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Essay Instructions: Final Individual Reflection Assignment: Your final reflection on entrepreneur.
Is entrepreneurship for me?
How badly do you want to be an owner of your own business?
Why? Why not?
Why not at this time??

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Title: Are You An Entrepreneur Could that be your Career

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Essay Instructions: I am writing this to speak on how I would like to adventure into the Entrepreneurship business world. I would like to add how I am in the Army; however after serving I would like to establish a business of my own. I am looking into starting something like a beauty supply store, a gentlemen cigar lounge, and/or a dental clinic. You can speak about each and why those individual business establishments could benefit me and my family. If any questions please contact me!

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Title: entrepreneurship

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Essay Instructions: QUESTION: it is said that women are worse at entrepreneurship than men. Critically analyse this statement with special reference to UK data over the last 10 years. Suggest issues that are central to the truth or falsehood of the statement and look at developing trends - always supported by evidence.


1) Introduction where ?entrepreneur is defined? (200-250 words)
_ Define ?worse?
_ M.Thatcher?s Nuclear family (1980s)
2) Comparison between Male and Female (750-950 words)

_ Employment
_ Education
_ Occupation
_ Ethnic & Cultural backgrounds
_ Age differences
_ Location in the UK of Male and Female entrepreneurs

3) Women as entrepreneurs (750-950 words)

_ Personalities (Lilianne Bettancourt, L?Oreal; Anita Roddick, Body Shop...)
_ Business types in which women involved (Retail/ Service sector)
_ Self-employed or full employed by a firm?

4) What holds women back and what makes them go forward? (500-700 words)

_ Family (Children / ? = find a balance ideal)
_ Women have more choices now than they use to

5) Pros & Cons of women entrepreneurs (400-500 words)
_ Held out by these/ pushed by that

6) Conclusion (150-200 words)

_ It is not true that women worse than men just numerically more men entrepreneurs

Total 3000 words

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Title: entrepreneurship

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Essay Instructions: Research Paper:

The research paper should be no more than 6 single spaced pages

Topic: In the economic world why is entrepreneurship important to the American Economy

2. The focus area of research will be on proving that entrepreneurship helps to drive the American economy. It will also focus on the current economic situation and how entrepreneurs are needed to help us come out of this elongated recession.

3. If possible please use the sources listed below (and use 3 more)
Cornwall, Jeff. Entrepreneurs Lead U.S. Economic Growth. Sep. 2004.
Berkowitz, Daniel, DeJong, David N. Entrepreneurship and Post-socialist Growth. Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics; Feb2005, Vol. 67 Issue 1, p25-46, 22p, 6 charts

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