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Title: Branding

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Essay Instructions: Discuss concept of branding in relationship to marketing products. (I)General background including simularities and differences between brand name, Trade name, Trademark. Brand equity, creating, value of. Purpose of brand name recognition. (II)Branding Strategies:Multi-product branding including Corporate branding, Subbranding, (Brand extension most important). Multibranding(fighting brands). Private branding. Mixed branding.(III)Brand Identity Traps: Image trap, Position trap, External perspective trap, Product attribute fixation trap.(IV)Impact of branding on consumers:higher costs, easy choices, etc..

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Essay Instructions: REQUESTING: dlzit Has worked with me in the past. I am comfortable with style of writing.

Analyzing a Concept Essay: Rough Draft On 'Loyalty'

Using one source from the "PREVIOUS" annotated bibliography (I may use between one and three sources).

I need to get ideas on writing my rough draft on "Three aspects of Concept: Brand Experiences, Brand Image and Customer Satisfaction.

I would like to use Brakus, J. Josko, the source used in the bibliography for the first and main source. I also like the sources MSG Brand Identity vs. Brand Image at and the source: Warren J. Bilkey and Erik Nes, Country-of-Orgin- Effects on Product Evaluations Journal of International Business Studies Vol 13, No 1 pp. 89-99. These are the topics I have research and will be working with, but I would like to get additional thought on them.

I must discuss and give examples of how each brand inspires loyalty. Name a few brands.

I have uploaded the "RUBRIC" to make sure I cover all areas necessary for the Rough Draft.

Must site correctly MLS and in-text citation within the essay and reference list.

Please let me know if this makes sense. Thank you,

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Essay Instructions: ARTICLE CRITIQUE


1) Look at my proposal that I uploaded.

2) Look at the article critique guideline that I uploaded. Certainly needs to be followed.

3) Identify the "specific" subject for finding easily journals,articles related to my proposal. (i.e productivity,employee morale,policy and procedure changes ...)

4)Besides article critique guideline,during my class times, when we start to do this article critique:
-> our professor wants us to put yourself into organization.
->She prefers to our "own words" rather than stereotypical things that are found in research journals,articles etc.
-> In the article critique you should combine the well-known things with our own words/comments : How changes in productivity correlated with your proposal you did? and How can you measure the impacts that your proposal have? Qualitative or quantitive style is important?(i.e. surveys etc.) Do you think which one is more beneficial?

PS: My professor found my proposal that your other experts did, little bit vague.She gave me the suggestion that I can be considered that Starbucks in grocery stores such as Harris Teeter affects the brand identity(i.e values,themes..).It is just an idea.

Please keep in touch. I just would like to be this article critique noteworthy. I also provide extra pages if you need.


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Title: Strategic Management

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Essay Instructions: Strategic Management
Assignment 1 - Case Study: Reader’s Digest

Assignment Brief
You are required to undertake an external environment analysis with respect to the section of the printing and publication industry to which magazines such as Reader’s Digest belong.
The external analysis will consist of two parts:
• Macro Environment analysis according to the PEST (Political, Economic, Socio-Demographic and Technology) sub sections. (See Chapter 3 of the textbook and the slide handouts.)
• Industry Environment analysis as per the Five Forces model of Porter (see Chapter 3 of the textbook and the slide handouts)
Each of the points you indentify within these analyses should be listed as dot point short statements under each sub section. I would hope that you would have four dot points for each PEST factor.
I would expect you to indicate for each point in the Macro Environment analysis whether it is an opportunity or a threat when applied to Reader’s Digest. Just include an (O) or a (T) at the end of each statement you make.
For the Industry Environment analysis I would expect you to indicate the level of power or the strength of each of the five forces, under Porter’s Five Forces. For example is the ‘power of the buyers ‘strong, medium or weak, or you may prefer to list it on a scale of 1….5 where 1 would be the strongest. With the Threat of New Entrants you may consider it to be a strong, medium or weak threat, or again, use a scale of 1 to 5 if you prefer.
I would hope that you would have a small paragraph of introduction to your assignment, outlining the Reader’s Digest Company (the one page handout you have will assist) and in particular their magazine ‘Reader’s Digest’. Then move onto Part A and introduce your Macro Environment analysis.
Likewise, when you come to the Industry analysis you will introduce the concept of Porter’s Five Forces before commencing your dot points for each sub section.
A formal conclusion is not expected, however it would be nice to have one sentence just to conclude the end of your assignment.
Time Scenario for Analyses
I believe it is better to look at your environmental analyses from today’s current situation, rather than the environment that may have existed when the case study was written in the early 2000s. Undertake current research from today’s websites and the printing and publication industry section that deals with magazines similar to Reader’s Digest.
You are required to focus your analyses on the Singapore and SE Asian region.

External Environment Analysis - ‘Reader’s Digest’

Student notes from class exercise:

A) Macro Environment (PEST)

1) Political
• Consumer Protection Law
• Government Controlled Public Speaking
• Government Controlled Media release/ publication
• Low corruption rate

2) Economic
• Personal disposable income growth rates – increase
? decrease
• Unemployment level
• Exchange rate
• Wage rates

3) Social – Demographic - Cultural
• Marital & Family Relationships – Parents reading to children, part bonding, education, literacy
• Changes in Society Norms – For young – not seen as ‘Trendy’ to read, content not of interest – for middle age – Cost/Price sensitive, alternatives e.g. Nat Geo, Times, Forbes Asia
• Working arrangements – People having less time to sit & read
? Home makers, more flexibility, more time
• Ecological – Environmental issues, going green, less printing of hard copies of books. Think green – read online, save paper
• Multiculturalism – Understanding different cultures through articles
• Education – Information readily available
? Higher Literacy level
? Internet less advanced in 3rd world countries, hard copies are of more value

4) Technology
• Advertisement & Promotions
• Electronic books
• Online archive Database
• Online Selective Reading

B) Industry Environment (Porter’s Five Forces)
1. Barriers to Entry
• Economies of Scale
• Proprietary Product Differences
Brand Identity
• Access to Distribution
• Government Policies
• Absolute Cost Advantages

2. Power of Suppliers
• Printing Company
• Paper
• Authors
• Glue, Ink
• Advertisers
• Interactive agencies (online, electronic)
• Distribution/logistics channel
Only ‘Advertisers’ have the power as they have the $
There are many mediums/media/publications out there to use their advertising $
Reader’s Digest has power over suppliers

3. Power of Buyers
• Price – willing to pay by consumer
• Content of the Magazine
• Source of availability – annual subscription etc
? Cannot purchase at any convenient magazine store
• Marketing – constantly need to review the image/content
? Promotion
? Brand awareness

4. Possible Substitutes
• Environmental Friendly – online articles/paperless
• Price –Newspaper $
• Switching cost
• Availability/ accessibility - hardcopy

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