External references, even to source material that is not online such as printed documents, would tremendously boost the credibility of the Web site. Even so, the author does not claim to be a scholastic resource.

One of the strengths of the "European and Asian History" Web site is its objectivity. The author presents the historical information dryly and without opinion, and there is no noticeable bias. In fact, the information is listed as simple chronological tidbits as opposed to sentences. The Web site is informative and not analytical. Without a main thesis, Garneau's information is more encyclopedic than it is essay-like. Bias can therefore be avoided, as Garneau is not proving a point or persuading readers. What Garneau's site lacks in academic credibility, it makes up for in evident objectivity. No broad assertions or conclusions are being made.

"European and Asian History" includes few external links and therefore few links...
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