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Title: Consumer Behavior Analysis of a Product or Service

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Essay Instructions: Rationale for task
The task will help you to develop your ability to apply and critically evaluate a range of concepts and models learned on the course. Additionally, the assignment will cultivate your competence in analysing and presenting solutions to complex problems from within the discipline.

Word limit 2,500
Due date (WEEK 9)
Assessment weighting 60% of Total Module Mark

Select a specific B2C product or service produced by a company and analyse this offering in terms of the consumer decision making process and the factors that influence this process. Your analysis should include the following things:

1. A profile of the likely target customer segments for the product. The segmentation bases discussed on the course should be employed to achieve this and students are encouraged to think about their proposed target group/s in terms of multiple and/or hybrid segmentation approaches. You will be expected to provide evidence and logical justification for the bases you have selected and should discuss their proposals in terms of viable segmentation criteria.
2. You should look at the external factors that may influence customers to purchase this product such as different types of reference groups and the wider range of socio-cultural influences such as class and culture.
3. Your report should suggest a typical chronological buying process for this product and discuss the likely internal psychological influences that may be linked to this process. These would include probable customer involvement levels and risk perceptions. You will be expected to argue your case logically and provide evidence where possible to support your ideas.
4. You should examine the companies current marketing mix tactics and evaluate whether they have an effective and positive impact upon the consumer behaviour of the proposed target segment/s. You should suggest improvements to the mix, based on our analysis, where appropriate.
5. As you will be using a variety of theoretical constructs and frameworks from the module in order to undertake a successful evaluation, you should comment on the usefulness and limitations of the tools you are employing.

Extra Guidance notes

This is to be presented in a report format with title, objectives, introduction, terms of reference, findings, conclusions and recommendations.

The 2500 words exclude references and bibliography. Please include the references clearly (there should be at least 10 valid references including material from the net which you are encouraged to use). Please type 1.5 line spacing.

You will be primarily assessed on how well you can apply and use the theories learned on the module to the product or service you have chosen. This centres upon the quality of your analysis and evaluation in this context. Good reports will argue why you think something is the case rather than rely on simple description. Marks will also be awarded for how the research has been logically presented and the points clearly made and explained. In summary, you will be assessed on how well the brief was addressed taking into consideration the analytical quality of the written presentation, its overall structure and the development of a suitable conclusion.

4. The assignment must be handed into Courses Registry by Friday of week 9. Plan ahead, do not leave things to the last minute since data lost in your computer on the afternoon of Friday, will not be accepted as an excuse. You should be aware that failure to meet a hand-in deadline will result in a capped mark being awarded for the module work. However, if there are genuine reasons as to why you could not be meet a deadline, you should consult and follow the procedure outlined in the section called "Extenuating Circumstances" in the Student Handbook. Please see me at the earliest opportunity if you feel that you cannot meet a deadline.

Please note: Plagiarism and cheating are treated as very serious offences at EBSL. Module tutors make every attempt to take a proactive and developmental view to the discouragement of cheating or plagiarism by training the students in the appropriate academic skills of writing and referencing within the module. For further information on this please see the section on academic conduct in the Faculty Student Handbook.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: the subject of the portfolio is about Consumer Behaviour.A newspaper article is needed in order to relate to the marketing concept which is consumer behaviour.For example i had chosen the newspaper article about Easyjet lift profits forecast after post-Olympics boost.The portfolio shoud have at least 2 referenced academic sources and include relevant sources.The discussion should start with 2 definitions of consumer behaviour.Havard referencing must be correctly applied and written in 3rd person.The topic should be researched in depth using a variety of sources and presented in report style.

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Essay Instructions: This requirement is used to bridge the topics of marketing research and consumer behaviour (CB). It is
to be completed as an individual effort.

Select a product category (suggestions are listed as follows):

? Frozen dinner/entr?e,
? Athletic equipment other than apparel,
? Footwear,
? Electrical appliance, or
? China, crystal, or silverware.

Go to any retail store that sells the product category that you selected. You are to observe the manner in
which customers make their purchase decision for the selected product. Spend as much time as you need
watching how people approach, look at, compare, and make their decision. Do not communicate or
interact with the people you are observing prior to their purchase. Remember, as a marketing researcher
(in this situation), you don?t want to alter the outcome of consumers? shopping. However, following the
purchase, after leaving the store, you may question them if you wish.

Write a detailed report that includes (as a minimum) the following:

? The store in which you made your observations, in addition to its address, what it sells etc. (date,
time, details)
? Describe the store (surroundings, how busy was it, who was there, etc.)
? Describe the purchasing behaviour of the consumer(s) who spent the longest time in this process.
o What exactly did the consumer do?
o Where did the consumer locate the product? Did he/she engage in searching?
o Describe the buyer's interaction with the product, the store environment, and other
? Describe the purchasing behaviour of the consumer who spent the least amount of time in this
process. Describe the same information as above.
? Now describe the purchasing behaviour of what you believe was the "typical purchaser" you
observed. Again, consider the same elements listed above.
? Analyze and explain what you observed.
? Relate what you learned and observed to theory. Does this support what you?ve learned from the
text or other sources of marketing/CB information?
? Is there a way that the store could enhance sales? If so, what would be your recommendations?
? What lessons did you learn?
? Conclusions

It must be emphasized that the aforementioned outline is a guide intended only to steer you in the right
direction. This is the minimum informational content that is required. You should consider adding more
6/9 (16 Aug 13)
Your report may be as long as you deem necessary. It must, however, be well structured and succinctly

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Title: the psychological state of consumer behaviour Perception

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2541 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hi there
i will provide my detail and source materials for you, please following all elements and structures.
My topic is about "perception of consumer behaviour".

Thank you

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