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Title: History

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Essay Instructions: In order to do this paper you must have acess to the journal, European History Quarterly volume 32 numbers 1,2,and 3.( thats the January, April,and July issues 2002.) Write a 12 page review of the contents of the volumes mentioned above. Identify the aims of the journal, its focus, and its ideological bent. Review at least ten articles appearing in the volumes of the journal. Identify the foci of articles. Identify and categorize the major historiographical arguments or questions addressed by scholars, and discuss the sources used by authors in their preparation of articles. How do the articles support or fail to support the stated aims of the journal? Briefly discuss the other sections of the journal(e.g. book reviews, essays). What types of other materials are included? What types of books are reviewed? By whom? How do the supplemental sections support or fail to support the aims of the journal? What is their purpose? Synthesize this material to produce a research paper offering an overview of the contents of the journal. Do not simply review each article, discussing the topics covered and the debates of current interest to those studying the field of history examined by the journal. The format must be Turabian with footnotes.

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Title: Web site review

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Essay Instructions: The Internet facilitates the exchange of ideas. Yet much of the material on the Web is questionable and fails to meet academic standards. This exercise will help you spot credible Web sites. Based on the criteria listed in Evaluating Internet Resources, write a two-page review of any WWW site broadly related to European history after 1600. Following is the website:

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Title: european unification

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Essay Instructions: write short essay on the question below. the essay should contain a THESIS STATEMENT setting up your argument and specific evidence .

Timothy ash, in his lecture "is europe becoming Europe" writes; "the trouble is that those desighns for Europe unification that were peaceful were not implemented, while those that were implemented were not peaceful." in the content of European history between 1900 and 1945, do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reference

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Title: emergence of modern europe

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Essay Instructions: 1. How did World War 2 change Europe? What was different politically/culturally in post-1945 Europe?
2. Compare Europe’s integration and its challenges at two key moments: the beginning and end of the Cold War.
3. Compare the unifications of Germany and Italy and analyze their significance in later European history.
4. How and why did the Revolutions of 1848 change and/or not change Europe and why did they matter?

1 page essay format short answer for each question.

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