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In most of the studies, low carb and low fat dieters have been compared. In one of these studies, two groups of people were chosen. One of these groups was given the low fat diet and the other group was given the low carb diet. Exercise routines were designed for these groups. In the end of the study that was carried out for a period of two years, it was found that the same amount of weight was lost by the two groups and, health parameters in the two groups were the same. Most of the studies have shown that there could be a greater degree of weight loss in the first 3 to 6 months of using low carb diets. Nevertheless, after some months, there are no differences in the weight. Calories are the most important factor in the case of these two kinds of diets.


Most of the studies have found that healthy as well as unhealthy aspects are seen in both diets. Low carb diets demand reduction in an intake of fruits and vegetables that are vital for the health of an individual. Low fat diets demand reduction in the intake and consumption of fats that promise a healthy stomach level. The healthy or unhealthy nature of the diets can be decided based on the kinds of fats and carbohydrates being restricted. Therefore, there is no strict manner in which any one of the diets could be regarded as being advantageous over the other. There are a number of studies that have argued the pros and cons of both diets. Nevertheless, there are very fewer numbers of studies that discuss one of these two diets as being more harmful than the other.


Low carb diets restrict the dieters from taking in carbohydrates.
These carbs may also include the healthy carbohydrates that are essential for a healthy well-being. These carbohydrates come from fruits and vegetables as well and these fruits are essential for the health of an individual. On the other hand, low fat diets restrict individuals from consuming fats that may have a healthier effect on the heart and joints of an individual. Thereby, both diets may or may not have a healthy effect on the dieters. Thus, it is hard to say that either of these two diets is worse than the other.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Low carb diets and low fat diets may have positive as well as negative effects on the health of the dieters. Although, both of these diets promise weight loss. Nevertheless, for a short time, there are no long-term benefits of the mentioned diets. Thereby, it is important that further studies are conducted in order to highlight and mention the side effects that either of the two diets may have on the dieters in the short-term and long-term.


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