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Title: bottled water

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Essay Instructions: bottled water is a big business these days. What are the environmental and economical effects of drinking bottled water? What are the factors behind the success of bottled water business? what is your opinion on promoting bottled water vs tap water?

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The writings should be aimed to inform a non-science reader about a scientific topic

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Title: Against Bottled Water

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Essay Instructions: 1. Use the simple English as I am not native English speaker
2.This is a proposal paper, you need to follow this structure: introductory paragraphs ( 2-3 paragraphs including general topic discussion and background of the bottled water, state thesis statement), Problem Identification (3-4 pages), Proposal (2-3 pages, What is the specific plan for the best solution? Why is this the best solution? Who will be responsible for implementing the plan? What problems will my plan solve?), Counterproposal (1-2 paragraphs), Conclusion.
3. In the counterproposal use the New York Times article, ' Fewer regulations for bottled water than tap' by Sara Goodman.
4.Make the quotation and use MLA format.
5. I have to have 7 sources, and I will provide you 5-6 sources, you may find the rest sources by yourself that help you to write this proposal paper.
There are faxes for this order.

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Natural Life Magazine. Bottled Water or Tap Water? Resource provided by the customer.

Adeland, Elly. The Tides are Turning: The Backlash against the Bottled Water Industry in Canada. Resource provided by customer.

Goodman, Sara. "Fewer Regulations for Bottled Water Than Tap, GAO Says." November 22, 2011. .

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Title: Bottled Water

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Essay Instructions: This essay is on Bottled drinking water vrs tap water.
I would like to convience my audience that tap water is better then bottled water, however only if filtered. Also, the health reasons on using both. i.e. baterica in bottled water. (pro's and cons). The enviromnetal reason of plastic bottles and water sources drying up from bottled waters. all the differents sources of water. Flourided not in bottled water. I am not picky on which side this essay should be argued on as long as it is good.
Some sources I found:, Journal American Dental Association. For The Dental Patient, The fact about bottled water.
Painter, Kim. “Water, water everywhere; Which is the best to drink? Bottled or tap, it’s all
good.” USA TodayPlokin, Robert. “A Clear Trend: Bottled Water.” Restaurant Hospitality v.88 no4 (Apr 2004)
p. 94 Wilson Select Plus. Western Illinois University Library, Macomb, IL. 14 Mar. 2008

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Works Cited:

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Title: Harmful effects of bottled water

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Essay Instructions: Specification are:

Expository Essay 1 1/2 - 2 pages in length
write an essay in expository style simply explaining the harmful effects of bottled water on humans, the environment and your wallet.

Essay should have clear introduction, a solid thesis statement, supporting body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion.

Outside research is not required for this paper. However if you choose to use outside sources, you must follow APA guidelines cor citing, paraphrasing and writing a reference page.

Paper is due Thursday, January 13, 2011 by 3:00 PM, CST


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Excerpt From Essay:


Bottled water. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Retrieved January 12, 2011 at

Plastic recycling facts. (2011). Earth 911. Retrieved January 12, 2011 at

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