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Title: Online Portfolio

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1954 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need a creative writer that will "brand" my image. This will be for a weebly website.
Four sections:
Cover Letter
-One page cover letter, I want my cover letter to say I will be a recent graduate in May 2014 my interests are in Marketing and Human resources. My degree in Corporate communication will help me to succeed because ... and my time in the army has shaped me into a good candidate. talk about hard work ethic, leadership, detail oriented, and why you should choose me to work for your company in HR(the skills I have from a Corporate Communication degree), and because of leadership, fresh mind, and creativity.
&&&&&& if you an somehow fit in why my work in diversity has shaped me to be a beneficial part to marketing and HR in the future.
I am very busy with ROTC and my major. i have balanced it from freshman year to now.
*****Has to include why I am suitable for a management position

Career Experience
2 and a half pages between:
1what my brand is and who exactly i am and what I bring to the company.
2J and L Marketing and what i do as a Promotion Coordinator ( i get to work with BMW, Audi Mercedes, and patience in customer service)
*High responsibility and independent
*Customer service based
3-on life as a cadet (Cadet Company Commander next semester and in May Commissioning into the Adjutant General branch-- HR branch---why hire army hr)
4- on diversity and what it means to me! What I learned from my meaningful ARMY CULP Vietnam as an ESL teacher, work with multicultural mentoring at school, what the work means to me(working with students one-on-one to build confidence)
5Lastly why hire corporate communication major

Half a Page worth of direct quotes:
I will need four direct quotes about how great:
*RECENT SOURCES 2010 or Newer- But no block quotes 3 sentences or less for each point lister here.
1)RMU students are in the workplace/the RMU education and how happy employers are to have them/ Why you should hire RMU
2)Why you should hire Army veterans
3)A Quote about Promotion Coordinators and the customer experience with them/what young marketing professionals bring to the table
4) Quote about why diversity is good in the work place

i will use these as side quotes within each tab

this is my bio

Veronica Guilyard was born in John Hopkins Hospital March 6, 1992. She was born a month early and fought jaundice. Even as a baby, Veronica was a determined little girl. When she was ten years old she almost lost her father to diabetes. This tragic event challenged her family to become more active. Her love for her family has driven her to love fitness. Now at college, Veronica is a Corporate Communication major and ROTC cadet. Veronica is still that small determined little girl who shares her love for fitness teaching spin class. In the army, she has had the opportunity to represent the United States as an ambassador in Vietnam. Veronica was one of twenty-four cadets to help rebuild the first relations with the Vietnamese since the Vietnam War. She taught the Vietnamese officers English in their capitol, Ha Noi. From her new experiences she developed a love for global public relation and diversity. Since her trip to Vietnam she has become more involved in marketing and multicultural activities. The experience has inspired her to move forward in multicultural awareness. Veronica?s favorite word is ?diversity.? She was chosen by the President of Robert Morris to sit on the search committee for Robert Morris? very first Chief of Diversity and Inclusion Officer. She aspires to work a duel life in multicultural affairs as well as marketing and promotion.

A Corporate Communication student and cadet commissioning in May 2014 with creativity, valuable coursework, and well-rounded work experience seeking a position in human resources.
Robert Morris University
Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication Expected 2014
Coraopolis, PA GPA: 3.6
University of Pittsburgh
Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Commission May 2014
Project Experience
RMU?s 1st Amazing Race Event Planning Fall 2013
? Coordinated directly with Make-A-Wish.
? Supervised the largest Make-A-Wish Event in RMU History.
Advertising and Communications Strategies Spring 2012
Marketing and PR Campaign Coordinator for American Natural Gas Association
? Conducted weekly meetings with research, campaign development and implementation, public relations
? Reported Progress weekly to American Natural Gas Association and Edventure Partners
Professional Experience
J and L Marketing Promotion Coordinator September 2012 to Present
? Work independently as a contractor
? Conduct sales meetings
United States Army April 2009 to Present
Cadet (4-year ROTC Scholarship)
? Detail-oriented
? Work effectively in teams during weekly PT, weekly Leadership Labs, and weekly 3 credit course
Army ROTC Culture and Language Program Summer 2012 Ambassador in Vietnam
? Selected to represent the United States Army
? Conducted English training as an English second language professor
Robert Morris University Multi-cultural Mentor February 2012 to Present
? Received Multicultural Mentor of the year 2012
? Duties include: peer-counseling, help foreign student emerge into American culture, prevent/alleviate students from feeling overwhelmed
RMU School of Business Social Media Student Coordinator February to June 2013
? Responsible for Robert Morris University school of business public image
? Management of all school of business Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, and other social media
Robert Morris University Diversity & Inclusion Student Representative in 2012
? Nominated to represent Robert Morris Student body to all 90+ candidates.
? Assist in hiring new executive position at Robert Morris

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