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Title: Does managing diversity

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Essay Instructions: The title of the report is "Does managing diversity matter?"

You will be required to examine company/sector/industry annual reports to critically evaluate how diversity issues are represented, how this representation has changed over time and whether or not diversity matters.
(i) Consult Annual Reports from one/two public sector organisations OR one/two private sector companies (companies with 100 or over employees). To do so, go to the ASX listed company directory located at:
[note: it is advisable that you choose the bigger companies/recognisable names].

Eg. Banking and Finance;
The retail sector;

An alternative could be to go to the EOWA site which has a list of the ?named and shamed? companies which have failed to provide reports. These can be found at:

While examining why they have failed, look at Annual Reports prior to the ?naming? in Parliament.
[note: these documents are readily available to the public]

(ii) In your response, assess the representation of diversity management schemes; EEO; reporting processes. Your survey should ideally be
longitudinal with an investigation of at least the last decade of Annual Reports.
NB: Ensure you include clear citations of sections/page numbers of Annual Reports referenced in a detailed appendix.

(i) Your assessment of the data that you gather MUST include scholarly sources. Please refer to these sources throughout your response.
Remember you are not simply providing a stocktake of the figures you are presented with BUT a critical assessment of what the figures state; how these have changed and what this indicates about the shifts in laws/policies/initiatives guiding organisations in Australia today (and more specifically, your sector).

Stages in the assignment process - what you need to include in your write up:

Data gathering stage: gather information on the organization and examine how diversity issues are represented, addressed and how these change over time. While Annual Reports are your main source of information any additional publicly available information should be drawn on.

a. In the first instance consider what the literature/policy states regarding diversity management
b. Explain, what are the characteristics of the company/sector/industry you are examining ? consider the diversity management policy; what are they focusing on? How has the data changed over time? What does this suggest?
c. Are there gaps between (i) what the literature/policy espouses; (ii) what the company states it is going (iii) what you audit/evidence shows?
Consider why this is the case?

Analysis: What patterns emerge in your investigation of the Annual Reports? How are these patterns representative of/or pose a challenge to the broader workplace context (eg. demographic changes); the legal remedies; industrial relations landscape; policy schemes (eg. the business context and the rise of the business case).

Evaluation: Does the organisation/industry represent a best practice model? If so, why? If not why not?
Conclusion/Recommendations: For future DM development.

Style guide: While you may present in a report style rather than an essay style, using sub-headings, data, company documents, you must use scholarly literature to support your evidence. This is a scholarly piece of work so while you are encouraged to be innovative in your presentation style you must write clearly and in a formal manner. You must write in sentences, you must consult appropriate scholarly material, reference and
provide a relevant bibliography.

Referencing style and style guide
Full and complete referencing of all material taken or derived from any source is required and failure to do so may amount to plagiarism.

Students are requested to use the Harvard referencing method and provide a complete and correct reference list at the end of their assignments.
Please include sequential page numbers on every page of your assignment.

Word limit: 2500-3000

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Title: Diversity Management

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Essay Instructions: CREDIT ASSIGNMENT V - Diversity Management - VALUE 15%

Following is the fifth and final credit assignment on which you will be evaluated.

Double space, using proper grammar, spelling and language at all times.

NOTE: When submitting your assignment, be sure to use the appropriate drop box in Avenue to Learn. The instructor will pick up all assignments from this area for marking.


It may be helpful to review the Ontario Human Rights Code and/or the Canadian Human Rights Act in completing this assignment.


Answer the following questions based on the materials presented in Module 3?Diversity Management. You may also want to review materials presented in Chapter 4?Meeting Legal Requirements and the additional legislation handout provided by the instructor as an aid in completing this assignment.

1. Review the Ethics Question in the text on Page 454 and answer the following question with respect to the scenario:

? List and describe at least three strategies to deal with the situation. Include your rationale for choosing these strategies. (12 marks)

2. You work in an organization where fifty percent (50%) of the employees are women. However only three percent (3%) of the key executive are women and an additional ten percent (10%) of the management ranks are women.

? What steps will you take to improve the status and representation of women in the executive and management ranks in your organization? Provide an explanation of why you have chosen these tactics and why you believe they will be effective. (10 marks)

3. Review the Maple Leaf Shoes Case Study pages 456-457 in the text. Answer the three discussion questions at the conclusion of the reading. Be sure to include the rationale for your answers where indicated. (15 marks)

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Title: diversity management

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Essay Instructions: Please your answers should be in the form of 1,2,3,4,5,

1.What do employers need to do to adopt a broader vision of inclusion and to avoid the pitfalls, while reaping the benefits of a diversity workforce?

2.Explain the conceptual inclusive workplace model introduced in this chapter. Why is having an inclusive workplace important?

3.Why is having a broad vision of diversity management important?

4.Provide an example (literal or fiction) of a diversity management policy or program in the workplace?

5.The economic, social and demographic trends described in the previous chapters creates an environment that is a fertile ground for intergroup conflict.

How can diversity management policies and programs and the inclusive workplace model help identify and eliminate intergroup conflict in the workplace?

This assignment requires you to read the following article
1.Yang, Y., & Konrad, A. M. (2011). Understanding diversity management practices: Implications of institutional theory and resource-based theory. Group & Organization Management, 36(1), 6?38.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Strategic Diversity Management

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5944 Sources: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper on Strategic Diversity Management needs to focus how the private sector vs. public sector implements Diversity programs. Please include a historical avccount on how we evolved from civil rights to Diversity issues in our country. The paper needs to be 10 pages single spaced (which is why asked for 20 pages since you only send in double space). This paper needs to include new issues of diversity like, gay rights, transgender, age discrimation, along with the changing demographics in this country. Specfically, how the minority is soon becoming the majority and how that might affect diversity policies in the workplace.

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