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Title: content analysis between women and men

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Essay Instructions: Content Analysis is a research technique that allows a researcher to investigate various aspects of human behavior in an indirect manner. Often times the analysis focuses on the contents of some aspect of communication, such as: magazines, newspapers, novels etc...
This is not a paper or an essay this is doing the actual content analysis research.

For this exercise: complete a content analysis on how men and women are depicted or portrayed in magazines. Complete the exercise and summarize your research purpose, methods, and findings in writing. Also deduce hypotheses from your findings. I want to know how male and female models are portrayed in major magazines. 2 magazines such as Self and Mens Health or 2 others that are comparable.
In this analysis you Must: Define what is meant by an article
Must: examine at least 4 articles from each magazine and discover the average number of articles on male and females are?
Must: List the sampling frame.
must: include list of terms and define them. Ex: beautiful and your definition.
Must describe size of articles Ex: half page full page samll colum etc.
report findings # of words/ column/ paragraph/ inches...
proporions of pos vs neg
location of article associated pics? Headlines boldness, size font...
findings: Speculate conclusions, stance, what you think opinion. Correlate facts, figures, statistics.
read 3 to 4 articles on subject, look for commonalities and differences. pos/ neg. passive/ aggressive. phrases. CITE EFFECTIVELY. cross sectional sampling give purpose and strategy.
stats: percentage of page, % of article, coverage of subject.
purpose: define the purpose, define the intent.

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Title: Content Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Content Analysis

(to demonstrate your understanding of Content Analysis and apply it meaningfully to the interactive section of a current news website or weblog)

TASK: You are to do a content analysis of your selected topic or thread (based on a 2011 news issue) by answering the following questions etc.
You will need to describe the news site you have chosen, its functions, its author/s, the intended audience, the types of topics usually covered, the degree of interactivity offered etc. Then, by selecting one current (2011) news topic that has attracted considerable comment and interaction, you should discuss how would you label or classify the way the participants “talk” about the topic over a period of time (at least several days). Select a series of at least 20, but not more than 50, comments as the basis for your study.This will be a content analysis with an hypothesis etc. You should also consider the idiosyncrasies of the medium that the participants are using and how they deal with them. You should make an assessment of your approach and suggest future directions for this research based on your knowledge of the field from your reading.

You should present your work as a Report and structure it as such by using the following section headings:
Abstract (100 words approx.) summarising the report and its findings
Introduction and Background (250 words approx.) including discussion of news interactivity and review of the relevant literature
Method (100 words approx) detailing the case study, what it aims to address, the approach used etc.
Analysis and Discussion (800 words approx.)
Conclusion (150 words approx.)
References (or Works Consulted)
Appendices including material related to the categorization process, graphs and tables, and a copy of the interactions you are using (at least 20 posts on the same topic or thread)

Remember, it is based on close textual scrutiny. In responding to the Task, you should point out specific examples in the interactions and discuss your findings. Use either MLA or APA style. ( the news your select must be in 2011)
Send me the copy of the texts , Thanks.

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Title: A content analysis of banking web site Commonwealth Bank in Australia

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Essay Instructions: in this research I want you do research on oversea potential student in part of a content analysis of commonwealth banking web site in Australia. And i also attach file my requirement and detail with book recomment for you. Please following all elements. The red letters that I did highlines are my topics and important thing which you have to do. I require 2 or 3 research questions. And this research no need survey but it's a review one, so i require 10 references of literature, aticle and secondary research to support my research project.

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Essay Instructions: II. Introduction:

Provide an introduction and brief overview of the study you are conducting.
Briefly outline the specific issues of concern in the study. The introduction should read similar to an abstract in a professional journal.

III. Statement of the Problem:

A. Describe nature of the problem [i.e., topic, issue or concern], you have selected
to examine in full detail.
B. How long has this problem existed?
C. Provide an historical overview.
E. Explain why, in your opinion, does this problem still exist today?

IV. Theoretical Framework:

Discuss the conceptual and/or theoretical context of this problem. That is:

A. What are the major concepts and/or theories that have been advanced to
explain why this problem exists?
B. Does the existing conceptual/theoretical framework, in your judgment, provide an adequate and reasonable explanation of the problem? If not, how do you expect to improve upon them in your approach to examining this problem?

V. Significance of the Study or Review:

A. What, in the final analysis, do you believe is the overall significance of this
problem? That is:
B. Why is an examination of this problem important to you as a social scientist?
C. What do you see as the significance of your study to the field of public
administration, your community and to society in general?

VI. Research Question: Hypothesis and Null Hypothesis:

A. What is the central question you will try to answer by conducting research on
this problem?
B. What is your hypothesis? [i.e., your tentative answer] to this question?

VII. Major Concepts & Variables:

A. Provide either a theoretical or operational [i.e., measurable], definition for each of the major concepts you believe are critical to an understanding of this problem.
B. List the major variables that will be analyzed in studying this problem.
C. Which of these variables are dependent? Which are independent?
D. Discuss what you view as the relationship that exist between these variables?

VIII. Research Methodology: Data Collection Steps & Procedures:

A. Describe the steps you took to gather your data [i.e., primary data], related to your research problem.
B. Outline the methods employed to evaluate your data.
What types of data did you use?
C. Discuss the techniques and procedures you employed to evaluate your data, i.e., content analysis, comparative analysis, or statistical analysis? If so, in what specific ways?
D. Note If a hypothesis is going to be tested:

1. Decide on a null hypothesis, Ho.
2. Decide on an alternative hypothesis, H 1.
3. Decide on a significance level.
4. Calculate the appropriate test statistic, using the sample data.
5. Find from the tables the appropriate tabulated statistic.
6. Compare the calculated and tabulated test statistics and decide whether to reject the null, Ho.
7. State a conclusion, after checking to see whether the assumptions required for the test in question are valid.

IX. Review of Literature:

Note: Treat this section as the body of your paper

A. Outline and discuss pertinent studies you reviewed.
B. Explain the importance and relevance of these studies to your research.

Research Findings Summary and Conclusion:
A. Outline the results of your study.
B. Are the results in line with your stated hypothesis?
C. Based on the preliminary findings, can you accept the hypothesis?
D. Do the findings require you to accept the null?
E. Provide recommendations for future studies in this area.
F. Outline any factors which deserve attention which may not have been outlined
or discussed under one of the major headings.

XI. Bibliography:

Use Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers,
Theses and Dissertations 6th Ed

XII. Appendices:

Provide a full list all of the special documents & reports that will be included as
full text references for this study. Include draft copies of any survey &
questionnaire instruments you intend to employ in gathering data, as well as any
interview schedules you plan to implement.

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