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Title: Blackberry PlayBook

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4244 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The group is required to study a product or a service. The project work should not be a pure description of the product or service, but should also involve critical evaluation and/or identification of key issues. The following are some guidelines for the project:

1. Prepare a critical evaluation of the product or service that you have chosen. Some of the criteria for evaluation are:

The product is (Blackberry Playbook)

? Short introduction about the provider of the product or the service (nationality, when did it start business, market value, main products, benches or head offices, nature of work: national, international ?..etc
? At whom is this product / service targeted (who are the target market, describe different distinguish features of the target market)?
? What is the product core customer value, actual product features and augmented features)
? Is the product a consumer or industrial product?
? Is it Convenience, shopping, specialty or unsought product?
? Which value proposition do you think the company is using: more for more , more for the same, more for less, the same for less, the less for much less? Explain why?
? In which stage of PLC (product life cycle) is the product? Explain features of the stage
? Who are the main product competitors? What type of competition is there: pure competition, Monopolistic competition, Oligopolistic competition or pure monopoly? Explain why.
? Do you think the company applying cost-based pricing or value-based pricing? If the company is using value-based pricing: which type it apply: everyday low pricing, high-low pricing or value added pricing?
? Do you think the demand of the product is Inelastic or elastic? Explain why?
? Who are the distributors of the product? What type of distribution strategies is used to market the product (Intensive distribution, Exclusive distribution, or Selective distribution?
? What type(s) of promotion mix the company is using? Give example of an advertisement done for your product and analyze, which appeal used for the ad?

2. Your analysis should use the concepts developed during the course where appropriate.

3. The write-up should not exceed 10-12 pages excluding appendices (as per the suggestion given below).

Project Write-up submission:

The group is expected to prepare a write-up on the bases of presentation given. The write-up should not exceed 10-12 pages (12 font; Times new roman, 1 ? line space) excluding exhibits and appendices. Your write-up will be graded on both style and content. Present your ideas in a clear, concise, logical and organized manner.

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Essay Instructions: this is a refletive essay on a presentayion about blackberry (see file)

i would like a reflect on the frameworks (SWOT and recommendation should be ok, 350 wordnd ans)

and a marketing evaluations and judgements about blackberry (200 words)

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Essay Instructions: In your assigned virtual tutorial groups you must provide an overview of recommendations for promotional strategy for the next 12 months for Blackberry.

Specifically you should consider how each element of the promotional mix should be engaged by your firm during this time. Which areas of promotion should be used heavily and which less so? You need to consider each of the following factors:
- Overall communications objectives
- The use of all aspects of the promotional mix, namely; advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, PR and sponsorship and digital/social media

Firstly, provide an overview of communication planning for your firm for the next year. Who do you want to communicate with? Why? How? What is your strategy?

Once you have devised your communication plan you should move onto the promotional mix. For each aspect of the mix you should provide an explanation of why and how you will use it. Try to be realistic in your ambitions, while we are not focussing on budget, you should consider how much money your organisation is likely to have for promotion and make your recommendations accordingly (ie don?t recommend a multi-million pound television advertising campaign in a situation where this won?t be a viable option.) You should finish your paper with a conclusion comprising of a summary of recommendations.

You are not expected to include all elements of the promotional mix because they may not be relevant to your market. However, you should justify all of your choices if you decide to eliminate something from your campaign.

As this being a group assignment,I just need to do one part for this essay that is the direct marketing aspect of promotional mix for blackberry. I need it to be nearly about 300 words. Hope to get a reply soon.

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Title: Blackberry

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4123 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Term Paper: Anatomy of a Technology Innovation

Topic choice: How Blackberry and other wireless technology have had on the business world and whether the benefits out weigh the physical, social and monetary costs.

I need to 'tell the story' of how a technology innovation originated, evolved, and became adopted. I need to include the following in this term paper:

Abstract - All case studies should use a format similar to the article abstracts found in most professional journals.

1. Brief Description of the innovation (the product/process/service), its technology characteristics, any organization in which it originated, and its original setting in the marketplace or government.

2. Technology Characteristics of the innovation - type of technology, its life cycle, its roots in science or engineering, etc.

3. Marketplace Setting - market segment it serves, and types of users/customers.

4. Technology Push - any scientific breakthroughs affecting the innovation? What was the state of the art knowledge about technology at the time of this innovation?

5. Market Pull - What were the market forces affecting the innovation? Who were the 'lead users' and did any of them affect the development of this innovation?

6. Key Steps - map out the evident steps in the innovation process, along with key players and their roles in any R&D efforts that led to the breakthrough.

7. Success Factors - What were the crucial factors or relationships that caused this innovation to be carried out? What were the cause-effect relationships between the need/opportunity for the innovation and ultimate results in the marketplace of user community?

8. Lessons Learned - What insights did you learn about technology, innovation, and R&D from this case study?

- Limit the text of the case study to no more than 15 pages, double-spaced.

- Use appropriate technology and innovation vocabulary to describe your case.

- Graphics which explain and enhance your case study are encouraged. Make them appropriate in size, readable, and relevant to the case.

I will need a Bibliography and Abstract along with the paper. The total number of pages needs to be 15.

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