vitamins, Vitamin Defiencies and Excess.
Minarals - Inorganic Micronutrients.
Water - A Vital Component.
Other Subtances in Food: Antioxidants,Phytochemicals.
Nutritional Guidelines: Planning Your Diet. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)
Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Aim for Fitness, Build a Healthy Base, Choose Sensibly.
The Vegetarian Alternative: Types of Vegetarian Diets,A Food Pyramid for Vegetarians.
Dietary Challenges for Special Population Groups; Women, Men, College Students, Older Adults, Athletes, People with Special Health Concerns.
These topics from my book. I wrote you them because you can choose delimited and proper topic which is related with my book.
Thank you.
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Title: Critique of food guide pyramid

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Essay Instructions: Good afternoon,
I need help to write a report paper on the New Food Guide Pyramid based on the internet provided by me material.Please use the outline. Please compare "My food Pyramid" to made-up second person.

Thank you for your time and help.
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Title: Bio Paper

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Essay Instructions: I am gonna e mail six e mail to you guys ..all of them are jpeg file Before we write the paper our teacher ask us to read it

Writing assignment #2 for Biology 101
Revised 10-04

You are a staff member in a U.S. senator?s office. She needs to decide what to propose for an upcoming bill that is of critical importance to her constituency. Because she knows that you are a CSUF graduate, and therefore highly scientifically literate, she has asked you to prepare a three-page summary of the issue to help her decide what to propose. Your senator is extremely busy, has many other commitments, and is not a biologist. Therefore, your report must be concise and clear, yet thorough.

This assignment is designed to give you the experience of applying your knowledge of biology to a current controversy or topic of interest. You will use the same sort of method that you will later use as an informed citizen and consumer when making decisions which involve biology.

The USDA food pyramid, which is used nationally as a guideline for a healthy diet, is being modified to take into account our most current understanding of nutrition. Your senator would like to propose three changes to the current food pyramid. You need to give her a list of three such changes, as well as why these are important changes to make, given what we now know about human nutrition. To develop your proposal, you will use ?Rebuilding the Food Pyramid? in your Scientific American reader, relevant chapters in your textbook, and at least one other resource (see below.)

Other resources

You may find relevant articles in recent newspapers, popular magazines, or popular science journals. These are referred to as ?secondary? sources, since they describe research that was published elsewhere. Examples of these include The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, Time, Scientific American, Discover, and Natural History.

You can also find information in the ?primary literature,? which is where the research was originally published. You can find these articles by using CSUF?s on-line search engines, or by asking for the help of a CSUF librarian. Examples of the primary literature include Science, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy, Ecology, and American Naturalist.

If you choose to use a website, it must be pre-approved by your professor. This is because most websites are not peer-reviewed, and often present inaccurate information. Examples of excellent websites include those of the National Academy of Science, the National Institute of Health, the USDA, and WebMD.

The structure of your paper

As you write your paper, you should begin with an introduction to the problem, and a summary of the recommendations you are making to the senator. The body of the paper should list your recommendations and present information that supports them. The final paragraph should again summarize your recommendations.

Your paper should be approximately 3 typewritten pages, 750 to 1000 words. The paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins, using a standard font of 10-14 points. You should list a minimum of 3 references, which includes the Scientific American article, your textbook, and at least one other resource.

You need to review the paper for spelling, grammar and usage errors before you submit it, or you will lose points.

Please review the attached grading rubric to make sure that you have done everything you can to receive a good grade for the paper.

Submitting your paper currently accepts the following file types:
MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, and plain text.

If you write your paper using a word processing program other than MS Word and Word Perfect, you should save it in a format that is accepted (see above). You can cut and paste your paper in but, your formatting is not copied and may not be the correct formatting that is listed in your grading rubric for this paper. Be aware of this well before you submit your paper to avoid any delays in the submission of your paper.
The paper is due by 5 pm on December 14, the first day of final exams. Late
papers will not be accepted. Your paper must be submitted to,
which is a plagiarism detection program. ?


1. DO NOT wait until 4:00-5:00 on Monday, December 14 to submit your
paper. There will be a lot of traffic on, with 1500 Biology 101 students submitting papers at the same time. Submit earlier to avoid problems uploading your paper.
2. Do not send your instructor(s) an email about your paper - especially, not on the day it is due. All paper issues and questions must be dealt with by the last day of instruction. ?Questions on content, formatting and submission must be dealt with IN PERSON either during office hours or before or after class.
3. You need 1 additional references in addition to the article in Current Issues and your textbook. Your citations must be included at the end of your letter and are included in your word count. Do not submit your paper until all of your citations have been included.
4. You will receive many reminders in class about the due date of your paper. Unless you have a valid, documented emergency, your paper will not be accepted after the due date and time. Plan ahead!

5. You will receive many reminders in class about the due date of your paper. Unless you have a valid, documented emergency, your paper will not be accepted after the due date and time. Plan ahead!

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