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Title: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company

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Essay Instructions: ANALYTICAL REPORT.
SITUATION: In the process of being screened for a possible position in a Fortune 500 company upon graduating, the Fortune 500 company has hired you as a consultant to write an analytical report for the most appropriate senior officer(like an Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.) comparing the company's success and/or failure to how the industry as a whole has done over the past 5 years and provide specific details competitors are taking.

1-Write the analytical report in the form of a letter.
2-Use subheading to organize your information.
Cite a minimun of 7 differents sorces(from mainstream publications and industry publications) in your text. Do not use Wikipedia.
3- Use parenthetical citation in MLA style.
Provide a bibliography with a minimun of twelve sources.

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Essay Instructions: Analytical Report Assignment(topic- Google docs)

An analytical report takes evidence gathered from a variety sources and analyzes it in order to draw some conclusion about it, usually to support a business decision. Your assignment is to gather and analyze information about a digital product in order to make a purchasing recommendation. Research

you will then locate information that you can use to analyze and evaluate the tool, and three companies effectively using the digital tool (Google docs).


Use information from at least three different sources.

Use APA formatting for Reference page and in-text citations

Include at least one in-text citation per source used to refer readers to sources of borrowed information.

List the sources at the end of the report, not necessarily on its own page, entitled ?References?. Writing Style

Use objective (third-person) style throughout the report. No reference to I, me, or mine.

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Title: Which approach is more effective for weight loss a low carb diet or a low fat diet

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Essay Instructions: Analytical Report IMRaD format

Which approach is more effective for weight loss: a low-carb diet or a low-fat diet?

.Include a title page or use another appropriate method for displaying your name and the report title. Remember to use the correct format for citations in the body of your report as well as at the end of the report.

For your research, use a minimum of three different sources. These may include expert interviews (“experts” can include people you work with), periodicals, books, web resources, etc. Use one of each type of source rather than three of one type.

Write 500??"800 words (not including visual aids) about the topic (Which approach is more effective for weight loss: a low-carb diet or a low-fat diet?). Your report does not need to provide extraneous information that does not apply to the topic or question that you are answering.

You should use a standard business format for this paper with headers for each section.

Include at least one graphic (such as a chart, table, photo, line drawing, or any other graphic aid ) that clarifies and enhances information in your report. Graphics that just provide “decoration” do not add value to a report.

An Introduction that gains the reader's attention and provides a framework for your project.

A Methodology section that explains the steps you went through to collect your information.

A Results section that objectively summarizes what you learned from your research. This section should use a chart, table, graph, or other graphic to help explain your findings.

A Discussion section, where you analyze your research results and draw conclusions

A Conclusions or Recommendations section in which you make an obvious transition, restate the main points, state your recommendations, reemphasize the importance of the study, and look to the future.

In addition, your report should include a Works Cited section to properly document the research you completed. Your report might also include front matter, such as a title page or back matter, such as appendixes. Do not use End Notes.

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Title: Writing an Analytical Report a News Feature and a Media Plan

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Essay Instructions: My request is a very unique request. The only essay type thing will probably be the Analytical Report, other than that the News Feature is more like an article. And the Media Plan should be done on an Excel Sheet. I will be sending the exact instructions on the resources page. Please read it through carefully and do exactly as instructed.

As for the sources, please refer to the resources that I have included. You may also add any additional sources of your choosing if needed.
There are faxes for this order.

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