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Title: Small business insurance

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Essay Instructions: The case is below and the discussion questions at the bottom must be answered in full detail with 3 outside resources used within the 3 pages. Each alternative must be fully analyzed. Thorough evaluation includes good use of case data and external data. Business terms should be logically applied to solve the problem and concepts should be well integrated into analysis and recommendations. Here is the case:

Targeting small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers, Federated Insurance offers clients and prospects a program of complete insurance protection, covering the spectrum from commercial property and casualty insurance and life and disability in? surance to group health insurance. Since its founding over a century ago, the market plan for the company has centered on a clear-cut strategy: provide the highest quality, best-value service available to selected businesses.

Based in Owatonna, Minnesota, with regional offices in Atlanta and Phoenix, Federated has 2,600 employees and operates in 48 states. Consistent with its heritage and original market plan, the company specializes in business insurance for selected industries:
? Auto dealers and auto parts wholesalers
? Building contractors (for example, electrical, plumbing-heating-cooling)
? Equipment dealers (for example, agricultural, lawn and garden)
? Funeral services
? Jewelers
? Machine shops
? Petroleum marketers and convenience stores
? Tire dealers

Cultivating Business Relationships:
Marketing representatives at Federated can tailor insurance protection to meet virtu?ally all of a business owner?s insurance needs: property, casualty, health, retirement, and more. They also provide quality risk-management services that respond to the specific needs of business owners. The goal here is to help customers develop proce? dures and practices that can reduce losses and improve worksite safety conditions.
Federated enjoys a strong reputation among SMB customers, as the following tes?timonials demonstrate:
?One of the things Federated does very well is that they have focus. It?s not about selling insurance, it?s about taking care of your customers, and the busi? nesses that do best are the ones that take care of their customers.?
[Tim Smith, President, Bob Smith BMW, Calabasas, California]

?I?ve had friends who are in businesses that jump insurance companies all the time and they?re price shopping. They don?t realize the relationship that you have to build with an insurance company. It?s such a close relationship, but yet so secure. With Federated, we don?t worry?we don?t have to.?
[Greg Nesler, President, Rochester Plumbing and Heating, Rochester, Minnesota]

Discussion Questions:
1. By directing attention to particular types of businesses (for example, convenience stores or auto dealers), Federated emphasizes macrosegmentation. To further sharpen strategy, suggest possible ways that particular macrosegments could be broken down further into meaningful microsegments.
2. In buying insurance, some SMB customers just want the lowest-priced option for each type of insurance, whereas others want value-added services (for example, risk-management guidance) and a complete, integrated insurance solution. How should Federated respond to customers who are strictly focused on price? In your view, what are the points of difference that Federated should illuminate in the customer value proposition?

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Excerpt From Essay:


"Buying insurance." SBA. [12 Feb 2014]

"Sole proprietorships." Nolo. [12 Feb 2014]

"What is property casualty insurance?" All State. [12 Feb 2014]

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Title: eCommerce

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Essay Instructions: **I will send 2 references pursuant to the directions below:** Please note the links provided as well:

The assignment this week involves several topics from this week’s syllabus, focuses on the text, and consists of several shorter answers for a change. The topics involved concern several aspects of the alignment of IT development and business. You are encouraged to read the text chapter and online module in whole or in part to help you to answer the questions better. Such resources often prompt you to consider factors that you may otherwise overlook.
Edit your response carefully to make the best use of the limited space available for your responses. It’s a useful skill to write compactly because readers (e.g., your management) are often unable to carefully read long pieces. A style that is sometimes useful consists of objectively listing pro’s and con’s, followed by your opinion. When reasonable dollar estimates can be made, arguments are usually strengthened.

Respond to each of the following in a total of at most 6 pages of 12-point text. They concern Chapter 12 of the textbook (“Developing Business/IT Solutions”) and Case Study 3 on page 509 “Intuit Inc.”
(i) Use this case study to explain how and why a given application, if left unchanged, invariably declines in usefulness.
(ii) This is Case Study Question 2 “Which do you prefer …” on page 510 of the textbook, concerning Case Study 3 “Intuit Inc.”
(iii) Look at Figure 12.22 on page 497 of the textbook (“Hardware Evaluation Factors”). Suppose that you work for an insurance company and your IT team has to select a brand of smartphone for the company’s business insurance sales force. These salespeople usually travel to customer sites. How would you rank or weight the factors in Figure 12.22 for this hardware selection? Explain your assumptions and conclusions. Weighting is done by assigning a factor to each item prior to the evaluation of smartphone models. The factors add up to 1 (or 100 if expressed as a percentage).
(iv) “This End Up” is principally a moderate-priced furniture manufacturer. In the 1990’s they operated stores in malls across the US. After going through bankruptcy, the company transitioned to largely a Web-order-only organization. Based on their website and ancillary reading (e.g., ), use the topics in Chapter 12 as much as applicable to describe a comeback strategy that you either see already implemented or that you would implement yourself. When referring to websites, be careful not to take pronouncements at face value. When applicable, it can be effective to say “according to XXX, and, as corroborated by independent sources, ….”

Read Chapter 12 of the textbook, as needed.
? End with a list of references following the standard reference format, as described in References and Citations document.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Hi Writers Username goodgod2 Please download instructions write assignments separate Commercial Risk Management Debate Current Trends Risk Management Commercial Risk Management Debate Do commercial interest risk management increasing Why As prepare position issues increase industry's investment level

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Essay Instructions: Hi Writer?s Username: goodgod2
Please download the instructions also, when you write the assignments can you separate Commercial Risk Management Debate and Current Trends in Risk Management for me please.

Commercial Risk Management Debate
"Do you think commercial interest in risk management is increasing? Why or why not?"
As you prepare your position, consider issues such as the possible increase of the industry's investment level. Are companies giving it a higher priority? Be sure to support your position with political, social, and corporate examples. Consider the influence of resources and the percentage of net profits.

Current Trends in Risk Management
Discuss current trends in risk management. What trends do you think are the most important? How do you think risk management will be different in 5-10 years? Will there be more third party assessment? More in-house teams? Will government go into certifying companies?

Kelly, S. (2007). Computer crime losses double. Business Insurance, 41(40), 41.

Whitman, M. E., & Mattord, H. J. (2009). Readings and Cases in the Management of Information Security. Boston, Massachusetts:

Use your textbooks and the Internet to complete the following:
? Read Kelly's 2007 article, Computer Crime Losses Double, from Business Insurance, volume 4, issue 40, page 41.
? Reading 9: "The Provision of Defenses Against Internet Based Attacks" from Readings and Case Studies in the Management of Information Security, by Mattord and Whitman, pages 105-119.
? Read "Case B: Accessing and Mitigating the Risks to a Hypothetical Computer System," from Readings and Case Studies in the Management of Information Security, by Mattord and Whitman, pages B1-B24.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Faucheux, M. (2009, Nov 8). Emerging Trends in Risk Management. Retrieved from Bright Hub PM:

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Kelly. (2007). Computer Crime Losses Double. Business Insurance, 4(40), 41.

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Title: Issue Paper

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Essay Instructions: Paper need to address a very narrow, very specific question or issue which is relevant to the Risk Management and Insurance Industry. The inspiration for the paper can be workplace, a current event, a family situation, financial planning, estate planning, risk management of the family or business, etc.

Paper should be in APA format. The following are some APA basics; all papers must have the following:

The entire document is double spaced (including the reference page)
There are no extra spaces between paragraphs
The font is either Times New Roman, 12 point, or Arial, 12 point
Margins are 1 (one) inch all around

If paper has citation, they should look this: (author's last name, year of publication: Sullivan, 2005). If you have a citation in the body of the paper, there MUST be a reference listed on the reference page. If there is a reference on the reference page, there MUST be a citation in the body of the paper that ties to that reference.

More About References:

All references are listed alphabetically, by last name of author or, if there is no author, by the first work in the title of the article
Last names of the authors are always used, never first or second names. If there are first or middle names available, just use the initials
If there is no date, then put (n.d.) after the author’s last name and initials. If there is no author, then put the name of the article, followed by (n.a.)
All references are double spaced
The second, third, etc. lines of a reference are indented ½ inch

Basic Guidelines for this paper are:

Each paper must:
Clearly state the question/issue
Provide an answer or explanation or position or recommendation
Be sure to make reference to the source(s) from which the explanation was obtained

Areas to Be Considered for the Paper Could Be:

Interview the (risk) manager of a business to find out what kind of risk management activities the business undertakes
Interview an independent contractor about the risk exposures faced when constructing a new house
Report on a lesser known â€A"niche” coverage, e.g., animal mortality, snowmobile, boater or travel insurance
Health Care reform
Personal Financial Analysis
Risk at your own business
Medicaid support for Family Planning in the Managed Care Era
Health Care and Risk Management
Risk Management and a Music Festival
An analysis of a risk management issue in nursing in neonatal units or other care units
Discuss the impact of the events of 9/11 on the risk management plans
The risks involved in managing a small enterprise

Possible Topic Sources:

Insurance Journal Lots of insurance news stories
Risk and Insurance Dot Com Current news and stories
Chubb Companies Good-sized library of case type articles
Business Insurance Current News and Events
National Underwriter Current News and Events
Property and Casualty Dot Com Current News and Events, Jobs, and more…
Lloyd’s of London History, News and More
Risk World News and Views
Insurance Services Organization A Premier Source of Informati

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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