A Counterproposal by Goodman

A counterproposal to all the above comes from an article by Sara Goodman, in which the author advocates not for a ban, but for more regulations by giving detail of current lack thereof.

Goodman begins by reiterating the fact that bottled water manufacturers do not disclose information about their product, but also states that they are not obliged to do so. The problem for this is that the FDA in charge of bottled water, whereas the EPA is in charge of tap water, and the FDA lacks the regulatory capacity, according to Goodman, of the EPA. Therein falls in the discrepancy between bottled/tap water and the lack of regulation in the former. The ensuing proposal, though not clearly stated, is implied and offers the opinion that bottled water should, simply put, be better regulated, and that there are no excuses for not doing so.


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