Bottled water presently ranks as the second biggest commercial beverage sold in the U.S. By volume and in greater in utilization than that of tea, apple juice, coffee and milk in Canada (H20, Liquid Profit? The economic impacts of bottled water, n.d).

The bottled drinking water industry is an expansion business with tremendous increases and income occasions for the capitalist. The bottled water business increased about ten percent in 2005, while carbonated soft drinks profits were basically level. It is thought that there are a number of things that drive the marketplace. It is known that people like to have a tap water replacement, but it's actually driven by people's necessities for an improved option to the broad collection of drinks that are on the market (5 Steps to Success in the Private Labeled Bottled Water Business, 2011).

I feel that promoting bottled water is not the way to go....
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