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Title: The Aeneid

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Essay Instructions: i'm going to be doing my essay on the Aeneid by Virgil.
this is the assignment description:the assignment is an extensive analysis and interpretation of a single ancient text, a text wriiten by a classical greek or latin author that deals with some aspect of the subject matter of the class. For this option, the ancient text will be the only text used ant the essay will be comprised of foundation of the paper of the insights and opinions of the student. The papers are expected to go far beyond merely describing the content of the ancient text, though the text should be the base on which the ideas and interpretations of the student are grounded. Secondary sources must note be used for this option in any capacity: the ideas of the student must be rooted exclusively in their reading of the ancient text. Because the emphasis for this project is on the original ideas and interpretations of the student.
please use up to 12 qutoes from the book and provide footnotes from the book.
this is an outline that i turned in on the aeneid
The Aeneid by Virgil

I will be breaking down each book from the Aneid by Virgil. I will summarize each book and analyze and interpret important facts and features from each book.
Book 1
A. Basic summary: Juno angered at Aeneas after finding out that one day an ancestor from Troy would destroy Carthage, collaborates with Aeolus, the god of winds, to try and destroy Aeneas ship as her sails down to Sicily. Aeolus sends a storm towards Aeneas but Neptune, god of the sea, stops the storm and calms the waters because Aeolus crossed his boundary. Venus, the mother of Aeneas, begs to Jupiter, another god, to protect Aeneas and Jupiter states that Aeneas is going to be fine and find his empire in Italy. Venus then basically tells Aeneas to get with Dido, the queen of Dido. Venus gives Aeneas a special cloud so they can’t be seen, and then sends her son, Cupid to make Dido fall in love with Aeneas.
B. I will discuss the gods and how they interact with Humans. Many of them are discussed in this first book such as Juno, Jupiter, Aeolus, Neptune, Cupid. They all have different personalities and ways they deal with mortals. Juno tries to Kill Aeneas and at the same time Venus is Aeneas mother and protector. Discuss the difference between Juno and Venus. Juno is a strong ferocious female while Venus is a protector.
C. Discuss that gods intervened in human affairs but couldn’t change the course of their destiny such as Aeneas. Discuss fate and that every man has a fate that no one could alter including the gods.
Book 2
Basic summary of book 2, which include important facts and features of the chapter.
Discuss the role of family in book two and how it relates to Aeneas and his family. Aeneas is willing to give up his life for his family and his father “Come, my dear father, let’s leave! Set the weight of your limbs upon my neck. I’ll support you on my shoulders. This labour wont burden me greatly. Come what may in the fall of events, well share every danger” book 2 lines 707-709. Aeneas is willing to risk his life for that of his father. Romans tradition put a great deal of emphasis on the family and book two deals a lot with that.
Book 3
Basic summary of book 3
Discuss the many years of traveling that Aeneas and his crew have to endure, and how it’s depicted in a couple weeks. Aeneas constantly cries to the gods for help because of the harshness of the trip.
Another thing I will analyze is Anchaemenides, the Greek man who was abandon by Ulysses who asks the Trojans for help on the island of Cyclops. Well this may not seem important, the Trojans accept him knowing he was Greek after the Sinon betrayal (which will be discussed in the summary) and what was done. Romans were seen as men with virtue; they would forgive and forget the sins of one’s race.
Book 4
Basic summary of the book 4
I will discuss how women are perceived in the book and how it relates to how Romans viewed them. Juno is seen as ferocious women not able to control herself or emotions. Creusa, the wife of Aeneas only appears for awhile and dies off. Dido is the only powerful women but is hurt when he finds Aeneas flee Carthage to begin his own empire. Roman women were seen as providing children and nothing more. I think Virgil was trying to show this with his book and relate it with his characters.

The rest of the books will be summarized in a similar fashion and include analysis of certain features that I thought were important .

These major themes will have an independent section such as Gods, prayers, ancestors
Prayers- throughout the book, you see Aeneas praying to the god for help and guidance and when he does, Aeneas usually gets a positive response from the gods. Such as when Aeneas prays to Apollo for guidance between his Battle with Mezentius and is victorious. That can also be said for Mezeentius who doesn’t believe in gods and has no respect for them. “how can you scare me now that you’ve taken my son’s life? There was no other way you could have destroyed me. We neither tremble at death nor respect and god whatsoever” book 10 line 877-80. He didn’t respect the gods and therefore died whereas Aeneas did and live. I think Virgil is trying to relate this to how religious people were back then. The more you pray the better your life will be.
Ancestors/family- Throughout the book there are major relationships between father and son such as Aeneas and Anchise. Aeneas has a great deal of respect for his father, Anchise even after his death. Romans seem to put a great deal of respect of family and ancestors that is showed throughout the book. Virgil seems to be writing The Aeneid with aspects of family that are so important to him.
Gods- Gods are discussed in book 1 and appear throughout the book affecting the lives of mortals for better or for worst. They all have a distinct power and personality to which humans can relate to. Virgil create these characters to entertain as well as to show that gods are powerful than humans, in my opinion. This relates to fate.
Fate- While gods affect the lives of mortals, they weren’t able to alter their destiny such as Juno tried to do with Aeneas. No one could change of a person fate including Aeneas, whose fate was to build a great empire in Italy.
My main point of the essay will be to analyze how Virgil relates his book The Aeneid, to how Romans perceived things at their time such as the role of family, gods, one’s fate, prayer, and other factors. All these factors were important in Roman time and Virgil finds a way to include it in his book, by both entertaining the general public and informing of the past.

this is what my teacher wrote back.

Thesis: for this project, you need to develope a cogent argument, a specific interpretation about the material that can be supported and proven by examples drawn from the text itself. In short, this is not a book report where you merely recount what you have read: saying that you are going to summarize, analyze and interpret does not make for a coherent interpretive position. You need to clearly articulate an interpretive position about the materia-a thesis- that will dictate the general orientation of your paper as well as the kinds of specifics that you will raise in the body. The thesis is the guiding, overarching idea for what your study is going to achieve, so it needs to be crystal clear: the greater the clarity in your thesis statement, the greater the clarity in what will follow. A paper with a solid thesis will have strong devolve into an unfocused, meandering treament.
body:again this is no a book report, so you shouldnt merely be recapping what virgil has to say. Once you have a cogent thesis, the body of your paper should be exclusively comprised of specific examples and evidence that helps to establish and prove that point: any material that does not help in that effort-regardless of how intriguing it might be-shoud probably be left out. You mention a varity of different things that are interesting- the gods, family,women-but you need to have a single cohesive thrust for your treament. Once you have identified ans isolated that single idea, you should probably abandon the book by book approach and trat your issue in a more holistic manner. Also why does your inquiry stop at book 4? for your discussion to have a strong sense of authority, you need to know about the material in the entire work: if your discussion is not going to cover the entire work, then you need to explicitly inform your readers about this at the very start.
overall:You have identified a number of promising general ideas, but you desperately need to narrow the scope and sharpen the focus of your treament. Again the best possible way of doing this is to develope a clear and cogent thesis: having a strong thesis would automatically clarify the parameters of your study, as well as allow yout to organize the material more effectively. One good way to work up a thesis is to think about what Virgil is trying to tell his reaers: is there an overarching message to the" Aeneid" ? Is there one central theme? If so, what is Virgil trying to say by emphasizing it? Whichever way you do end up going, you will definitely need to come up with a clear and intelligible thesis.

i have not read the book and do not know what it is about. the paper has to be atleast 10 pages long. Witht the information i provided i hope you can write a paper. I will have to turn it in online to so please make sure the paper is original. thank you.

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Essay Instructions: A key phrase in the Aeneid is "duty bound." How is Aeneas duty bound? What are some of the honorable things that may bind a leader even in today''s world?

Support your answer with quotatinons from the text(the norton Anthology of world masterpieces. Just give the page number in parentheses for prose works, line numbers for poetry)

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Compose a 4 page essay that examines and 4 major changes in Aeneas’ character. Your main focus will be on explaining what the changes are and how and why these 4 major changes take place. But include when and where these changes occur as an initial part of your first body paragraph for each major change. Make sure your supporting evidence is solid. This means if you say Aeneas is initially a nice person but changes into a mean person, you have to give evidence of things he did that were nice and then evidence of things he does that are mean.

This assignment does not require outside research. Do not try to rely on SparkNotes or CliffsNotes for the basis of your analysis: 1) They basically say the same thing 2) They only give general information. You will physically have to read all of the Aeneid to compose your essay or else it will sound and be extremely generic.

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1) What sort of a hero is Aeneas? Do you find in him any inadequacies which set him apart from, and perhaps make him compare unfavorably to, a full-blown Homeric hero? Consider especially how Aeneas portrays himself as the central character in his narrative of the fall of Troy, Book II.
2) If Aeneas does fall short of true heroic stature, how could you account for that? Is it Aeneas himself who is a lesser man than the Homeric heroes, or is it something about the world of the Aeneid? For this one, you might look at the episode in which Aeneas fails to prevent the murder of Priam, then fails to carry out his plan to slaughter Helen
3) Who’s the better hero? Odysseus, Aeneas, or Achilles?

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