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Title: cosmetics export to japan

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Essay Instructions: Marketing plan - regarding the export of cosmetics from a company based and located in the U.S. to japan. Focus on the more heavily populated markets (cities, suburbs, etc) not the rural areas. Current competition should be mentioned as well as other difficulties such as trade barriers/tarrifs, etc. All aspects of a marketing plan should be covered.

The products to be exported are:
-skin lotions
-womens make-up/cosmetics all age groups

paper can be flexible as long as the important areas are covered (cosmetics exported to japan from a U.S. source, swot analysis, barriers to entry, reccomendations/suggestions, etc) any other smart additions to the marketing plan is a plus.

play the role of a marketing manager from a non-existant company based and located in the U.S. and exporting product to a japanese market. all problems/benefits of entering this market should be mentioned

about three of the sources should be Non-Internet based

purpose of paper is to provide magagement (of a ficticious company) with all proper information before entering market

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Essay Instructions: Describe the organizational structure of Maybelline Cosmetics. Compare and contrast Maybelline's organizational structure with Estee Lauder and Revlon.
Evaluate how organizational functions such as marketing, finance, humann resources and operations influence and determine the organization structure of Maybelline.
Explain how organizational design such as geographic, functional, customer-based, product, service, hybrid, matrix, marketing channels and departmentalization helps determine which structure best suits Mayelline's organizational needs.

Include introduction and conclusion. 2 peer reviewed sources should be cited.

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Essay Instructions: Mac Cosmetics.
Your presentation must cover the following:

? How does your selection segment its market? On what basis?
? Who is the main target?
Describe it in detail.
? How is your product / service positioned in the mind of the consumers?
? How do your product / service differentiate itself from its competitors?


i. What are the core / actual / augmented level of your product?
ii. attributes [features , benefits , quality level , style and design ],
iii. Branding [give a history about the brand name selection process].
iv. Packaging [Does the packaging affect the purchasing decision?]
v. In which stage of the Product Life Cycle is your product / service?

i. Where is the product / service sold?
ii. Why is it sold here?
iii. Do you have suggestions for further selling points?
iv. Is the point of sale effective in reaching the target customers? How ?

i. What types of promotional activities are done for your product / service?
ii. Are these types of promotion effective in reaching the target customers?
iii. Show examples of the promotion done for your product / service.

i. Which pricing strategy does your product follow?
ii. Is this strategy effective in reaching the target?
iii. What are the factors which have played a role in selected the price for this product / service ?
iv. Have there been changes in the pricing strategy over the years? Elaborate

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Essay Instructions: The paper is on a problem that poses a risk on homeland security, I chose counterfeit cosmetics. You basically have to make a plan involving different agencies to assess the problem. The instructor provided us a planning model (outline) on what the paper must consist of. I will be providing the outline below:

I. Problem Identification
-Detailed narrative description of the problem.
a. Rate of change
b. Who's affected
c. Seriousness
d. Cause/Effect relationships

II. Objective Statement
-What is to be accomplished, stated in timely and specific language and addresses the entire problem

III. Alternatives Considered
-Plans or strategies designed to meet the objective.
-Real life operations, considering public and private organizations' functions.
-Detailed and creative considerations.
(Realistically, 3-8 alternatives are considered

IV. Analysis
-Method of analysis should be clearly stated
a. State all costs and benefits
b. State all costs and effectiveness of alternative
-Many times the pros and cons are listed with each alternative considered
a.Pros will include benefits and effectiveness, cons will include costs and other factors
-You may choose to eliminate certain options based on discussion of pros and cons
-Consider intangible variables as narrative descriptions (Life, safety, security, stress, etc.)

V. Alternatives Selected
-Detailed narrative description of the chosen plan of action
-Timely and specific information is desired

VI. Planning for implementation
-Identify lead agency
-Develop planning committee
-Develop timetable including start date
-Identify specific public and private organizations's functions
-Identify funding sources
-Identify potential problem areas
-Legislative approval
-Acquire funding

VII. Monitoring and Evaluation
-Collect data after planned implementation
- Compare data w/previously collected data
-Conduct before/after analysis
-Include qualitative and quantitative variables
-Mention problems connected with implementation, including organizational and community concerns
- State to what level the objective was obtained
-State if additional objectives or alternatives need to be considered for future planning

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