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Title: eLL

Total Pages: 3 Words: 870 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Add 3 more pages please to the paper This paper should be a combination of the philosophies, theories and concepts learned and how they apply to teaching English Language Learners with diverse abilities. The primary focus shall be on the comprehensive understanding of English Language Learners and their varied needs and appropriate instruction techniques using the Sheltered Content approach. The student must include one external source in the paper. Also included should be a plan for implementing the curriculum from the course in real-life and/or real world present or future educational career.

Chapter 5: meaning of new learning -LEarning strategiesChapter 8: application of new learning
Chapter 5: application of new learning
Chapter 6: meaning of new learning curriculum adaptations
Chapter 6: application of new learning
Chapter 7: Meaning of new learning adjusting discourse to enhance learning
Chapter 7: application of new learning
Chapter 8: Meaning of new learning self evaluation and collaborative implementation
Introduction and Summary
Cite the course text at least once on each page
Use AT LEAST one additional resource in addition to the text

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Title: English Language teaching

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1378 Works Cited: 20 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Use below one as a basis. I basically have a research area as you can be seen below so I want you write the research porposal properly on the basis of this written proposal.

Here are the requirements
A set of research questions which clearly outline what you hope
to accomplish in their research.
* An indication that you are familiar with the literature of your
field and how it will guide your research.
* An indication that you have an initial understanding of some of
the research methodologies that you will be using in your research.
* An indication that you have identified the necessary resources
to carry out your research. For example, this could include a
participant pool for empirical studies, or archive or corpus resources
for research on texts.
* Evidence of previous research success. This could include
research that you have undertaken at the undergraduate or Masters level,
or research carried out privately.

The popularity of American and British soap dramas has become closely linked to the present situation of learning and teaching English, to the extent that it has become a social phenomenon. It would be therefore a timely step to look into the characteristics and effects of soap dramas and movies and search for methods by which English learners could benefit from watching them. The goal of this study is to be a guide for English students and teachers in using these media.
Over the past 10 years, the English language learning and English materials which use English films and dramas (especially American dramas) have been increasingly popular in Korea. According to the survey by Ryo (2009), over 53 blogs have at least 100 members for English language learning using films and dramas, one even has 550,000 members. With this trend, a number of famous English language institutes in Korea have opened classes using American dramas called Media English, Movie Class, Screen Listening, Drama SP/WR Listening and Sitcom Listening. In fact, English drama series are generally preferred over films because films are shorter and over a long term course, drama series have more interesting characteristics that appeal the audience. Owing to this popularity, there is a movement to use English dramas for English language learning. Although some people suspect this trend might be temporarily, more broadcasting companies and cable TV channels are attempting to air American and British dramas. As a result, Universities are turning to films and soap dramas as a classroom aid, but teachers are generally unsure how to use this tool to teach students.
At the moment, it is necessary to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of using English film and drama for English language teaching and how to maximize the effects of using dramas and movies in college. The differences between the two types of resource should also be explored to discover how they should be used to meet the optimal effect. Contemporary classroom instructors and teachers have many types of media available for instruction. Traditional forms include lectures/discussions and printed media such as book materials or projected text. Visual forms include overhead projection of drawings, slide projection of images, or computer projection of slides. I would like to add films and drama series to this existing instructional media.
In this research, I would therefore like to make a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using films and dramas as a tool for teaching English to find out firstly what kind of potential they have for English language learning at post-secondary level including university students. Secondly, I will investigate what kinds of language skills can be developed using these media. As a first step I will use questionnaires and interviews to investigate the students’ thoughts about why they joined the blogs that promote English learning via watching English films and dramas on online. As dramas and movies have a great range of stories and themes, in order to compare the two media types, I will choose films and dramas that share similar themes and focus on themes commonly related to daily life. After choosing the movies and dramas, I will choose certain students among the respondents who complete the questionnaire. Students who watch English movies and dramas regularly will be chosen for the selection of the participants. Once the students have been chosen, they will be asked to set their own standards for what they would like to focus on most in English language learning by using movies and dramas. At this moment I cannot predict exactly what students think is the most important topic when studying English using movies and dramas I hypothesize that the noun, verb (vocabulary) and some routines might be important topics. Based on these results, I will present from a learner’s perspective, generalized categories of what students consider to be the important standards for English learning using these media types. At the same time it is not only about learner’s perspective but also, the existing discourse analysis will be conveyed from the different researcher’s theoretical frameworks as a researcher’s aspect to support this study. I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are trying to say in this sentence. It is true that some learners believe unquestioningly in the benefits of watching dramas and films owing to their social popularity in Korea. But, we need to be cautious in exploring how we can utilize movies and dramas for language learning effectively. The underlying aim of this whole research project is therefore to help develop English Language learning and help learners to improve their English skills.
I believe the research will show some unique and positive characteristics of films and dramas as a communication medium and a teaching resource.

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Title: a language development chart

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1136 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This assignment requires the creation of a language development chart that includes developmental stages for three groups of learners: native English language speakers, English language learners (ELL), and special needs learners for four categories of language: phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Given this much information please assign me the best person who could complete this with the required amount of qualitative accuracy.

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Title: Composing an Exploratory Draft

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1510 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Essays read: (will be sending resources)

George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language”;
Martha Nussbaum, “Compassion and Terror”
David Foster Wallace, “Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage”

Exercise 1-4: Composing an Exploratory Draft

Up to this point we have been reading essays by three writers who are all (very broadly) preoccupied with how to promote and maintain sympathetic political engagement among people like ourselves ??" citizens of a democracy and a globalized world and educated users of language ??" and what role written expression and intellectual activity more broadly may play in such engagement. Now it is time for you to get a fuller sense of one of these texts, to explore what it says, how it works, and why its ideas are important (if also provisional or contestable).

In the next few months, you will most likely travel home or visit with family over Thanksgiving or winter break. In the course of such a visit, you will likely have a conversation with a family member or friend ??" possibly someone whose opinions, beliefs, and life experiences differ markedly from yours ??" about what you have been studying here at Columbia.

In approximately 1500- 3000 words, write what you might say to such a person about problems, questions, or ideas of your own that have grown out of reading one of these essays.

You might think of this as a letter or as a transcript of what you would say around the dinner table, but you can also compose it in a more formal academic tone ??" whichever feels most comfortable. In either case, you will need to succinctly distill the project and argument of your chosen essay to help your friend or relative understand what it is about and why its ideas are intriguing, complex, and worth consideration. Strive for a mode of presentation that is clear, convincing, credible, and that respects your auditor’s intelligence; in other words, this should be, among other things, an exercise in what Wallace calls Democratic Spirit.

You should present, analyze, and reflect on specific moments from your chosen text at least three times. What you write should reveal your questions and discoveries about these moments in the essay you have chosen. You should also test the significance of your discoveries ??" that is, when you raise questions about the text, attempt to answer them. This will be the thesis you are evolving and testing to account for the evidence you’ve presented. By the end, your friend or relative should understand what you find provocative and compelling about the essay, and also start to have a sense of why he or she should care, too. (This latter requirement ??" getting your auditor to care ??" will not be served by telling him or her that this is a class requirement.) Try to write so compellingly about your discovery that he or she will respond.

Format: Typed, double-spaced. Be sure to cite your quotations using MLA format
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