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Title: Business Proposal report

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Essay Instructions: Business Proposal report

The context of the situation is that you are proposing a new business venture. This could be a small business start-up or a joint venture.

The report format and items to address are as follows:

-Business description. The basic category of product/service, mission/purpose of the business, general market area (local/regional/ national/global), and basic organizational design (form of ownership and basic structure, with supporting rationale).

-Competitive analysis: Analyze the industry for the type of product you select, analyze the nature of competition in the industry, the general life cycle stage of the product for the market area you want to operate in, and key success factors for operating in this industry.

-Marketing concept: Description of the product/service or product line. Description of the target market (use supporting demographics), the pricing concept, the promotional positioning, and the marketing channels. Provide rationale as to how the pricing, promotional, and marketing channel concepts fit the target market.

References: Support your competitor analysis and marketing concept with at least 5 references related to your product category or the market area/conditions for your product.

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Title: Business Model Innovation

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Essay Instructions: Business Model Innovation

Innovation Topic is considered to be one of the key drivers of business post the Global Financial Crisis.
There are many aspects of innovation within business, including process, technological and application.
Businesses can innovate to provide a strategic move forward or to block a competitor.

* This is not a “technology” solution.
* It is not required to add any part about the company history, it would not count in your score anyway
* Its important to answer the "target points to be covered" in a separate secessions and paragraphs so it would be easy to
* You should look at the bigger picture implications of the case and provide focused on “how to” solutions by offering
relevant scenarios that demonstrate how not “should do”.

*****The target company to be analyzed is the “Maersk “which considered as one of the biggest shipping companies
around the world.

**************The target points to be covered in details****************
1- What are the benefits of the innovation process?
2- What are the risk associated to the innovation implementation and the rewards the company will get from applying
the innovative polices?
3- How the innovation will effect on the company internally and externally (for example the effect on the share price
and the market share and the competition, competition conditions and the other issues)
4- Are the company strategies are built over and based on the innovation or not and which part of the technology?
5- How the innovative strategy will look like in the company product, process and customer?
6- The answer should cover the following questions
why to innovate ?what are the motives?
How to innovate?
What are the ??"ve and +ve of innovation on the company?
what are the risks associated with innovation to the company?
what is the effect of the innovation on the company competition?
what are the impacts on the company future and current position?
7-What are the different series of scenarios to potentially compete with the innovation as it enters any market.
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Essay Instructions: Business 104 : Introduce to Business Assignment.


1. Read textbook

2. summarize main idea of each chapters.

3. write 14 short essays for each chapter which should be 200~250 words.

Each essay should include main idea of each chapters.

The essay does not have to include everything in the chapter, but main idea should be included.

Essays have to follow introduction-body-conclusion structure.

The assignment is individual 14 essays that each one summarizes each chapter with the main idea with 200~250 words.

The assignment should be approximately 250X14=3500words. Each essay does not have to include title but please indicate which chapter is.

You can access to the textbook via online.

here's the address for the textbook access,

I will notify you the email address and the password of my account for the website via "talk with writer board"

You can access to "My bookshelf" after sign in, and you will find textbook named "Business"

Please ask me anytime if you have question.

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Part 1
Outline the essential components for effective business operations management for a UK business of your choice whose products are delivered to the door (e.g. Amazon). In the context of the company you have selected evaluate "The parcel delivery conundrum" using an appropriate systems methodology and support your discussion with appropriate business operations models.? You should include CATWOE, Root Definition and produce a detailed Rich Picture? (hand drawn) to illustrate your answer.
Part 2
Recommend how the business should respond to this conundrum (keeping in mind the possible technological and environmental (CO2) impact). By means of a business process plan illustrate the changes including ?AS IS? and ?TO BE?.
Part 3
Discuss the managerial qualities and resources that are necessary for effective implementation of the new process. By means of relevant models discuss how the business performance can be measured post implementation.

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