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Title: Book of Revelation

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Essay Instructions: Book Review ? A 12 page book review of a "sacred scripture" (The Book of Revelation from the Bible). The book review is to be of the sacred scripture itself (not of a book about the sacred scripture) and must follow the standard guidelines below (important: the assignment is to write a book review, not a book report):
a. Introduction (6 marks)
i. A general description of the book: title, author, subject and format. Here you can include details about who the author is and where he/she stands in this field of inquiry. You can also link the title to the subject to show how the title explains the subject matter.
ii. A brief summary of the purpose of the book and its general argument or theme. Include a statement about who the book is intended for.
iii. Your thesis about the book: is it a suitable/appropriate piece of writing about the problem for the audience it has identified?
b. Summary of Content (2 marks):
i. This can be done in the same way that it is done for the simple book report (do not spend too much time or paper on this section, as the analysis and evaluation of content is more important than a simple summary).
c. Analysis of Text (10 marks):
i. What is the writer's style: simple/technical, persuasive/logical?
ii. How well does the organizational method (comparison/contrast; cause/effect; analogy; persuasion through example) develop the argument or theme of the book? (Give examples to support your analysis.)
iii. What evidence does the book present to support the argument? How convincing is this evidence? (Select pieces of evidence that are weak, or strong, and explain why they are such.)
iv. How complete is the argument?
v. Are there facts and evidence that the author has neglected to consider? (You may need to refer to other relevant material)
d. Evaluation of the Text (6 marks):
i. Give a brief summary of all the weakness and strengths you have found in the book. Does it do what it set out to do?
ii. Evaluate the book's overall usefulness to the audience it is intended for.

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Essay Instructions: Book Review

Read Thomas Cahill's Gifts of the Jews and write a book review to be turned in by the end of the course.

Assignment Guidelines:
The book review must be at least 1500 words
Your review should focus on the major themes and ideas presented in the book
Do not, however, just provide a summary of the book
Pick a few specific ideas that you find interesting and focus on those
Write about things that surprised you--that is, what are the "gifts" of the Jews that you did not know came from the Jews
Reflect on how these gifts have shaped modern culture in interesting ways

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Title: Book summary

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Essay Instructions: Book name:Katzenbach, J.R. & Kahn, Z. (2010). Leading Outside the Line
1. What are the major theses of the book?

2. Defend or rebutt the major thesis of the book include the qualifications of the
authors to write the book.
3. Compare and contrast the nature of qualitative and quantitative evidence used for
each book/chapter selected.
4. Explain how the book offers an opportunity for you to think in an innovative
manner in your organization, in your interpersonal influence, and in your personal
commitment to change.
5. Describe two new insights you gained and how you will use the insight to affect
your organization.
6. Based on your reading of this book what areas of research still need to be
examined around the theses.
Comment:I like you to read the above named book and answer the 6 questions above. The book is available in Kindle. Please contact me any time with question. Be aware I need those answers within that time frame.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: book report

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Essay Instructions: book report on American Gospel by jon meacham. footnotes at least 1 any questions pls sent email or call 6
regards, if you need more pages pls sent email or call

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