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Title: The democratic nomination of Obama for President

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Essay Instructions: Barack Obama was the Democratic Presidential nominee for the 2008 election. He was a US senator for less than a term and was the underdog competitor for the nomination.Obama’s sudden rise to power as a major political player in such a short time was a phenomenon, especially considering his race and background. The race, in which he ran against a woman, is also of great interest and may or may not have affected his chances for gaining his party’s nomination. Neither a minority race candidate, nor a female had ever been elected to the Presidency, therefore the possibility that one or the other had a chance at winning made this primary race particularly historic. Attempt to figure out why he succeeded, against the odds and with little national political experience, to become the democratic Presidential nominee in the most recent election.

Please write a thorough research paper on this topic. Feel free to adjust the aim as long as it is concentrated on the the democratic party's nomination of Barack Obama for president in 2008.

Please do not use obscure sources or at least provide a copy of them.

Possible things to include in the paper:
I think it will be interesting to see if I can find out what expectations Obama had for his campaign and his chances of winning through the various stages of his road to being nominated. The importance of his mindset to me could define his personal goals in the election. Was he testing the waters for his political future or did he really believe his chances were good for being a contender in the election. Did he think running against a woman would help or hurt his chances of winning the democratic nomination? Did he see this as the ideal time for him to cast his lot for the highest office or did he intend to use the election as a stepping stone to some other career option? Why did the Kennedy family endorse Obama over Clinton? Did the actions of Bill Clinton cost Hillary their support? Was this very instrumental in Obama's win over Hillary?

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Title: American Government Final

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Essay Instructions: Barack Obama has just been elected President of the United States. You are his special assistant. He asks you to write confidential briefing papers for him on two (2) major areas of concern regarding the presidency. This will be top secret and its contents must be candid and hold nothing back.

1. He asks you to fully detail how as president he can best govern and lead the country. You are asked to provide analysis of the most effective ways of using presidential powers. In particular, he wants to understand how he can best achieve his policy goals using both “HARD” and “SOFT” power. He wants to know how he can use those powers to gain the support of the Congress, the American people, foreign governments, and the media.

2. Obama also asks you to prepare a detailed description, discussion and analysis of the five major areas of responsibility of the American President. (Chief Executive, Chief Legislator, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, and Chief Crisis Manager. He wants actual examples and conclusions in each area.

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Title: Barack Obama in Political Time

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Essay Instructions: ESSAY QUESTION
In his book, The Politics Presidents Make, and in subsequent writings, Stephen Skowronek argues that by accurately locating presidents in “political time,” we acquire insight both into the broad character of a president's leadership position and into the concrete opportunities and constraints on leadership likely to characterize his or her term of office.
Your assignment: Write an essay in which you locate the presidency of Barack Obama in political time. Is Obama better understood as a reconstructive or a pre?emptive leader? What is the evidence for and against each position? Is “transformational leadership” still possible? Why or why not? Alternatively, is Obama better categorized as a “hard case” (as Skowronek uses the term) defying simple categorization? If so, explain.
(Your essay should demonstrate a strong command of the theoretical material found in Skowronek’s volume as well as his analysis of specific presidents. You are also required to conduct original research in support of your argument. You may draw upon the public statements of Obama, other Democrats and Obama supporters, Republican opponents, media commentary, and scholarly writing. The precise mix will depend on the specifics of your argument. You will use your research to assess Barack Obama’s political identity, his leadership style, his interpretation of current political conditions, and the broad purposes to which you expect him to commit the presidential office. You should evaluate your findings in light of the categories and cases contained in Skowronek’s work.)
Along the way, you should consider the following questions (you are not explicitly required to address each question in your essay; they are intended only to help motivate your thinking in productive directions):
? What are the defining features that distinguish Skowronek’s four principle leadership categories? How would you recognize them (what indicators should you be looking for)?
? What type of politics did George W. Bush make in office? What evidence supports your assessment?
? What is the political status of the Republican regime at this moment in time??"resilient or vulnerable? Does the party of Ronald Reagan appear to be undergoing a fundamental reassessment of its political identity? How do you reach your conclusion (what indicators are you relying on)?
? Does Barack Obama seem to be formulating a new political orthodoxy, a new standard of political legitimacy? Do you see the contours of a new political regime? What might it mean to be a “faithful son” practicing the “politics of articulation” in a post?Obama political world?
? What is the political meaning of the 2010 midterm elections? What, if anything do these elections tell us about the status of regime politics today?
? Is the operation of “secular time” upon “political time” complicating condition in your analysis? If so, how? (This question is important for that portion of the essay asking whether transformational leadership is still possible).
Paper Requirements: Completed essays will be 15 pages in length, double?spaced, using one?inch margins and standard fonts and pitch sizes (e.g., New Times Roman, 12 pt.). Your essay should be original in both argument and expression. When you take something verbatim from another source, be sure to use quotation marks and to provide an appropriate citation.

Customer comments: I will provide lecture notes in the resources area which will assist you in framing the essay. Also, look at this article: for an expert's opinion on Barack Obama's placement in political time. The general frame to the paper should be as such:
1 page introduction (with an explicit thesis)
1 page introduction of skowronek’s theory
5 pages on GW Bush
6 pages on obama
1 page discussion on transformational leadership
1 page conclusion
Please message me if you need any more guidance on the paper.
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Title: Barack Obama and the Deracialization Theory

Total Pages: 30 Words: 8978 Sources: 23 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The Main Research Question should be "Was the usage of the Deracialization Theory essential for Obama to win?"

In addition to that question, I would like the paper to explain that of course, by using the theory it was necessary for him to win the election. However, it was other factors as well. For ex. His beliefs/platform on certain major issues at the time helped him to win. I also want it to include how the theory is one of the main reasons why blacks win elections.

Please include the following topics in the literature review, methodology, and results and findings:

-Former Black Presidential Candidates that were unsuccessful and why were they unsuccessful (Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisolm, etc)

-Explain the Deracialization Theory (It's development, general usage in state and local government positions, limitations, some of the failures and successes, etc.)

-The Media's role and how it affected the Racial Campaign

-Barack Obama (History and Views)

-Obama's influential speeches that were race neutral.

-Obama vs. McCain

-Obama's religious beliefs, Jeremiah Wright incident, and how it affected the race and voter's view of him.

-Major Issue during the election time and how Obama responded to those issues and won voters.

-Poll Data

***I would greatly appreciate it if the work can start being sent to me as soon as possible. Specifically the introduction. I need that soon in order to see if my professor is in agreement with the direction of the research.***

***I also have a specific format that has to be followed by the university. I can submit that to you as soon as possible.***

***I also need footnotes, citations, etc.***

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