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Title: Ethical business practices of Express Scripts

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Essay Instructions: I would like a case study to be written on Express Scripts ( dealing with their unethical/questionable business practices relating to their prescription drug service. More specifically, how the company steers patients and Doctors into prescribing generic drugs that do not always give the same benefits of the original brand-name drug. Also, there is info out there regarding other unethical business practices involving express scripts, which should be included to help draw the picture of the overall company.

This should be a case that explores the ethical business practices of express scripts, not a legal case. (ethical issues)

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Title: Marketing in 2012 demands a rapid pace of change which impacts considerably on business practice

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Essay Instructions: Dear writer

I would like you to write essay. This is my question "Marketing in 2012 demands a rapid pace of change which impacts considerably on business practice.Pick an industry and discuss social networking sites. Provide an example about the use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter." And I also picked an industry which is "Walmart" ( supermarket) to discuss and support answer. Important thing!! I need you discuss social networking site( Facebook or Twitter )of Walmart to support in strongly discussion. Please doing clearly and strongly answer and discuss.

Thank you in advance

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Works Cited:


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Title: Topic NAME Creative Business Practices ASSIGNMENT BRIEF presentation entrepreneurial idea TASK In a literature review critically evaluate entrepreneurship innovation relevance modern organigation

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Essay Instructions: Topic NAME- Creative Business Practices
presentation of an entrepreneurial idea

In a literature review,critically evaluate entrepreneurship and innovation and their relevance to the modern organigation

PRESENTATION AND STYLE-structure,harvard referencing and format
Example - use of illustrative example
Reserch - evidence of reading
Discussion - structure of argument(both entrepreneurship and innovation carry)

Conclusion/summary - main themes and recommendation

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Title: global business

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Essay Instructions: Create a Web page of international information for workers and managers who are planning assignments in a country of your choice. Attach that page to your response to this discussion topic #1, with a brief explanation as to how you developed the page.

See the "Guide for Participation" for this course. You'll be posting your comments here in the discussion thread, so they should be legible and grammatical.

Specific guidance:

Limit your page to just one country
While you can include some general information about working abroad, most of your information should be specific to the country you focus on
Consider some of these topics: history, politics, geography, culture, money, living accommodations, transportation, business practices, and so forth.

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Hughes, R. And Chesters, G. (2003). Living and Working in Gulf States & Saudi Arabia.

Survival Books: London.

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Global Leadership

Strategies for the 21st Century. Houghton-Mifflin, New York.

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