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Title: Communication Plan

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Essay Instructions: Using the Case Study (attached), describe the methods and strategies you would use to value and support the implementation of your communication plan. Ensure the communication plan aligns with the overall mission and strategic plan of the organization. Address how you plan to ensure the following:

?The plan is implemented on time.
?There is room in the budget for the implementation of the change.
?The proper number of employees are adequately prepared and trained for the change.
?Managers provide effective leadership and direction.
?Synergy is achieved between functions and business units.

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Essay Instructions: Diagnose (AMAZON) organization?s level of resistance and construct a solid communication plan.
1. Diagnose the reasons for resistance to change.
2. Interpret the potential causes of resistance in the organization. Identify and describe three (3) potential causes of resistance to your change plan. Identify and describe three (3) potential sources of resistance to your change plan.
3. Create a plan for minimizing possible resistance to your change management plan.
4. Elaborate on the relationship between resistance to change and communication.
5. Evaluate three (3) communication strategies.
6. Recommend one (1) communication strategy that would be applicable to your organization. Diagnose why this communication strategy is best for your organization.
7. Create a solid communication plan for your change initiative.

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Title: Communications Plan

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Essay Instructions: Please rewrite

Communications Plan

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Title: Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

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Essay Instructions: Project Descriptions

Your project for this course is to develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan. This involves preparing a case study using appropriate college level writing. Your Term Paper should be at least five double-spaced pages but not more than eight double-spaced pages using 12 point type. Exhibits and bibliography should be in addition to the 5-8 page requirement.

Select a product or service of your choice. Please pick a consumer (not business) product or service. Pick a product or service in common usage so your ability to find information on it is enhanced. Study the company and its product or service. Look at magazine ads for the product or service and include them with your report. See what is available about the company online and if it is doing any online advertising. Discuss the existing IMC used. In addition to external research using academic sources, you may want to interview a representative from the company or the retailer that provides the product or service if possible.

No amount of research will mine all the information available on the company's product or service, but your paper should reflect a relatively high degree of understanding based on what you do find. That is why you are urged to select a high profile company which advertises and promotes extensively, publicly held companies generally have a good deal of information written about them. You are urged to look up the company's web site and become familiar with the annual report. However, papers that read like the annual report will not receive much credit. Remember, company provided information tends to focus only on good news. Your job as a college student is to find balance and provide unbiased opinions and analysis.

After completing your research, prepare your case analysis based on the following issues:
1. Describe the promotion mix as you found it. Does it appear more mass selling or personal selling is being used? If mass selling, what types? Did you find any publicity about the product or service?
2. What target markets are the target audiences of the promotion mix? Why do you think that?
3. How does the company position its product or service?
4. Provide your analysis of the company's IMC effort. What do you think it did right? What do you think it did wrong?
5. Is there anything you would do to improve the IMC if you were a marketing manager at the company?

An IMC plan is a tactical plan that implements marketing mix strategies decided at the corporate or business unit level. This Term Paper is designed to correspond with the textbook chapters on communication, advertising, promotion and selling. You should demonstrate the concepts discussed in those chapters are applied to a real company. For the target market and positioning questions, refer to the chapter on segmentation, targeting and positioning. Be sure to employ the marketing terms with which you should now be familiar.

*******The assignment can consist of 5 pages and the 6 page can be for any Exhibits************

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