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A spokesperson for Miu worked the room, introducing herself to the customers. Afterwards, she talked a little bit about the company's arrival in Dubai. "We felt that our coming to Dubai was long overdue," she noted, "but we wanted to have a strategy for entering the Middle East market overall. We see a lot of growth potential in this part of the world -- one-third of the customers at our Kuala Lumpur store are Arabs -- so we took the time necessary to make this market entry right. We had to be in Dubai Mall, but we are also excited about our other plans in the region." She detailed plans to expand into other regional hubs -- Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Kuwait, and raised the possibility of another store in Dubai. "The market is growing so quickly here. The ladies have great taste. When you see them in a social setting when it's just the women, sometimes you think you're back in Milan."

The Miu brand was founded in 1993 and is headquarterd in Milan. In recent years it has begun expanding beyond Europe, and now boasts stores across Asia. The Dubai store is its first in the Middle East, and its arrival means that customers in the region will no longer need to make shopping trips abroad in order to buy the goods. Shopping is a national pastime among the region's wealthy, and the Dubai Mall is the city's flagship shopping destination. The mall is positioned as one of the homes of luxury shopping in the world, and the Miu store is one more attraction for the fashion world. A return visit the next day found the store busy, with a mix of serious shoppers and curious onlookers.
A quick survey showed that they were impressed with the offerings. Many were familiar with the Miu brand and wondered aloud why the company had not come to Dubai sooner. Certainly, if market response is as positive as the initial impressions, that is a very reasonable question.

photo courtesy Khaleejesque, ©2012

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