Electronic content analysis schemes are generally underdeveloped (Howell- Richardson & Mellar 48).In this paper, we employ a modified Henri's model that makes use of the rate of expert participation, patterns of interaction well as the depth of processing. The analysis of the comments on "the future of IT profession will narrow down to three types of jobs" (Consultants, Project Managers and Developers) was started from the very first comment that appeared on July 22, 2011 to the one that appeared on 13th September, 2011.A total of 298 comments were analyzed.

Results and discussion

Rate of expert participation

Most experts were indicated to participate in the discussion a maximum of 3 times. This is not inclusive of the moderator. The experts who participated more than once were the once who were clarifying their claims of either an earlier on stated agreement or disagreement with the blog topic. This indicated that the...
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