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The California Dairy Council explains that the pyramid released in 1992, was largely governed by scientific research of the time -- that carbohydrates were good and fats were bad. Recently, however, science is delineating the effects of different types off fat and carbohydrates. This organization is pleased with the results of the changed pyramid, which stresses individual needs. Unlike Harvard, it emphasizes the importance of diets rich in milk products "that can lower the risk of low bone mass, lower blood pressure, are associated with overall diet quality and adequacy of intake of many nutrients."

The debate will continue, as Willet and Stampfer (2003) note: "More research is needed to examine the role of dairy products, the health effects of specific fruits and vegetables, the risks and benefits of vitamin supplements, and the long-term effects of diet during childhood and early adult life." Just as important, is to ensure that nutritional information for the public is based strictly on scientific evidence. "The USDA may not be the best government agency to develop objective nutritional guidelines, because it may be too closely linked to the agricultural industry.
The food pyramid should be rebuilt in a setting that is well insulated from political and economic interests."


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