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Title: Book Review

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Essay Instructions: Book Review. A book review is a critical analysis of the book. A book report is an explanation of the book. Students in academia perform reviews, not reports. This assignment is patterned after the book reviews that historians draft for professional journals such as the Journal of American History and the American Historical Review. One of the goals is to introduce a new topic, a different interpretation, or to allow you to examine more deeply a topic of your choice. Another goal of this assignment is to develop your critical thinking and analytical means because unlike a book report that merely discusses the book in a linear narrative manner, a book review is a critical examination of the author’s thesis, use of evidence, and conclusion. It will be at least five double-spaced pages in length. Again, do not do the minimum and expect a superior grade. Use the monograph you began reading on day one from the short list of assigned books found here in the syllabus.(White, Debra Gray. Ar’n’t I a Woman? WW Norton, ISBN 0393314812)

I. Heading. At the top of the first page only you need to place the proper citation. Please follow this model precisely:

Title of Book. By Author (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication). Page numbers. Reviewed by Your Name, Date of Review.

Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era. By Elaine Tyler May (New York: Basic Books, 1988). vii + 284 pp. Reviewed by J. Ross-Nazzal, May 6, 2009.

II. Body. The review itself is a critical examination of the author’s theses, evidence, and analysis.
A. One (1) to Two (2) Paragraph Introduction
1. Tell the reader about the author
2. Why is the author interested in the subject?
3. Why did the author write the book?
B. Two (2) to Four (4) Pages on the subject
1. What is/are the author’s thesis/theses?
2. What evidence does the author use?
3. Is the author’s argument(s) effective? Defend your answer.
C. Two (2) to Three (3) Paragraphs on what worked or did not work for you
1. What was interesting?
2. What did not work for you? Defend your answer.
D. One (1) Paragraph Conclusion
1. Who would be interested in reading this book?
2. What level (novice, secondary school, undergrads, grad students, etc.) of expertise is this book written for?
3. End on a positive note.
III. Other Stuff

A. Citations ??" please cite work by placing a parenthetical page number before the punctuation. For example, according to the author “this book is great” (4).
B. Bibliography ??" there is neither a bibliography nor a “works cited” page on a formal book review.
C. Cover page ??" there is no cover page on a formal book review. The heading of a book review takes the place of any cover sheet.

Excerpt From Essay:

5.0 Reference

White, Deborah, 1985, Aren't I a Woman? Female Slaves in the Plantation South. New York:

W.W. Norton and Company. Print

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Title: Book Review

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Essay Instructions: Book Review

Read Thomas Cahill's Gifts of the Jews and write a book review to be turned in by the end of the course.

Assignment Guidelines:
The book review must be at least 1500 words
Your review should focus on the major themes and ideas presented in the book
Do not, however, just provide a summary of the book
Pick a few specific ideas that you find interesting and focus on those
Write about things that surprised you--that is, what are the "gifts" of the Jews that you did not know came from the Jews
Reflect on how these gifts have shaped modern culture in interesting ways
Excerpt From Essay:

Cahill, Thomas. The Gifts of the Jews. New York: Anchor Books, 1999.

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Title: Book summary

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Essay Instructions: Book name:Katzenbach, J.R. & Kahn, Z. (2010). Leading Outside the Line
1. What are the major theses of the book?

2. Defend or rebut the major thesis of the book include the qualifications of the
authors to write the book.
3. Compare and contrast the nature of qualitative and quantitative evidence used for
each book/chapter selected.
4. Explain how the book offers an opportunity for you to think in an innovative
manner in your organization, in your interpersonal influence, and in your personal
commitment to change.
5. Describe two new insights you gained and how you will use the insight to affect
your organization.
6. Based on your reading of this book what areas of research still need to be
examined around the theses.
Comment:I like you to read the above named book and answer the 6 questions above. The book is available in Kindle.
Excerpt From Essay:
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