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Essay Instructions: Business Information System BIS is a Management information system MIS. BIS normally consists of a series of subsystems. Each of the system is a smaller information system (IS) that process data and useful information. Each organization supposed to use business information system. There are six Broad categories of Business Information system, but we consider for this tutorial is only the below Three

!. Transaction Processing System
2. Decision support System
3. Office Automation System

- Introduction (200 words)
-Explain how the hardware and software help to achieve the system. That should be the conclusion and suggestion (200 words)

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Essay Instructions: subject: "BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM"

Use your web browser to find information about the following questions and respond to them. Express your answers in your own words; do not just do a cut and paste from the Web.

1. Morae software: Who produces it? What is its purpose in terms of systems development? What are some examples of the type of information it captures? How could a company use this information?

2. Explain what is meant by: (a) an eye tracking ?heat map?; and (b) an F-shaped pattern with respect to using a website. What are the implications of these concepts for website design?

3. Find a list of worst websites. Identify the list you used, its name and URL. Select an example of one website that is considered ?bad? by this source and explain why the source said it is bad. Why specifically do you think this site is ?good? or ?bad??

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Title: Business information system

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Essay Instructions: Specific research and writing guidelines:

The computerised business information system (CBIS)

The current computeriesd business informatiom system.
And read the information about the Hideaway Motel Limited I fax to you.
Compared the current computerised business information system with the one
that the Hideaway Motel is using. See if there are anything need to be
improved for running a motel.

I will fex the information (3 pages) to
(CA) 213-291-2157

Please let me know when you received the payment and fax.

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Title: secondary research business information systems history business information systems impact mobile technology

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Essay Instructions: secondary research on business information systems-
*the history of business information systems and the impact mobile technology has had on it

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