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Another drawback of the book is that it didn't have much perspective of what it has meant to be pluralistic or worldly in the context of the rest of the world. During the American Revolution, a country with no official religion was an odd idea. It was a general concept that the world had always been governed by a King by Grace of God, and in return protected God's true religion from heretics and blasphemers (Westerlund, 2006).

In addition, the author did not discuss the major difference between the "divisive arguments about God and politics" in the late eighteenth century and today. Thus, without state support, religion flourished in the United States, and now as today is the most religious nation in the Western world. The strength of Americans' religious faith enlightens the determination of a "public religion" that even now continue to worry unbelievers and secular thinkers (Westerlund, 2006). However, from a believer's perspective, it's difficult to identify the reason as to why someone would modify a system that has already performed so well in the cause of religion by giving respect to humanity's God-given freedom of thought (Westerlund, 2006).

Overall, Jon Meacham's reading is full of meaning and extensive, inspiring great confidence in the resulting text. In general, his writing style is elegant, powerful, and marked by shinning clarity (Westerlund, 2006).
However, well beyond all this, his book on America's public religion is of significant importance in these troublesome times; offering both healing and hope (Donahue, 2006).


To conclude, the author Meacham has avoided writing the extreme that all founding father was an atheist or deist, as well as the extreme that all founding father was a Christian. More significantly, he gives quotes in context to both the historical context as well as the documents context, in which most of these quotes are well-established in the debate about religious history, shedding new arrays of light (Donahue, 2006).

The book will surely serve as a launching pad for continued argument on the place of religion in American society, particularly, in the sectors of government, law, and politics. Even though it will not end the debate, but has the possibility to make it more intelligent (Westerlund, 2006). Thus, because of such reasons along with the writing style as being creative, and imaginative, "American Gospel" is a must read for all history fans and politicians (Donahue, 2006).

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