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Title: You director fast food company based UK international operations limited Europe You expand operations countries understand countries suitable expand Countries India Brazil USA Japan Turkey The assessment Parts

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Essay Instructions: You are director of fast-food company based in the UK and currently your international operations are limited to Europe. You are looking to expand your operations into other countries but need to understand better which countries might be most suitable to expand into.
? India
? Brazil
? Japan
? Turkey

The assessment is in two Parts. Part 1 is worth 70% of the marks and Part 2 is worth 30%.

Part 1:

First, for each of two different countries from the list above provide and describe a PEST(LE) analysis relevant to fast-food company (your assigned industry type). Remember you can do the PEST for any two of the five countries on the list: India, Brazil, USA, Japan, Turkey.
Hint: it is not sufficient to merely reproduce a country analysis presented in the seminar by yourself and/or another group member - you will need to demonstrate that you have developed the analyses to make them specific to your company?s industry sector. Note also that not all dimensions of PESTLE may be needed but you should as a minimum cover each of the PEST dimensions

Then, by comparison between the analyses, describe the arguments for and against internationalising your company by expansion into each of the two countries.

Part 2:

Summarise the main changes occurring in the global environment as a result of the recent financial crisis. Briefly discuss how these might influence the internationalisation scenarios (outlined in Part 1) for your company.

Total word count: 3,000 words, not including references and appendices (but note standard instructions regarding grading of appendices)

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Title: Report on Corporate Responsibility for CEO

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Essay Instructions: Background

Food Company

You manage an international food company with headquarters in Yorkshire in the North of England. The company started over 100 years ago making baked sweet goods ?" cakes and pies. In the course of the last 25 years you have taken over five similar companies in Switzerland, Denmark, France, Germany and Belgium creating a large portfolio of biscuits, chocolate and sweet baked goods, many of which are local brands to only one or two countries.

A high profile merger three years ago between your company and an American food company that specialises in canned fruit, fruit juices and baked products containing fruit has expanded your operations outside Europe. The merger has helped you access markets in the Middle East and Africa. Your company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Most of your brands are household names; brands that customers expect to see in most supermarkets and smaller shops. You have also started to supply some low cost supermarket chains with their own brand products from one of your factories in Germany.

Revenues in 2009 were $16bn split as follows:
Cakes and pies (baked treats) 2.9
Breads 1.4
Biscuits/ Cookies 3.2
Chocolate/Candies 2.8
Canned goods 3.2
Fruit juices and concentrates 2.5

% of Revenue
USA/Canada 52
European Union 37
Developing markets 11

2010 revenues have held steady as people buy low-cost stay-at-home treats but there is pressure on your cost base from retailers.

You have slightly in excess of 10,000 employees
UK 2,000
USA 4,000
EU (except UK) 3,000
Other 1,000

Food company websites you might look at to get a greater understanding of the business:


--Identify products and services that your company might source from various places around the world
--Identify and outline potential problems you might face in the supply chain, e.g. human rights abuses, perceptions of inequity, environmental issues, poor government structures, lack of legal enforcement, boycotts or other negative publicity
--Write a short note on action your company could take to address each of the issues identified keeping in mind that it is probably not feasible for a large company to suddenly source all products from Fairtrade sources
--Could any of these actions be a source of competitive advantage for you?
--You will probably want to revisit this piece of work at the end of the workshops as you may then spot additional issues.


--Document the top environmental problems or impacts for your business detailing why they are the most important environmental issues
--Explain the actions that you think the company should take to address these issues
--What information do you need to make available to stakeholders? e.g. local community, consumers etc.
--What opportunities might environmental issues create for your company? e.g. sustainable development, marketing, new ways of doing business

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Title: food biotechnology

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Essay Instructions: >>Master assignment
>>6 sources.
>>Harvard reference

>>(food biotechnology)
>>Access and critically review at least six (6) sources of literature
>>(journal articles, newspaper articles, books,web sites) which contain
>>arguments against the use of food biotechnology, summarise the key
>>concerns and arguments. Construct an Issues Management Plan which outlines
>>how your food company or client will
>>manage consumer concerns of incorporating a GM ingredient into food
>>products. Some of the issues mayinclude labelling, responses to public
>>inquiries and proactive strategies (conducting seminars on theingredient,
>>educating health professionals)
>>Criteria for assessment
>>�� clear statement of issues
>>�� adequate rationale for the plan
>>�� appropriate and feasible design
>>�� discussion of limitations and outcomes

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Title: research paper of advertisement fast food

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Essay Instructions: Write in APA format. It means you also have to wright an abstract page(block style & 120 words+-).
All pages include a Running head & page number.
Requires TITLE of Report.
Paper content may be divided by headings.
In text citation must be used:
1) "Direct Quotes"=Author''s last name + year and page#, which should be placed after the quoted material.
2) Paraphrase & summary info.=Author''s name + year
3) Use present tense for established knowledge
4) Use past tense for a citation--used with all author signal word conbinations
5) All paragraphs must have citation integrity. And all outside infomation requires a citation, otherwise it can be considered plagiarism

Research which fast food company uses the most effective ads.
Do they really tell the truth?
Do they really use 100% beef?
Are their humbergers so big as their ads says? etc...

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